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Refered Pain from L3L4 site

has anyone ever experienced referred pain in the abdomen area specifically Bloating and gas that they can relate to the L3L4 region of the vertebrae region.



  • charryccharry Posts: 266
    edited 08/26/2020 - 11:07 PM

    I have spine issues there in lumbar area as well but up to L1 as well at the rib cage base and felt it was from my facet nerve pain radiating but I also have IBD and the medications make me bloated. My Dr told me to use a heat pack for `fifteen minutes to help soothe the pain. Hard to really know if meds are the cause or the nerves radiating,

    I think the dermatome chart can show where the disc problems can radiate to. upper right hand corner do a search for spinehealth dermatome map for l3L4....theres a video there as well. I have arthropathy facet joints which is like arthritis that can radiate to abdomen, I still have to get an abdominal ultrasound though...

    All abdomen issues should still be checked out with your Dr. though. Charry

  • Thanks, Charry that is very helpful, I had my second platelet infiltration yesterday at L3L4 so will see how that goes

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  • How did the first platelet injection go or is there a series of injections?

     I’m interested in getting this done but it’s an alternative treatment so think it’s costly. 

    Do let us know how it goes. 

  • Hi Charry, The first platelet went OK I was pain-free for about 7 weeks before the pain started to come back. I have just had the second infiltration a couple of days ago so we will have to wait and see if I am pain-free for longer I will let you know. I live in France and the cost was 120 euros for the platelet infiltration and 5 euros for the blood tests. How much i will get back from the state I will have to wait and see

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