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New pain is freaking me out!



  • Thanks Delaware Girl, I am trying to be good and I haven't cleaned anymore floors. I will have to insist my teenagers do it, although they do a lousy job unfortunately. It will have to do. I actually think it might be my new recliner, cause once I sit in it and get the feet up, I find myself stretching to reach things, like the compu, remote, etc. Bad idea too, so I will ipnay that one in the udbay!(I used to have a sweet nurse friend and she moved to Delaware for a MAN! :( I miss her.)

    My doctors office never called me back and I stayed home all day waiting cause they usually call the home phone. They are so annoying. I am sure it will just be the secretary anyways. The surgeon is just too important to dial a phone! The last time I called it took 48 hours for a response and that was just to okay getting a massage. Oh well when they call I hope to be able to tell them nevermind, I am feeling better. It definitely is settling down, now I just need to back off the pain pills and see if it really is better.

    Thanks for all the support Spiney friends, Sue
  • So, today, woops yesterday, (it has passed midnight), my surgeon still hadn't called. I got a terrific massage, but noticed lying on my abd. made both my legs ache. Then I decided to go to the hospy and get my own operative report so I could read exactly what they did to me, especially curious about the right side, since this new right sciatic pain. I had barely gotten there and was walking down the hall when straight ahead of me my NS is walking toward me. What luck! So I said, Hey You, I called you on Tuesday and no one ever returned my call. So he asked what was up and I told him. He says it is normal, not to worry, will probably come and go, even though it is on the opposite side. It is feeling a little better, though not gone yet. So at least I finally got some input, and still the secretary never called, thought maybe I'd have a message when I got home, but no, they dropped the ball on that one. I guess if i really need to talk to him, I'll just go track him down at the hospy :D Well i got my report and of course sounds like they did way more than I realized, I have heard other members say this, so must be part of the process, they just don't describe all the gorry details to us. I am going to have to research some of it to understand it all. I had a visit with my co-workers and my boss. She said not to worry about my job, it'll be there when i am ready to come back. Take care, >:D< :* Sue

    P.S. He said it is okay to vaccuum??!!!
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  • :))( Cali-Sue.
    I am quite sure he has never vaccuumed in his life and has no idea of what it entails.
    My O/S also said it was OK to do housework until I went through the details and then he said- well if you do all that then maybe we need to leave it till you are fused.

    Sara :))(
  • :( That's got to suck, waiting around all day for a phone call and then never receiving it. It's terrible they take so long to get back to you. Thankfully my NSs office gets back to me same day. There are three NS in the office, though. That may have something to do with it. My NS's P.A. called me back yesterday a few hours after I called to tell him about my new pain and numbness and he called me in some steroids and pepcid right away, and set me up an MRI for 930 that night, and an appt with him on Monday to view the results. They are very, very efficient. My neurosurgeon calls me herself sometimes instead of having the physician's assistant do it. I like that a lot.
  • Dang here i was thinking I had most all ready to go for this week and Bam... I forgot about the legs! I so cannot see anyone in this house shaving them for me, even if I paid them! Oh well, Its going to be getting cold soon, so long comfy pants, and no one will be the wiser bout the hairy legs eh? :)
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  • Glad to hear you are doing a bit better! I missed all the drama though, sorry. I was off being a busy girl this last week.

    I'm jealous that you can go get your report - that would be kind of cool to look at, just a bit gross though.

    Hey, and NO more sweeping and mopping friend!!
  • My surgery was 6/26 and I have shaved my legs only twice and very, very carefully.

    How about those toenails? If mine get any longer, I'll be able to bend my leg back from the knee and scratch my back! REALLY have to go for a pedicure!

    Vaccuum???? Haven't touched the thing since about a week before surgery...wouldn't even THINK of doing it.

    Cali-Sue---hope you are feeling better now and try to remember to TAKE IT EASY, ok?
  • Oh Angelback, you always make me laugh! :))( =)) You are so right, I am sure he has never vacuumed a day in his life! I am sure his wife doesn't vacuum either, it would take her all day in their 5000++ square foot house. Yep he is prestigious and privileged. Was a millionaire even before he finished med school from what I hear, something about designing a software program that hit it big. He is a brainiac in more ways than one. Probably, no for certain it is better to take my Spiney friend's advice on the vacuuming. Take care my Aussie friend, Sue
  • Hey Saltzy, good to see you on the boards! Yep I overdid it but am getting better now. Still so tempting to get to deep cleaning, but trying to resist. Hey, why can't you get your records? They are yours you know. Usually you just go to the hospital medical records department, sign a release, and they either hand them over, or send them in the mail. There may be a copy fee. I just had to sign a release, then told her exactly what I wanted, H&P, Op report, and Discharge summary. She printed them off and gave them to me for free, helps to be an employee :) Boy they are an interesting read. Funny how many errors of info there are esp. in the H&P. He said I weigh 280 pounds :^o I am hoping that was just a typo and he doesn't actually think that. I am overweight, but no where near that :O Take care,gonna go get in a walk before the sun goes down, Sue
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