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October/November Upcoming Surgeries Post your story here!! :)



  • Hi to EVERYONE that is in the Oct/Nov surgery club!!

    Like Chrissy said please do not hesitate to write down any thoughts or concerns.

    I will be gone from Wed-Sat or Sun in the hospital.
    But will get back on of course the day I come home because I get wicked withdrawals from the computer =))

    I want to wish you all the best of luck!!!

    P.S. As for the leg pain. Call your Dr. May be a side effect from the Lyrica, ya just never know.
    But remember your going in to get the issue fixed.
    So something that may work for a few days, may stop.
    Just my personal experience with things..

    I feel your pain right now I really DO!!!!! >:D< >:D<
    My legs are the worst pain that I have. More so then my back itself.

    >:D< >:D< :* :*
  • Terri good luck.
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  • Hi Angie,

    I've had a total of 20+ of those shots over the past couple years. Many at start, with my first dr, I was put out.
    I had changed dr's after I had my second optinion...and gave it a go without sedation. It was not really bad at all!

    I would say the epidurals are the ones you might elect sedation for...but the facet shots....try it with out.

    FYI: I would have to admit, and my family will agree...for a grown man I'm a freakin scaredy cat when it comes to needles. I can bust open a knuckle working on a car and not think twice about it.....but aim a needle at me and I cringe.

    They use a local to sedate the area, and with spot xray to guide the needle to the exact spot. I only felt pressure...and a little sensitive at times.

    Perhaps my new dr is an artist at it...but I was only uptight about the experience....the shots themselves a breeze.

    Relax...either'll be ok. ;)


  • I'm having L4-S1 360 fusion on 10/6. Physically ready for it but not mentally. A little freaked about post-op and recovery. I'm pretty much bone on bone so i know it's not going to get any better. i'm just tired of this controlling my life. anyone had a 360 on those levels? what is the first week going to be like?
  • Hi and WELCOME to spine health!
    As you know there is a ton of "wonderful" information on here.

    I did not have a 360 just posterior. I am curious to find out why your Dr wants a 360 with those levels. I know all Dr are different in their approach. I would just like to know their conclusion for surgery that way.

    The firt week is always tuff. I was out of it for 2 days in the hospy. 3rd day they took out the catherter. Got me out of bed "this is the tuffest part" of the whole surgery I think Once you learn after a few times. It is not so bad.
    I was sat up in the chair to eat for 15 min. Then they had me walk down the hall and back.
    The 4th day. Pt came in and gave me all the "goods" to come home with etc.
    The drive home was tricky. But we got here.
    The first week pretty much was trying to find a comfortable postion. Walking!!!!! As much as your body allows. ALL of us are different in how we recover. I was up like every 2-3 hours. Having to take my meds. I used lots of ice packs.
    I can say I was very sore but it was not painful Like "sharp pain"
    It takes awhile for your body to adjust.
    Your dr will give you all your pre op instructions as they are all different with everyone. No bending, twisting etc.
    Not sure if your going to have a "half" brace "full" brace, no brace?
    After the 1st week home you usually start getting used to your routine. You will have your up and down days.

    You will see everyone's story differs in how things went for them etc..
    Just remember after you get home to call your Dr with any new pain or symptoms that do not make sense to you.

    Take care

    P.S. sorry for the rambling its early!!!! 8} I) 8}
    hope i made sense....
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  • Hiya Tom,
    I have had both before without sedation, i must say that the epidural :SS was the worse one of the two. They tell me that as for the facet joint injections thats how they do them under anestetic. My surgeon did them last time, but the pain management team are doing them this time. Thankyou for your input.

    Angie x



    Angie x


    Angie x
  • Have an ALIF with a posterior fixation? There doesn't seem to be too many people here with surgery in the front and back in the same day, same surgery.... Just wanted to hear from someone who has experienced it. Either here or through a PM. Would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  • Terri - thanks for relpying. my doc said this was the approach always used and had proved to be a better fusion rate. my pre-op appt is the 29th so i'll find out more then. i will be wearing a brace...not sure what kind.

    how long after did you return back to work. mine is mostly a desk job.

    thnx again...
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