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Back Pain that makes me fall

So the short story is that I am having severe lower back pain that makes me fall suddenly to my knees. I can feel it it my groin and thighs. There are no remarkable finding on an x-ray. My PCM says they are just muscle spasms. I have had back pain for years, but for the past 2 weeks it has been severe and constant. Like I said, it takes me down. Could it really just be muscle spasms? They want me to go to physical therapy before they will order an MRI, but they don't say how long they will make me go for. The ER treated me as though I was there seeking drugs and didn't even do any imaging and sent me home with tylenol and flexeril so that did absolutely nothing for me. Does this sound like muscle spasms? Should I push harder for further imaging? 



  • Helpmeplease611. Your issue sounds very worrisome. Do the Physio ( you may get some relief from it) Atleast it’s a start before the MRI . Keep pushing for answers , you need to know why it’s happening .  I have many issues from head to tail and was falling too. Touch wood I haven’t fell this year. Keep safe . Harpy 

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    My Dr just added celebrex for me and buscopan for muscle spasms but Physio does help if it’s close to you they do active release of muscles and even warm heating pad I use for 20 minutes at home. 

    Epsom salts in the tub is nice as well or get in a warm spa pool but probably covid closed....

    Did you get in an accident or overdo an exercise? I sleep with a pillow between the knees on my side eases my legs and back. sorry to hear and hope it’s nothing major. 

    My Dr had to do a lot of tests and Rheumatologist referral and lots of bloodwork when I hurt myself. But I was on the horn with the Dr all the time in pain. I hope your Dr is a good one.

    Write down your symptoms time of day. What makes it worse or nothing stays the same ? Did heat help? Ice? warm bath? Drinking water is important. There’s a lot of articles by Doctors in Spine Health that can help with videos for you. Take care and give your Dr that pain diary.   Charry

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  • Welcome helpmeplease611 we’re glad you’re here!

    If it were me, I would ask for a referral to a spine specialist where I could get the proper imaging. No one here can answer your question as to wether it could be muscle spasms or not, but I will say this, muscle spasms can be very painful, I have had them many times and the pain can be severe.

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    Here’s a great article about back pain on Spine-health that you might want to check out: Back Pain Overview: A Guide for Understanding Back Pain. The article outlines common lower back pain causessymptoms, and treatments. It’s a very comprehensive article. I hope you find this information helpful.

    Again, welcome to the Veritas Health Forum.


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  • Epsom salts in the tub is nice as well or get in a warm spa pool but probably covid closed, this is true! 

  • There are many regular instances of members complaining that they are having difficulty in getting help from the medical professionals and are just being fobbed off with a few more pills.  I have said this before on this forum but it is still true, 'The squeakiest hinge gets the most oil'  You have to keep complaining if you feel you are being 'fobbed off'.   We all know our own bodies and we know when something is seriously wrong with it.  You must stand up for what is right and keep on at doctors who try to ignore your situation.  Best wishes to all who are suffering  --John

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