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Hello all, new member from Ohio

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
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First things First ;) LOVE these smiley's =D>

I'm 41 married with kids 8} 3 boy's ages 18,12 and 5.
Feel like a wimp after reading some of the posts but here is a little of my story.....
Have always had lower back pain, small amount of arthritis. Fell apart after turning 40 :S sever hip and leg pain. After months of seeing doc's and a series of shots decided on surgery. Went through outpatient surgery June 19, 08 for L4-L5 Laminectomy for large bulging disk with bone spurs and severe nerve inflammation. Surgery seemed to go fine, had a shot to calm the nerves. Freaked when the shot wore off and still had all the hip and leg pain now accompanied with the back pain from surgery. Apparently they explained things when I was still "out" :O Now 3 months out still having muscle pain and weakness along with cold chills almost daily. I told the surgeon about the chills, he didn't think it had anything to do with surgery.....didn't have them before hmmmm :B I'm trying to find out why my muscles are still spazing. Seem to switch places through out the day and stomach muscles are shot :W Still can not sleep in bed, to stiff and sore in the morning to get up. I walk a lot through the day and try to switch positions often. Any suggestions for the fast track back? I'll even go the slow track but need to get back.....

Thank you for listening to my ramblings.


  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. what type of medications are you on? are you doing any pt? tell us a little more. :? i am sorry to hear your surgery was not a complete success. you and i have alot of medical problems in common. ~X( i like the smileys too!! <:P let us hear from you! Jenny :)
  • three months is still very early out from surgery. You will take some time to heal. Have you had your BP checked? Sometimes when it is low you will get chills. Do not be too concerned yet. If you are following docs orders you may just need more time to heal. Good luck and please keep us posted.
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  • Thanks Sweetie!

    Not sure what pt means :? but am still on vicatin - 3x daily, Soma 350 once at night supplementing with a lot of Advil and Aleve alternate. Sleeping in a recliner seems to take pressure off - not as stiff in the am. Also found out about 1 1/2 months ago ( thought I had pneumonia - found out it was my back :jawdrop: ) I have level 3 degeneration in middle back and level 2 in neck. Since then have been seeing a chiropractor (initially scared to death :SS to go) Not sure I like them still but at least starting to get aligned #:S Hopefully this will help to hold off the middle back and neck from getting worse..... Can you also tell me what DDD and DJD means? Has your never damage gotten better? Do you experience numbness in the leg and foot? I have so many questions I know this is not the proper place to ask... The doc's think I'm cracked and tell me it could take up to a year to "feel" better ~X( I will say the surgery worked in that the sever pain limiting my movements (walking, sitting and standing) has stopped! Now trying to get through the numbness in leg & toes, off balance feeing and muscle pain. I LOVE to garden but every time I try to do something end up getting stiff and sore again.

    Thanks again, Kim
  • Thank you!

    No, I have not had my BP checked - will now >:D< I know it takes awhile for the nerves to repair or grow back but how long for the muscles to heal? Do you know if the muscle cut go to the stomach as well? I'm trying very hard to follow doc's orders as I do NOT want to through that again!! It was awful when my 5 year old was trying to help me walk. Little hands full of Love :''( I was under the impression my surgery was very simple only about 45 mins and I "thought" I would be dancing after...... [( I think that's why it's hard for me to grip taking this long to heal.
    Thank you for letting me get this out.
  • :) hi! well pt stands for physical therapy. and you still haven't mentioned any!! DDD stands for Degenerative Disc Disease and DJD stands for Degenerative Joint Disease. there are some good explanations under "Treatments" and "Conditions." i have gotten improvement in the nerve pain in my leg!! =D> and that includes numbness in my leg as well. the Lyrica, a nerve pain medication, has some unwanted side effects, weight gain and short-term memory problems. the relief outweighs these problems so far! it really did take me about a year to be back on par after the double laminectomy. we all recover differently though. taking it slow and easy can mean a successful and lasting outcome. so be patient!! :W your doctor can fill you in even more!! and he knows best!! it does take moving around to get better so gardening may be just the thing for you!! a good pt can help you and of course your doctor. i am happy to see you are on limited meds. i am sure he wants you off off those as soon as possible. i am always here to chat or even to listen to a good vent!!!! Jenny :)
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  • Thanks Jenny, I'm sure I'll be hitting you up. For some reason I didn't have a full understanding of what was done in surgery. I kept holding onto "simple and pain relief" blocked everything else out until I wasn't getting better as fast as I thought I should.....(patience!!??). Yes, he wants me off meds and I think I'm doing okay. Some day's I take the full amount others I do not, taking each day as it comes. My surgeon has cut me loose, unless I have a serious set back :/ Since my PCP referred me to a chiropractor for other issues I have been doing PT for upper back and neck. Told the surgeon I wanted to take PT for lower back at home until my upper back was getting better but lower back was getting weaker. Got a script for the lower back now I'm PT'ing all over <:P I have to say I didn't feel well today was going to call off PT. I decided to go, and was able to lift my leg ALL BY MYSELF!!!!! =D> No bands or other help, measuring small accomplishments like this helps. They did mention DDD but I was under the impression if they could straighten my spine I would have a good chance of getting better, at least prolonging neck surgery. Think I'll read up on it to decide for myself, thank you for the info.
    I'm glad to hear you have some relief and pray you'll continue. Also soooooo glad to have people to talk, question and vent to!!

    Thank you!!
  • do not prepare any of us for what recovery will be like. I somewhat understand why they don't but personally think that everyone would be way better off if they were prepared for the worse case scenario.
  • I agree - I expected to be dancing after sugery.....Boy o boy was I surprised, still VERY glad I did it. I tought -take the pressue off I'm good as gold :))( Now I need to cultivate that dirty word.....patience. Seems each day brings more questions but stregth as well.
  • firstmoondew- I hope the PT is helping more and more. Are you having trouble with BLT- bending, lifting, twisting? I found that certain movements will take me out of commission and twisting seems to be the worst..I found that I learned a whole lot after the surgery that I was not told before.. :B jade
  • oops-had firstmoonglow rather than firstmoondew
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