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Finally Got Surgery Orders

Scheduled for 2 stage surgery (aka "the rotisserie") Sept 28h and 30th. 

Stage 1: Anterior Lumbar Interbody L5-S1, (2) Extreme Lumbar Interbody Fusion L3-L5

Stage 2: Posterior Fusion L3-S1

Now it's become real, even though this is my 4th surgery I'm kind of worried about this one where I wasn't worried at all about the last 3. I don't know how long I'm going to be laid up this time, no idea how much or how different the pain will be and really don't like the ideal of being cut into in two opposite places (maybe 3 if he decides to go in through my side for part of it).

I'm told these are both full day surgeries so I've got the added concern about actually waking back up. I am going to tell them before I'm put under that they HAVE to wake me back up because I absolutely CAN'T miss seeing how the election turns out. LOL

I've always gone with the idea that if I don't wake back up it's no big deal as I'll never know it and it's a painless way to go out but that's easy to think when you're single and young/dumb. I've survived 3 heart attacks and 7 stents (so far) and those never made me nervous (well to be honest the first one did) and several other surgeries so I don't get why I'm getting freaked about this one but I am.



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