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Confusing diagnosis from physio

Not sure if this is the right place so apologies in advance

Hi guys 

My first post here although I have used alot of the other threads previously.

This post is just for an opinion of others in case I'm barking up the wrong tree.

I have suffered with a right shoulder problem for around 18 months now on and off. More recently it had been very painful. It is a bicep tendon injury from what I've read and I've done all I can to sort it, to no avail. I finally went to see a physio last week. 

He did a quick assessment, said it was a bicep tendon and it was caused by excessive kyphosis and ultimately it would just need managing through posture realignment. Now I'm not an expert so hoping others may be able to assist. I have read about kyphosis and 'excess' curvature of the thoracic and cervical spine. I do not see it on my at all. Is this guy highlighting the wrong thing? Would you get a second opinion? Would you think there was a kyphosis problem here as I just dont see it? 

I understand the process is to get an experts opinion and I have done so please dont take this as me completely thinking this guy doesnt know his job, im asking as I do not see this problem? Would it be worth a second opinion? 


Sorry if I come across as completely clueless ? in the main I am not, I have just always stayed away from doctors, physios etc maybe I dont like bad news and it's some kind of phobia



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    Welcome 0161r to the forum.

    I would get a second opinion by an orthopedic doctor, just to make sure it isn't something in your shoulders. Or even a rheumatologist to rule out arthritis.

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  • A second or even third opinion can never hurt.


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  • Thats right , we can never try hard enough to keep pain away. In my case I have severe bilateral  shoulder pain , worse in the right side but mine is coming from a bad neck. Good luck in find the right cause of your pain. Harpy

  • charryccharry Posts: 268
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    I have had shoulder issues and bicep and had to get ultrasound etc ordered by Dr and then Rheumatologist helped me needed surgery in the end but your PT has an interesting concept though... but I agree a Rheumatologist or tests from family Dr. is a must. 

    But while I awaited surgery Physiotherapy helped release the pain. Bio freeze they used on shoulder and can’t live without it. 

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