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Sort of an update and a little explanation :)

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in New Member Introductions
Hi again everyone, sorry I haven't been back here to the forums since my first post. Haven't really been feeling too well. Anyway...the first part, the update, is that there really IS no update. I was given an x-ray at the dr. office that showed nothing. He then set me up for a bone scan, and since I have a state medical card, they require you to have PT for a while before they'll ok an MRI. I didn't make the bone scan, maybe too afraid? I don't know why, but I called the dr. office to have them reschedule the scan. Now they say you have to have PT before the bone scan!? I don't understand it, but regardless, I have set up the PT and will work on that. Little nervous about it, since I've never been through it, but it doesn't necessarily "scare" me, just a little nervous. I have HORRIBLE pain tho, and that pain is there NOW, regardless of whether I've had other tests or not. I'm having trouble with my doctor (regular, family dr.). I had been to the ER several times for my pain, they've given me 2 darvocets at once, did nothing. They gave me a shot and a prescription for some Toradol...did nothing. The ONLY thing that anyone has tried so far has been Vicodin (smallest dose, 5mg with 500 mg acetominophen). I tried to explain to my dr. that the vicodin are the only things that help, but one doesn't really help much, its only when I take 2 that the pain lessens somewhat. He said he is worried about too much of the tylenol to let me take two at once. So I talk to the pharmacist and he says you can get either 10mg vicodin, or even the 5mg, with only 325 tylenol. I have tried contacting my dr. to see if we could do one of those doses, but to no avail. His nurses won't even put him on the phone with me, they say I have to come and visit him (he's over an hour away and my car is acting up, afraid to take it that far). I am NOT a drug-seeker, I don't like taking meds at all if I don't have to. But with the vicodin being the only thing that helps, I feel totally stuck. I also have generalized anxiety disorder, and I'm afraid if I try to find another doctor, he will NOT be ok with me taking Xanax (alot of them aren't nowdays). My current dr. feels that if Xanax helps, then thats what I need, and has no qualms about giving it to me. They also have me on Cymbalta, and I have diabetes (which has been basically in...remission? Don't know what word to use really, but they took me off of insulin and started me on Januvia and its taken my A1C from 13 to 6.2. Its a miracle drug for me!!) and high blood pressure that is taken care of with a minimial dose of Avalide b/c sometimes it drops TOO low. I've lost about 30 pounds without trying since February, and my appetite is horrible anymore. I eat once a day and it fills me up to the point where I don't even feel hungry til the next day. I also have 0, i mean totally zero, energy, although I guess that could be from one of the meds I'm on. But, I'm telling you all this b/c in my last post I was worried about cancer and although sweet of all of you, I think you all thought that I was jumping to conclusions. And I may be (probably lol).

Regardless of all this, I have my husband on the phone right now with my dr. office, trying to tell them that I need pain meds since I'm out. Without being able to see him (I just saw him less than a month ago) because of my car not running right, I don't see any way to get pain meds. He wasn't giving me the right dosage anyway, and I told him that. My belief is that if he would give me the 10mg Vicodin, which is the amt that takes the pain away, then I would be ok. The stopper is, I can't really go to a pain management dr. because I actually have no scans or anything else at this point to show anything. But the pain is there and its excruciating.

Well, the hubby just got off the phone with the dr. office...only reason he got off the phone is because they HUNG UP on him! Ugh. He is going to take me to the ER and explain all of this to them and see if they can recommend a doctor closer to us (we just moved here, thats why I kept my old dr who is over an hour away). I DO want to find out whats wrong. It is sometimes hard to just get up and go to a certain test, because of my anxiety. But I know I have to go, so I'm willing to go to any test they recommend.

Anyway, sorry this is so long. After reading so many posts on here, I'm NOT as worried about cancer as I am about having a back problem, like all of you here, and that more than likely there are ways to either fix it or at least get me back to a semi-normal life. I'm only 41 for God's sake, with an 11 yr old daughter who doesn't deserve a mom who acts like an 80 yr old woman. I'm so frustrated!!! I will get back on later and post what the ER said.

TY, btw, for all that you guys do for people like me and the others who are new here and scared. It really DOES help sometimes even if you just have to get on and vent, because without any tests besides an x-ray, I can't really do anything else!

I have a question that I just thought of also. The fact that I have no energy (I mean none, I need to clean my house, I need to go to the grocery store, I need to this and that and the other, and can't do it, cuz its too much work to jump in the shower and get dressed ect). But with this lack of energy, I'm on Cymbalta which I have been on for a while, and it didn't take my energy away before. But do you think that in combination with the pain meds, and my anxiety, that this could be causing the lack of energy?

OK anyway, gotta go, heading to the ER. I'll post later when I get home :)



  • I hope they took care of you at the ER.

    The only one who can really help you figure out the issue with the lack of energy is your doc. There's so many things that could be causing it. If one of us were to suggest something we could be so wrong and cause you to have some serious issues. Please consult with your doc on this. That way he/she can run whatever test necessary and evaluate your meds and condition and make the recommendation from there.

    Let us know how you are doing soon.

  • I am so sorry that you are going through all of this right now! Please try to find a doc that is closer and more compassionate. the ER might be a very good place to ask around at. It is funny that you mentioned the Cymbalta because I am just coming off of it because all of the sleeping, lack of energy and fatigue that I had from it. But, please do not stop taking it suddenly. You really need to work with a doc on your meds because most of them can cause very bad side effects when stopped abruptly. Hopefully you will find a new doc very soon that will actually help you to manage your pain until you can get some testing done. Actually there are lots of insurance companies that make you do lots of things before approving certain tests also. Good luck and please do post when you get back from ER.
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