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What to Expect After I Discontinue Collar Use

I broke my neck (C1 fracture) and have been wearing a Miami J collar for the past 12 weeks and expect that my doctor will tell me I no longer need to wear the collar at my appointment next week. I have been wearing the collar 24/7 since breaking it and was wondering how I can expect to feel after I stop wearing my collar. How long does it take to resume normal activities and exercise? What pain and/or soreness should I expect? Should I invest in a soft collar or other medical device to help with the transition? I would love to hear about any one else's experience. Thank you. 



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    I am not the best one to answer your question, but I will give you my experience after I had ACDF surgery, I only wore a soft collar and didn't wear it a whole lot, but my neck muscles were weak and it required PT to get me back up and moving.

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    Have you visited the Neck Pain Health Center on Spine-health? It has a comprehensive list of neck pain articles you might find helpful, including Common Causes of Neck PainHome Remedies for Neck Pain and Dizziness, and How to Treat a Stiff Neck.  

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