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New pain is freaking me out!



  • Glad to know I am not the only creep-o who thought I had any and every disease or disorder in younger years. Lol. So you were a closet creep-o, huh? I was a flaming creep-o. My doctor totally humored me. Lol. If I came in thinking I had HIV, she'd give me a blood test. She'd do whichever tests made me feel better. Haha! Only bad thing is that some people took it as me making thing up and not really have any real problems. I never imagined any pain.... Just thought I had things I didn't. Lol. No psychosomatic issues over here. I actually had some guy try to convince me I did....................... What the heck? Hah.
  • No vacuuming? I don't know if I would be able to do that. I have OCD on top of all my other crazy lady disorders, lol. I am only have one level fused, though... SO maybe I can still vacuum? I don't know. Me having restrictions should be an interesting sight for those around me.

    This could be a dumb question, but he fused a level AND used Dynesys? I thought the purpose of Dynesys was to prevent such a drastic reduction in range of motion. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Probably. Lol.
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  • I know different right? He used my bone where the fractures were L4/5 but didn't use bone at the L5/S1 level. Seems to be doing well in there. I've had 2 x-rays and go again on the first.. we shall see.

    I don't load the dishwasher either my teen kids help a lot.

    Best see what your doc says about the vacuuming....
  • Well, he must have felt that for your specific situation it was the best choice. If you're doing well that is what is most important :)

    Can your kids come vacuum my house? I'll send my son to your house so he can eat everything in sight that has over 5 grams of sugar, use toilet papers as streamers, play with matchbox cars in the litter box, and maybe backwash into the glass of whatever you are drinking. Sound like a good deal? :)

    You are right, I should definitely ask her about that. I probably should. Thinking about it, I could see how the movement would affect the back muscles.

    Is there any housework or chore that you haven't found an issue doing? Just wondering what I should put on my "honey-do list" for the boyfriend :)
  • Thanks everyone for all your support. It does help and is appreciated. Still having pain right low back, hip, down leg. Very much feels like sciatic/nervy pain. I went to the pool and walked then floated, and I swear it made it feel worse. I went ahead and called the NS this afternoon, and like I knew, he wasn't in the office. His secretary is suppose to leave him a note and call me back tomorrow. I have already discovered he doesn't make his own calls, just tells the girl what to say and she calls back. I find it kinda annoying since I am human and he is not God, seems he could call me himself. (Also I am an RN in the same facility and how about professional courtesy!) In the hospy he has PA's doing his work and in the office he has these secretaries/MA's doing it. (Annoying, but I guess if I went to school for 13+ years I'd feel privileged too). I think maybe I jumped the gun with the call, but I just wanna see if there is anything else I should do or take. I remember many Spineys being given Medrol dose packs and such. I definitely feel inflammed, so an anti-inflammatory sounds good to me ;) . Doubt I'll get anything though. Geez, I miss Motrin sooooo much!!!! So tomorrow I'll be waiting all day for my phone call. I am back on Norco 5 mg every 3-4 hours which sucks, cause now I need to avoid driving again. It only seems to last about 2 hours, but I don't want to take more if I can help it. My son has taken over my recliner while I lay in my bed in my boring bedroom. At least I have my laptop :) Take care everyone, this is a long and rocky journey and I am glad to have Spiney friends to help me along the way, >:D< >:D< >:D< Sue
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  • Oh boy, I was hoping to hear that you were feeling better by now. If it is sciatica - possibly from extra exercise- than if your Dr agreed as you know an anti-inflam would be useful.
    I do think when the Drs sec rings, you should say that you want to speak with HIM.
    I cant believe that you have shaved your legs twice. I did mine the other day for the first time in 18 weeks :jawdrop: - not a pretty sight. Oh and I did pay for it.
    I reckon they need to make a 'spray on wash off' stuff. I know I have used the cream but you still have to be able to reach all areas.
    Lo- Every day? Boy you are keen. :))(

    When I had my worst pain, as much as I didn't want to the best thing for me was to walk it out. It made it worse to start with but after a few minutes it improved and I walked the pain out. Now I know that wont be the case for everyone but you did say you felt better after walking so maybe numerous shorter walks at the moment.

    I hope things improve and enjoy your massages! :))(

    Blessings Sara
  • My surgeon told me I have to avoid taking any anti-inflammatories for at least one year after surgery. Apparently bone growth occurs best in an environment where some inflammation exists and if you take an anti-inflammatory, you remove that environment.
  • Mark, I was told no NSAIDS for 3-6 months depending on how fusion is looking. So of course I won't take any, but I don't know what he thinks of steroids, as I have seen several SH members given Medrol dose packs for acute inflammation, return of symptoms, etc. It seems most spine surgeons go with the no NSAIDS theory, although there are some who don't agree with it and let their patients take them, or who say the benefits outweight the risk. There have been several past threads devoted to this topic.

    I am still waiting for my call, and "knock on wood" I think I feel a little better today. Or could just be the increased narcotics have finally built up a therapeutic level in my system so I am not feeling it as much. I hate waiting for doctor calls! Its like you have to give up your whole day to wait around, and then watch, he probably won't call until tomorrow. (I know I have a cell phone, but still!). I did go for a walk, but I can't go to the pool with my cell phone, so guess I am skipping it today.

    Lo, NO VACUUMING ALLOWED! 8} Make that honey-do list and it needs to include EVERYTHING! Your job will be to rest/heal/walk, so make sure your boyfriend knows that you can't do a thing except that. (at least for a few weeks) I vacuumed at 4 weeks and tolerated it, now I vacuumed at 6 weeks and I am paying for it. You've got one shot to make this surgery successful, so don't jeopardize your recovery (I know, look who's talking ;) ) My kitchen floors are calling me, but I am ignoring them!

    Angelback, my daughter shaved my legs once, she was grossed out by it, not that they were that gross, she is just a germiphobe and thought it much too personal, and then I tried shaving them by taping my razor to a handle of a long handled bath sponge, sorta worked but not too good. I was gonna buy some hair remover, but read the label about all the allergy warnings, plus didn't think I would be able to get it where it needs to go, so gave up on that. I went and got a pedicure a couple weeks ago for my toenails, so think I'll keep that up for a while until I can reach my toes. I can bend my knee and put my foot on the other knee enough to put on a sock, but not to keep it there long enough for legs or toes. Thanks, I will enjoy my massages, both real and imaginary (just best not to combine the two!) 8> :))(

    Take care everyone, Sue
  • You are right. I do only have one shot to get it right. My boyfriend says the same thing. So that's 2 - 1. No vacuuming wins! :)

  • My surgeon said it's the motion - it doesn't matter if there is a feather on the floor--the motion is what we can't do until we are completely fused/healed. A question I always ask myself - do you remember what you friend's house looked like 5 months ago on March 17th, 2008? No, then your friends aren't going to remember what yours looks like either. Just some thoughts for when you are trying to decide whether or not to mop.....
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