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OA - DIP; PIP Pain

HI.  I'm new to this forum.  Over the last 5 years, I've watched my joints get larger and over the last 6 months, the pain has become unbearable.  I have used Voltaren and Pensaid gel, tylenol arthritis, ibuprofin 600 and nothing works.   I have it in both hands and while I have Hashimoto Thyroid and have blood work for RA and Lupus every 6 months, my RA factors are elevated, but my inflamation markers aren't evident.   I've heard a lot of people that have OA that they don't have a lot of pain.  My pain can be described as having a hot poker dipped in acid pressed on the affected joints.  Two DIP's are so bad and large that I am actually thinking of looking into joint replacement and a couple of PIP's where the spurs have broken off and push up against nerve endings fused.  Has anyone else had either of these procedures and if so, what was your down time - how long did it take for you to heal before you could have full use of your hands?  I'm 61 so still working and need use of my DIP's for sure.



  • Welcome GinaPalle we’re glad you’re here!

    Are you seeing a rheumatologist? Your swelling symptoms sound a lot like mine before I was diagnosed with RA and started treatment, a good rheumatologist will take everything into account to diagnose you, not just blood work, my numbers actually didn't look that bad at the time of diagnosis but she took x-rays and a very extensive physical exam, plus ultrasound to come up with the diagnosis.

    Since starting treatment things have improved for the most part, still not perfect, but better,also according to my doctor if you have one autoimmune disease, you are very likely to have more. 

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  • My Father had ligament surgery on his hands and it was long recovery but depends on what’s affected. I know there are nerve pain. meds but your Rheumatologist can do all kind of steroid injections  MRI or IV meds. 

    I was referred to a Rheumatologist and got steroid shot and MRI and fast referral to an Orthopedic surgeon. But mine was for torn shoulder tendons. I hope your Dr gave you that referral to Rheumatologist. Charry

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