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Calf Pain

Hello, I've been suffering from Sciatica / calf Pain for a few years now. When I get up in the morning I have agonising pain in both calves. As the day progresses the pain eases, and by bedtime it's not too bad. But the next morning the pain is agonising again. Has anyone experienced similar, or can offer any advice.

Thank you Mo 



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    Welcome MoCo to the forum.

    I know sciatica pain can be very painful. Have you seen a doctor for this? Maybe with diagnostic testing you would be able to find out where the pain is coming from. 

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    Have you read the article What You Need to Know About Sciatica on Spine-health? It explains what causes sciatic nerve pain in great detail. It also provides sciatica treatment options to help relieve painful sciatica symptoms. It’s a very comprehensive article and a must-read for those with painful sciatica symptoms. I hope you find this information helpful.

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  • MoCo - hi and welcome to the Forum. Several years ago I had pain in my left calf that progressed for about 12 months til it got to the point I couldn't stand for more than a couple minutes. Walking helped and bending over to touch my toes completely relieved it in about 20 seconds. When it started impacting my life several times a day everyday I went to see an orthopedic spine specialist. Turns out I had a significant curve in my lumbar spine causing my vertebrae to slip and slide out of place causing my sciatic nerve to be compromised. I had corrective fusion surgery and have not had calf pain since. This is most likely NOT what is happening with you but some imaging could at least give you some answers and direction. Good luck!

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  • I do stretches and my Dr tells me to massage the calf as well, i only have sciatica in one calf and a few toes as well.  I sleep with a pillow between the knees even if it might make my hip hurt it relieves the calf pain.

    Nerve pain meds as well but what did your Dr. say and if they did any bone scan? I had to get ultrasound of the leg and then a bone scan of that area of the calf and foot as well. Lots of diagnostic tests of course had to be done in the beginning of the back injury.

     Any numbness the Dr usually refers to the Neurologist for an EMG test right away like I had to do... ok check back in. Charry

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