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Many years post op pain

Hi, new here and grateful for all the information here! I'm hoping to find others like me here as well. I had a full thoracic fusion 45 years ago and then L1-S1 five years ago. I'm now experiencing low back pain again. Also, a bit of neck pain that my surgeon had said I would experience and eventually will need some sort of cervical fusion as it's the only part of my spine moving so it's going to wear out! Ugh. But the low back pain is a bit surprising. I can't get into see my doctor until December. Just curious if there are any other's who have been living with this most all of their lives and what you are experiencing. Thanks for listening!



  • Welcome moed we’re glad you’re here!

    There are a lot of us here that have been dealing with pain for years, myself included. my first spinal issues started at 22, 2 surgeries at 23, I am 56 now and there has been 5 more surgeries, I consider myself lucky that I had several good years in between all of that, but there has always been some pain.

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    My spinal journey started 28 years ago with a tumor at T10, which was removed. I also had lumbar surgery, L1-L6, 12 yrs. ago. I completely recovered and was pain free for about 5 yrs. Scoliosis hit and then all of my lumbar disc started rupturing again. I am not a candidate for surgery again. I have a pain pump which helps but I am still in constant pain. I chose a morphine pump because I did not want to be on opioids the rest of my life. Besides, they were not working anymore.

    Sometime, the cause of the pain can be fixed. If so, you won't have to live in pain all of the time. I hope this will be your case. 
    Take care and keep us posting on how you are doing.


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  • Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear that despite the pain pump you are still in constant pain. That must be terribly frustrating for you. 

    I got bumped up to Oct. 19th to see my doctor so I'm happy about that. Not sure if the pain I'm experiencing in my low back is something that can be addressed. It almost feels as bad as it did prior to the lumbar fusion 5 years ago. Ugh. We'll see. I'm 58 and hoping to be able to work a few more years but not if it hurts like this. I only work part-time as a teacher's assistant in 4th grade. I really love the work and the kids. But if I can't do it then so be it. I'll post if anything changes.


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