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Letting vertebrae naturally fuse or artificial disc replacement?

Most recent CAT scan and MRI showed L4-L5-S1 are about to fuse since the discs have been gone for so long. So do I go forward with the artificial disc replacement or just let them fuse naturally? 

Surgery can create more problems but possibly give a better outcome but is not 100%. 

No surgery would leave me with less motion and the same pain level. Just not sure if further nerve damage could result from this choice.

Thoughts from those who had the choice and why? How long before they wear out? I'm 62 so this is a concern.

Doctor's cervical choice was cadaver discs C4-C5-C6 not artificial discs. Will cover this later.



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    I made the choice to have surgery, at the age of 60, because I also had arthritis and Osteo of the spine. I knew that eventually this would effect all of my disc and vertebra. And more than likely they would not fuse on their own. Surgery is a big decision at any age as there are no guarantees. Do your research, read the articles and ask your doctor a lot of questions. 

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