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New pain is freaking me out!

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
So tomorrow will be 6 weeks since my L4-5 PLIF, and today I woke up with right SI joint pain radiating into hip and down leg. It is similar to my pre-op pain, but that was on my left side. I had had right sided issues prior that resolved in Jan 2008 after a LESI and then reappeared on the left in Feb 2008. So anyway I am not sure if I did something that brought this on. I keep wracking my brain and there were a few things, like I did a few new exercises in the pool on Friday, I tripped on the sidewalk while doing my am walk yesterday but felt fine after. Oh and also I got a new recliner yesterday, but I had only sat in it for a couple hours last night. It seems worse as the day has gone on and I am icing, and resting, and have taken more meds today than I had in a couple weeks. Of course now I am imagining the worse, like BMP bone spurs growning on my nerves! :''( Ahhhhh, I hate this feeling like something isn't right. I know I can call my doctor and I might if it is not better soon. He is out of the office (in OR) on Tuesdays so will call Wednesday if not better. He told me not be concerned if some symptoms return, but it is on the wrong side!!!! :O Trying to think positive but have a hard time with that :SS Sue


  • I feel your pain and your fears on this one. I posted almost the same statements at week 5 9I think).... lo and behold, all the contributors and my supporters told me this:

    - You are probably doing too much.
    - You overdid it
    - It's normal (Part of the good day / bad day thing)
    - Wait a couple days, take it easy and let us know hpw you are

    Guess what? They were right.

    You will fee pain and odd feelings in all different places during your recovery. Just bear in mind that you will also have days where you are walking on the clouds and have not a pain or worry in the world.

    It is almost impossible to damage the hardware that was installed, and spur growth this soon is not very likely.

    Change-up your sitting and sleeping routine (different chair, sofa, and side while sleeping).

    Best of Wishes,
  • Sue so sorry hunny your having pain. It's one of those set backs. My SI joint is acting up right now from doing to much. It is painful that is for sure. And of course if it is that last thing you want is to lay on a table on your belly and get that dang shot. (if it does end up being that) could be just muscular. Ya never know till ya see the Dr.

    Just relax , think postive. Ice it as much as you can. (if that works for you)
    As you know your already on the right track in calling the Dr. Wednesday. Iv also called when the doc is in surgery. His secratary always gets the message to him and sometimes I do get a call back that day.
    So mabye if its just as bad in the morning give them a shout.
    Mabye they will do xrays or something to put your mind at ease. Or mabye a PA can check you out.
    I feel your pain love I really do.

    Let us know. I will check the threads when I get back home.

    Lots of love and hugs
    Terri :X >:D< :X >:D<
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  • Thank-you Srtayl and Terri for your responses. I know I probably just overdid it, but I have read so many of these stories where everything is hunky-dory and then wham!! Complications!! Unfortunately I am a pessimist at heart and I have ANXIETY!!! Of course it is times like these those little buggers sneak out and stress me out :SS :SS
    I thought of one more thing I did, I vacuumed and mopped my floor before my new chair arrived 8} . I am thinking that is the culprit. I am doing ice (giant gel-packs) and then alternating with my heating pad. Every position hurts, but worse is on my left side, so will avoid that. The 30 minutes in my BGS were very uncomfortable (and the whole time i am thinking, geez I hope I am not growning BMP where it doesn't belong!). I am dosing myself up extra tonight and hoping to feel better tomorrow. Thanks for your caring remarks, I do appreciate them.
    And Terri I am thinking about you and sending good thoughts and prayers your way for a successful surgery tomorrow. Sue
  • Well girl that might be the culpurt. I did it yesterday to. Was doing good while doing it all. Till I sat down and a hour after BAM WHAM SLAM. WHEW. I'm still paying for it dearly this morning.

    Just keep relaxing.
    ANXIETY WHAT IS THAT :jawdrop: @) 8} :T :/
    There is no such thing :sick: :sick: :D :D

    Ya know the drill it contiues or gets annoying CALL MISS!!! [( :D >:D< :* >:D<
  • vaccuuming and mopping? I was told to stay away from heavy housework for a long time..maybe you did too much? Hopefully the ice and heat with rest (and no more heavy work) will take care of it! try to relax!
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  • when that pain bug just comes up and bits you in the bum! :''(
    I am so sorry you are going through this Cali-Sue but maybe there is a reason for it.
    You mentioned a few things you have been doing like the new recliner and VACUUMING/MOPPING the floor. I have to say that even at 18 weeks I have not mopped or vacuumed :))( I have had help and not just left it :))( but living on my own does have some advantages.
    I would say that really you just did too much and then relaxed in the new recliner that would have put your body in a new position- not necessarily bad position but something that your muscles are not used to.
    So take whatever you have to give you a pain free night, keep up the ice and heat and BREATHE!
    When you lie down try to visualise and feel someone (preferably someone cute)-or me- giving you a lovely nurturing massage, try to breathe with the strokes as they glide over your back. This is what I do if I am having problems sleeping and it really helps.
    Also I would suggest that you stay away from the recliner for a few days till you are feeling better.

    sending you big hugs and blessings
    Sara O:)
  • OMG - mopping...need we say more? :O

    You have had a massive operation and clever that our bodies are to adjusting, we need to give it lots of time to heal.

    You are 6 weeks post, and you will start getting aches and pains elsewhere as you adjust to the fusion and your hips and knees get a pounding from being used more.

    Regards complications - Chill. There is nothing much you can do to prevent some of them. Do as you are told but listen to your body and fgs, on a good day, PACE yourself or you will yo yo and not recover too far, fast.
    Enjoy your rest - you've earned it.

    If it gets worse, get some advise, but rest and worry less. >:D<
  • Is a total doozy for me. That's what sets off my bad days. If I prop myself up in bed for a while, then get up and do some laundry (which sucks because my apartment is two apartments put together... First floor is kitchen, living room, bathroom, two bedrooms. Upstairs is a biggggg room we use for the bar & pool table, a bedroom, a gigantic bathroom the size of a bedroom, and a humongous laundry room. My bedroom and the laundry room are as far apart as they can possibly be, with quite a few stairs to go up. I usually have my boyfriend carry all the laundry up for me, because too many trips up and down in one day really messes up my back. If I sweep the kitchen floor I'm alright, but if I try to mop as well...... My back kind of gets stiff and achey and I can't stand up straight after that. But if I didn't do the housework, it wouldn't get done. My son barely cleans up after himself, and my boyfriend does about as much as my son. Lol. I cook, clean, run errands, and take care of the three of us. It's going to be a weird change for my boyfriend to have to take care of me and my son after surgery. After my MicroD he helped me for a day or so, because I was right up the next morning pretty much taking care of myself.... But I made him shave my legs. Hahaha. He hated it. He refused quite a few times, but I have OCD and generalized anxiety disorder. The two together are terrible sometimes. I can't have anything on my right side that isn't also on my left. If I wear one ring, or bracelet it HAS to be on my left hand. if I get shots or blood tests they HAVE to be on the left arm. I got totally yelled at by a nurse at the E.R. once when I had meningitis and they were running lots of tests.... She told me to go get therapy because it's ridiculous. Kind of mean. Hyperventilated pretty bad and cried my eyes out when they put the IV in my right arm for a chest CT, out of nowhere. So anyway, back to my original point, lol... I cannot stand hairy or prickly legs. I shave my legs EVERY DAY sitting on the edge of the tub and using shaving cream, then put lotion on. I get really uncomfortable and get anxiety if they're not done every day. It makes me feel uncomfortable in my own skin, like my insides need to come out. It's weird. I'm weird. I'm just a weirdo.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well :( Hopefully it's nothing major. I used to be quite the hypochondriac growing up. My pediatrician tested me for Leukemia, brain tumors, HIV about 10 times... Totally irrational stuff Lol. What Ive learned from all of it, though, is that a lot of times our bodies can feel a certain way we're not used to, but not necessarily because something is wrong. Sometimes things are different because of a lot of collected factors that we don't notice individually causing an issue. I hope you feel better soon!
  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I know I went a little crazy, but had to have the floor clean for the new chair, didn't I?!! I have Pergo type floors so the vacuum glides easily, and I wore my brace and was careful no BLT. I have one of those hardwood floor mops with the velcro pad. You just wet the pad, throw it on the floor, then stick the mop plate thingy onto it and push, no wringing or anything like that. I had done it before without probs, so didn't think it was a big deal. I haven't tackled the mop bucket wringer type for my tile yet, and now I won't go there for a long time :T . It was hard to sleep last night, I took a whole Norco 10 and Soma. I had been down to 3.75 mg twice a day, so it is discouraging. This pain is still here this morning, it is definitely nerve pain, radiates low back, SI, hip and down femur. What is so annoying is it hurts all the time, no matter what position I get in. My pre-op pain was mostly with walking. This actually feels a little better to walk. I think I'll go to the warm pool and just float around, skip the exercises.

    Angelback, I like your visualization idea. I'll have to think up some hunky guy to imagine is giving me a massage :X . Funny thing, I actually got a massage on Friday. Hmmm, don't think that is related to this new pain, she was very gentle, tooo gentle I think, and pretty much avoided the low back. I am suppose to go again this Friday.

    Lo, I too have GAD. I am not on meds anymore except for Xanax prn. I know when I was a kid I constantly thought I was dying of cancer or some rare disease. Difference is I wouldn't tell anyone, just suffered in silence. Sometimes I think I should get back on some drugs. My legs have been shaved a total of two times since surgery :sick: Luckily I am not a very hairy person. Your boyfriend better get prepared for leg duty, you'll need more help this time for sure!

    So, yep I overdid it. I am going to be a good girl now. The recliner is actually very comfy, but one problem could be reaching the handle to pop the legs up is probably not a good idea. I was just sooo tired of being banished to my bedroom to rest, as I had no where good to sit/relax in my living room. Thanks again for your awesome support, always lifts my spirits and helps me feel better, >:D< >:D< >:D< Sue
  • I won't be too hard on ya but VACUUMING?? :O I haven't vacuumed yet even at almost 10 weeks post-op and I have a self-propelled vacuum. Me thinks it was too much on ya girl....

    Keep doing your home care and call your Dr. tomorrow if you are still concerned.

    I have this weird throbbing this afternoon... had PT this morning. I did feel a bit stronger doing the exercises but I always feel so tired and sore after.....

    I hope you feel better quick!

    soft hugs,


    PS~ I will keep you in my prayers
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