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ACDF C4-5 C5-6 Surgery

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi everyone I am having surgery this coming Friday the 12th. ACDF C4-5 C5-6. I am very nervous just wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect when I come home and if anyone has had this same surgery did it help? That worries me most that I will do this and it won't help my headaches. Thanks


  • Hi!!

    There is a ton of posts on surgery. Right now alot of them are posted under Aug September Sugeries thread.

    I can say my headaches personally went away when awoke. I had the kind that were there with me from morning till night. I could say that was the only pain I had besides not being able to turn to the left. And numbness/tingling in my arm. ALL GONE...

    Once in awhile I get it here and there. But nothing major.

    Its a bit tricky when you come home as you cannot turn your head. Its a bit hard to dress. Make sure you have some loose fitting T's to wear.

    LOTS of re-usable gel ice packs.I used them to lay on my shoulders and the sides of my neck.
    Lots of pillows. It is very hard for everyone to find the perfect postion to sleep in. We are all different. I slept in a reliner for the first few days, then migrated to the couch piled high with quilts underneath the cushions so I was up high. I used the coffee table or something that was close by to log roll so that I could get up.

    It took me a month to get into my bed. That does not go for everyone. I was just more comfy downstairs. As I awoke every few hours. Needed meds, bathroom etc.

    I had a sore throat for about a week and half. So I stuck to liquids. Shakes, hot soup etc. Then graduated to soft foods.

    The most pain I had was the first few days. I was only in the hospy for about 36 hrs.
    Then I made sure to keep the incision clean and dry. Neosporian helped with the itching etc. Plus scarring.
    Then all I had was very bad burning in my shoulders and neck for awhile.
    It was easy to get out and walk as the rest of your body worked LOL ;)

    Med list is important. Believe it or not you do forget sometimes when the last time you took your meds and what dose. So a list helps with that.
    Keep everything at reach.

    Showers I had someone in with me the first time. Not actually in with me but standing in the bathroom for dizziness. I was not allowed to full shower till the 5th day IKKKKKYY.
    I just stood straight under the shower and well that way I did not bend my neck.

    Shaving your legs well LET IT GO!! LOL it is a pain unless you want someone to do it for ya. On the old site we sure came up with some cool gadgets. Razors tied to long handled spoons you name it =))

    But yeah take a look at older posts.
    I wish you the very best of luck!!!!!
    Terri >:D<

  • Kentuckylady

    I had this same surgery at the end of November 2007 and could not be happier. I am now doing anything I want to do without pain or symptoms. Good news is that I had it in Louisville KY at Nortons Surburban. This area has a lot of highly skilled surgeons and staff so it is a good place to live for skilled healthcare. I live right east of L-ville.

    The worst of the surgery for me was the week before. I dreaded it terribly but was feeling good within a week, back to the office full-time in 2 weeks. 1st week was rough mostly because of trouble getting comfortable and pain Meds. I bought and used a new recliner for the occasion. It is a bit of a problem getting up and down right after sugery and the recliner helps.

    Also had trouble swallowing first few weeks so I swallowed "hard" and ate soft food. My recovery was really quick. I hope you have a similar outcome. Good luck and keep a positive attitude.

    Paul M.

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  • Thanks for all your advise it helps alot. I am feeling better about my surgery from reading all the posts on here. I too only have bad headaches , for twenty yrs now or maybe longer can't really remember and some sharp pain in neck and shoulder blades. Tammy
  • Thanks for your advise. I live about 100 miles south of Louisville, I started to go there but I decided on Bowling Green instead. I have a good doctor there. I am glad you are doing good and I feel better about my surgery but I have been really nervous. Will let you all know how I do Thanks Tammy
  • Good Luck on your surgery. My wife and I grew up in the Hart County area and attended WKU in Bowling Green. I love it there!

    It is normal to be nervous since it is serious surgery but I am betting the dread will be forgotten in a month or so. There are a lot of these surgeries done and a lot of experience behind the surgeons.

    Go Toppers!

    Paul M
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  • Thanks for all your info. I'm OK for now. Closer it get here, the more nervous I'll be. This is my first time to have any type of surgery on my neck. Hairdressers out there, that has had this surgery before, Please comment and let me know how you did. Were you able to return to cutting hair.
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