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Hardware and Dentistry



  • I have had several surgeries of the c-spine. The first surgeon who did three of the surgeries didn't mention anything to me about it. However i have a mitro valve so always use antibiotics before having any dental work done. When i was reading the paper work that was given to me for the last surgery(different surgeon) it was in the pamphlet that they gave me. The pamphlet was not something that they had made up but rather something that came from maybe the manufacture of the hardware or the manufacture of the BMP. Sorry i wished i would have kept the booklet. Imagine my surprise when i read that cause i did have a hardware issue and it had to be taken out after the second surgery. So my two cents is call your dentist before having any work done and make sure they are aware of your hardware if your surgeon doesn't give you a real answer on it. Looks like another one of those areas were all are not following the same protocol or the odds are so slim that it is not considered a risk factor.
  • I prefer the better safe than sorry method


    It will not hurt us at ALL to take antibiotics. So why not? That's kind of like not wearing your seatbelt. It doesn't hurt to wear it, but it's a precaution. I realize they're different situations, but it's the same concept. When you compare the benefits of having the antibiotics, to the cons... Oh, wait. There aren't any ;)
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    i have never heard of taking antibiotics prior to dental except for heart patients; nor was taught that in any of my classes. the link does refer to the american heart guidlines.
    alao, taking antibiotics when not needed can make them not work for you when they are needed.
    take care!
  • That only happens if you take them CONSTANTLY. Not once or twice a year for dental work.
  • i forgot you had all this healthcare training. actually it does matter, and our bodies build up resistance. check out the links, if your still non-believing.

    take care!
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  • This is exactly what i'm dealing with right now. I have a puppy that jumped up and hit my front tooth, I didn't realize he had really hurt me. I went to the dentist (6 month checkup) and it turns out my right front tooth root was fractured and now bone was erroding and infection has set in. Right about the same time my hip where they took the bone started hurting like hell. Surgrey was in March. And it had healed and was fine. Now it's suspected I have osteomyelitis in my hip. I see the OS on Thursday but am waiting to have a 3 phase bone scan to see if I do or not. Osteomyelitis is caused by a bacteria infections which is what i had in my mouth. The tooth gets removed on Monday. Bone graft and implant. Fake tooth until bone heals then a crown. (this puppy has gotten very expensive)
  • Way to be rude. You don't have to agree with me but you don't have to be sarcastic and immature. Act like a 38 year old, not a 12 year old. Sarcasm is not endearing.

    And for your information, I've talked to multiple doctors about it AND dentists. I have a heart murmur and they still make me take them, so I'm speaking from personal experience. And I am giving my own personal opinion based on that experience. You don't have to insult people just because you believe something different. My goodness. Take a chill pill.
  • So sorry. You are right that is turning into one expensive doggie. Dental work sure does get more expensive as you age. i don't ever get cavities anymore, just cave ins.

    I had fusion in Aril of this year and then had my teeth cleaned and a root canal this summer. Dentist and specialist both called my surgeon to see if they need to give me anti-biotics. He said no, but I had to take for the root canal anyway.

    Just another one of those things that we seem to get so much different info on depending upon our Doc.

    I do know that they have linked alot of health issues (heart) to good oral hygeine and that it is important to see a dentist on a regular basis.
  • Just stating the facts. I have read alot of your posts and you act as if your point is the only one and its law. Not being sarcastic, just stating the obvious. You come across alot in these post as being so knowledgable, but in reality you have only tour experiences to go by. If you dont like what I type, feel free not to read. That simple. Not insulting anyone, just staing FACTS according to many top notch places, like links in the previous post. If thats what your doctors believe, so be it. Its that easy. And as far as being rude.. "acting 12" was being rude. Thank you and have a fabulous day, I know I will. :)
  • I read what you said because you replied specifically to my comment.

    If you actually have read my posts, then you will see that most (MOST, not ALL) of them begin with "I've been told" or "As far as I know" or "For me, personally" and there have been many where I've replied and said "wow, I didn't know that" or "thanks for the information, I have been wondering about that". I don't think I know everything... But I DO know that just as you are entitled to your opinion, I am too. I don't judge you for it, so I'd appreciate it if you'd keep the sarcastic rude comments to yourself. There is a difference between disagreeing with someone and stating your opinion on the topic, and being PERSONALLY INSULTING towards ONE specific person JUST because you don't agree. If you're so much better than I am, you'd think you'd be a bit more mature than to have that smug sarcastic attitude you do.

    And for the record, not all of my opinions or views are based on my OWN personal experiences, so please don't assume so.
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