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suffering from 2 car accidents

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
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Hello everyone. I am new to this message board and am excited to get some support and input. I am annoyed by my pain and with docs. Tomorrow will mark 1 year since my first accident. I was driving home from work at 55 MPH and someone ran a stop sign and hit me in the driver's side door. I was severly injured and the car was totalled. This turned my life upside down. From this accident, I had (MRI:)C4-C5 paracentral & lateral spur/disc complex compressing left c5 root, C5-C6 bulging disc, C6-C7 compression C7 root, . (EMG:)Nerve damage at C6-C7 nerve roots & carpal tunnel (from gripping the steering wheel so tight), diagnosed as a 'double crush syndrome'. I treated with a chiropractor (massage, decompression therapy, adjustments). I haven't had usage of my left hand in a year. It stays numb and weak. Four months later, I was driving on a highway and was hit from behind by someone switching lanes and it pushed me into the median. From this accident, I have a displaced rib, low back pain, and leg problems. I had X-rays after the accident and got chiropractic treatment. My low back pain has become considerably worse. I have horrible pains in my legs, cramping, numbness, weakness, a painful knee that swells from time to time, and an ankle that does the same. I hurt from my hip to my foot (left side). After 1 year of trying the 'natural approach', I am in desperate need of pain meds. I stretched out the meds given to me after each accident to only take them during my most painful nights. I haven't had a good night sleep in a year. The chiropractor just sent me to a specialist. EMG showed no permanent nerve damage in legs. MRI was not completely clear because apparently my muscle spasms during it caused too much movement. It appears that I have L5-S1 disc protrusion effacing the left S1 nerve root. It also looks like I have a lumbar fracture that was not caught on the X-rays right after my accident. I guess they need to look further into the fracture with a CT or bone scan. The doc wants to wait until all of my tests are clear until he gives me anything for pain. Meanwhile, I am miserable. Seems like this keeps going on and on and on..... Also, I have anxiety when driving and some depression from the pain and the impact these accidents have on my life. I have an appointment to see someone for those problems too. Has anyone else had problems with Doctors being slow to catch onto things and take action?


  • You really should consider a second opinion! It is obvious by the tests that you have had done that there are plenty enough problems there to cause you a great deal of pain. At this point they really should be at least offering you something to control the pain. I do not think that I could tolerate a doc that would not at least prescribe meds to help with the pain. I am not a doc or medical pro but a chronic pain sufferer that has been through the gamut of docs. They know that you are having muscle spasms and have not even offered a muscle relaxer to you? This does not sound good at all. Some docs are afraid to prescribe pain meds but when the tests prove that you are in lots of pain.... I would really get a second doc to take a look at me if I were you. Maybe even go to a pain management doc who not only prescribes pain meds but may also be able to offer injections and the like to help with some of your pain. Good luck and please keep us posted with your progress.
  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. perhaps it is time to seek out a doctor who will listen to you and HELP you now!! :? being in pain is no joke and you should be given a treatment plan to help you feel better. good luck and i hope you find pain relief soon. Jenny :)
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  • Treating you with pain meds is NOT going to alter your xray findings! Go see someone who will take your pain seriously.
    You should not have to be suffering like this. Hope you get some relief soon, Sue
  • Thanks for the great feedback. I called my new doctor's office today and told them I am in a lot of pain. He was going out of town and said if it gets worse to go to the ER this weekend. I got fed up and thought about what everyone had said in response to my post. I told the office that I do not want to see that doctor anymore and that I would like to see the other doctor in the practice. Well, apparently they cannot switch me until both Docs approve the change. I will let you know what happens.
    Dealing with the pain, the lifestyle changes, and other effects from the accidents are difficult enough without feeling like I have to fight against my own doctor. I notice that the more stressed out that I get, the worse my pain is as well.
  • welcome to spine-health....
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  • correct. Stress does make pain much worse. Is there another doc in another practice that you might be able to see? There is a chance that the partner has the same mindset and will not be much help either. Is there a pain management doc that you can see? There really is no reason to let you suffer with no pain meds in this day and age.
  • You may have to find a new office. I know sometimes, partners don't like to take over each other's patients. It is like loyalty or something, afraid there gonna step on each others toes. I think you need a PM doc and a spine specialist! Good-luck, Sue
  • You Need to find another doctor in another office. My concern here is how will they address the pain in the future. It is clear you can go to the ER but why should you when they have the test results in hands. What type of doctor is this you are seeing. I noticed that you were seeing a chiro maybe you could get them to make a call on your behalf to get you some pain relief. Good luck i hope they do something soon.
  • Hi,
    I understand your frustration, Ive been trying to get answers as to whats causing my lower back pain for 3 years & only now is the orthopedic surgen taking me more seriously.
    I switched medical clinics so I could see a different dr as none of the drs at my old clinic would take my pain seriously. Its the best thing Ive done for my back!(other than physio & hydrotherapy.) Did you find that the chiro helped?

    You need a 2nd opinion!

    Good Luck :)
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