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Cervical injection today

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I had a second shot in my neck today. Three years ago when I did this it helped but not right away, so I'll give it a little time. Does anyone know if the stuff in there can be bad for you? I don't think I'll schedule anything else until I see a neurosurgeon. Did anyone do these and finally have surgery?


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    Over the years I have had 2 series of epidural injections. They usually do a series of 3 injections about 2 weeks apart providing you are getting some positive results by the second shot. They didn't work for me so the doc then tried facet joint injections. Unfortunately that hasn't helped either. Already had C5-7 fusion back in March of '07
    Good luck to you and Be Well
  • I had 3 of them this summer for my c5 c6. The shots did not work. The third one was the worst. It was shot in the front of neck and I thought my arm was going to fall off or I wish it would have fallen off because of the pain I had right away after the Novocain wore off was the worse. When I meet with the NS he did tell me I could try more shots or have the surgery. I had the surgery on 8/19 and I am glad I did, Recovery is going good and I feel more human now then I have all summer. I can now walk and let my arms move like they should with out pain. I now the shots work for some and I did have one last fall for my Sciatica and it helped a lot and I have no pain in my leg at all, but for my neck they did not work. Good luck with the shot. I hope it works for you
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  • Would not let me get the injections at all. He flat out refused them. He told me that it was way to dangerous because of bad my neck was at the time. Plus he told me that the injections dont really work and that they just mask the underlying problem.
  • The Epidurals mask the injury and like I said did not help my neck at all, just prolonged the problem. I had to get the epidurals because that is what the doctor wanted before I saw the NS. Funny thing the NS took one look at the MRI and said we can do one of two things, more epidurals or surgery. I said surgery right away lets get this fixed. I felt like crap for too long.
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    hi I had c6-c7 acdf four years ago. I'm now suffering once again. I have a PM Dr. With him I've had facet joint, trigger point, radio frequecy (2) , cervical epidural. The NS wants me to have a select nerve root block, my PM Dr. said no! He would not give me one. I went back to NS...he told me to see a different PM Dr. and I did. He wants to do an EMG first, then next week a select nerve root block. He said he was only going to put in the lidocaine not the steroid. He explained why the other PM Dr. did not do these as there tricky. Im still scared...Anyone have one of these Select nerve root blocks??
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  • No sorry, I wish I could be more help but hopefully you get an answer or maybe you should start a new thread.
  • That was the third kind of shot I had facet joint with lidocaine. It did not work for me but I tried and then I was off to have surgery. Give it a try it may work for you.
  • I have a followup appt in Oct, I may ask him ask my right arm hurts today, so I think I got a small amount of benefit but not enough.
  • I would try anything first before surgery. THat is just me. I know it is a pain to have all the injections and the ablations done but, if it helps it is worth it, I remember that a lady at the surgery center said she is tired of all the times having to come in and she is going to have the surgery, so it is a personal choice. Just remember that surgery is not a 100% fix and after surgery I see and hear people going back to have injections. I just had my first cervical injection and am having my secound Fri. I would of liked to have the ablation so I did not have to have anymore steriods but, what am I to do. I feel everyone goes with what feels right to them. I wish all of you the best, and I know you feel the same about me. Blessing. ;))
  • Thanks Ellen, I mainly am hoping to see a neurosurgeon as a specialist. Everyone looking at my spine doesn't seem to know enough. And actually the guy I am going to see is retired from surgery, so I'm really hoping he has ideas for me. Until today I was feeling pretty good. I moved funny and my right arm is very tingling and some pain. I'm hoping he suggests these other things. I never heard of facet joint or ablations.
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