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  • Hi Everyone! I'm new to the group and really glad to have found this forum! I had my third back surgery on October 24 to remove the hardware from an L4-L5 fusion that was done 3/30/06. I'm four weeks out from the surgery (today's my anniversary). I'm healing well, but still in quite a bit of pain and on pain meds (Hydrocodone and Lyrica). I would love to communicate with others who are post surgical or who have had their hardware removed. My prayers go out to everyone who is about to go in for surgery and those of you who, like me, are post-op.
  • Well, I got my "return to work" OK. I go back on Monday. I thought that would be good since it's a short week. Restrictions are just nothing over 10 lbs and no strenuous activity. I joked with one of my co-workers and wondered if the Bosses B.S. counted as "strenuous activity"? :P
    Surgery was 5 1/2 weeks ago (10/15), and I feel pretty good. Pain is managed with Tylenol now.
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  • Hi everyone,
    I am a 57 y/0 female with spinal issues most of my life. Exercise helped me stay in shape but with it came injuries.
    I am recouping from an Interior Cervical Discectomy C-4, C5, 5-6 6-7. The doctor preformed an anterior approach Smith-Robinson with body fusion and two Body Morphogenic Protein. Autograph and Matrix as same levels as above. Implementation of Prevail Interbody cage at same levels.I have 8 screws and titanium now in my cervical area.

    I am not sure if this is understandable but I had a cervical disc fusion with titanium and BMP last Oct. 23.
    It was a one night stay. My surgical site was bleeding some so I had a drain on my front neck along with a 10 lb. sandbag. Pain was minimal because I had an IV for pain and got morphine and valium when I asked for it.
    I left in the am for home. Have to still wear a cervical collar. I have a soft one and a hard one for riding in the car.
    I must say, I am not in pain nor have I been in much pain right after the surgery! I don't need pain meds and I sleep well with the collar on. I have been walking alot, maybe too much. Sometimes 3 miles a day but I do enjoy it! I also am resting alot. Sleep and nutrition are crucial to recovery.
    I am careful what I eat. I do have swallowing problems.I have choked up vitamin pills and some hard foods so you need to be careful what you eat. I feel like I have a lump in my throat. Medtronics company are under investigation for this issue as I write this- it figures. But, I am going to be all right. I have a positive attitude. My numb arm went away immediately after surgery as well as my numb thumbs.

    On Dec. 1st, I am having another major surgery on my lumbar spine. ( Ten years ago, I had a one disc procedure without fusion and I am back. )
    This will be much more complicated than the cervical surgery. I am having an anterior-posterior multi-fusion with plates, and screws of some type. More MBP (as I understand it works better with less complications on the lower spine.) Two doctors are doing this. A vascular doctor and my neurosurgeon.

    I will be in the hospital anywhere from 3-7 days for this one. (Recoup time depends on each patient individually.)
    I plan to be up and about that same day or the next one. They don't know me too well! I hiked Pikes Peak last year and the year before.. I will be so out of that hospital...
    I think that is where they try to kill you!
    I will have to wear a back brace for several months. I am supposed to walk alot so I can get back into shape asap.
    I have no choice but to be brave and deal with this surgery. Then, I plan to be good to go for many more years.

    I would like to hear from anyone who has had this surgery.
    I also will be happy to answer any questions regarding my cervical surgery.
    Thanks for reading this! :)

  • Matelasse, hi, it is good to hear your cervical surgery is mostly going well. That was a 3 level right? Sounds very involved. I have read the stuff about the bone morphogenic protein and use in cervical surgeries. It is only approved for use in lumbar, so it is considered off lable to use it in a neck. Sounds bad, but then again, docs use products, meds, etc. off label all the time, we just don't usually know it. I believe my BMP is off label too, cause it was used with a Bak cage instead of the Infuse cage system for which it is approved. Spine surgeons seem to be putting it everywhere. I even have some overlying my transverse processes as well. Most of us end up okay with it fortunately ;)

    Wow, surgery again all ready? Seems kinda close together, but you probably want to get it over with. I had posterior fusion only one level L4-5. That alone was rough, but manageable with good pain meds. I just went back to work yesterday, so I would say it was a success. I hope you have lots of help at home. Make sure to follow all those post-op rules, walk a lot, and stay up on your pain meds. Take care and keep posting. >:D< Cali-Sue

  • Hi Everyone!

    I just want to say good luck in your surgery/recovery. I have been reading everyone's post and I have really felt a whole lot better knowing that I am not alone in this. I have wonderful support for both friends, family, and fiance. But there is something to be said about the comfort you gain when you know your not the only one going through this experience. Thank gods for this website!

    I'm almost one month out from my surgery on Oct 29th for C3-4-5 fusion (cadaver discs with titanium) and things have been really smooth so far. With the exception of the numbness and tingling in my arms and legs that popped up on me this past week. Has anyone had this post op? I got scared and broke down after six days of it ... I called the NS on call last night he thought it could be inflammation and that possibly I could need some steroids but that would have to be determined by my NS at my appointment. Again back to square one.

    I see him this tuesday... and quite frankly as much as I want this Neck collar off... I'm scared. I have a love/hate relationship with this collar. When I do take it off to change the pads after a shower I feel like a baubble head doll. I go to soft collar this week if my X-ray checks out okay. Cross fingers and toes..

    Good Luck to everyone out there!

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  • Hi,
    I am 51 yrs. old and had the same surgery on 10/28 that you will be having. I had an ALIF/PLIF of L3-S1 with refacing of T12. I live in Oregon and had my surgery done in Texas. From the time I arrived to the time I left EVERYTHING was top notch. I have never had any surgery, so this was overwhelming, but I had very little pain from the operation itself. I was in the hospital for 4 days and then went to a rehab facility for 5 days. The biggest thing I have to learn is PATIENCE. I am so Type A that I want to do more than my body is able to do. I make sure I walk daily and try to do as much for myself as possible. I have a wonderful grabber that helps as well as the lovely sock gadget that helps get socks on. Make sure you tape a razor onto a paint stick. That makes shaving so easy.:) If you have any specific questions, let me know. I am new to this site but trying to figure it out. I'll be praying for your surgery.

    Terri P
  • I had another mylegram/ct scan last week. There is a sizeable bone fragment chiped away from one of the screws that is against spinal nerve. Since I have met all out of pocket expenses, I asked to get this scheduled ASAP. Only thing left is New Year's Eve. So I guess the surgery/anesthesia and first day has no copay, but we change insurance Jan 1st, so I'm assuming I'll need clearance and possible problems with billing 2 different insurances. I'm so hoping this will take care of my unrelenting pain.

  • Hi Anna,
    Sorry to hear you have to have additional surgery. I am recovering from ALIF/PLIF for L1-S1(7weeks out). It is a long road with no complications, so my prayers will be this time for you will fix it. God bless,

    Terri :)))
  • Thanks Terri; my goodness :jawdrop: You're talking about a 360 L1 thru S1?? Wow. That's a lot at one time. Hope you have continued success with your recovery.

    I hope I'm making the right decision, but I cannot see ignoring that bone. Hubby thinks I need to get a zipper back there - or velcro. :))(

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