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PLIF revision 2morrow Wednesday Sept 17th

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi all!
Hope this day/night finds you well. Or at least semi well ;)
Of course I posted under upcoming surgeries for Aug/Sept.
But only a few of us post there that are having surgery or already did.
Just wanted to let you know I will be gone Wednesday-Sat or Sunday. Depending on how I do this time.
I was a day behind last surgery due to the highest level of medication in my pain pump.(0 pain tolerance from so many surgeries)
Hopefully it will be different this time. They are removing and cleaning out the old surgery site L5-S1. Then giving me all new parts from L4-S1. They said about 2 hours and I will be done WHEW!! <:P Last year I do not remember the first 2 days at all. They kept me pretty comfy. LOVE THAT CATH AND NOT GOING POTTY =)) <br />Yes my surgeon can probably do it with his eyes closed. He does so many a week. B)
My nerves are so so. Im a pretty strong person. Just feel "sorry" for the family again. I thank the angels above for such a WONDERFUL CARING MAN. He does everything and has for the past few years. Ok lied Im spoiled lets say 22 years 8> =))
I over did today with pre-op testing. I shampooed the carpets. Which was a no no. But wanted to keep busy. Of course paying dearly for it now. Thats of course why I am up (|: @)
I wish everyone the best of luck who has surgery or any other type of procedure while I am gone. I know LJ is having her's the 17th to. ;)
Hopefully I will post when I get home on my laptop as I will be going through withdrawals!!!! :D
Everyone have a wonderful rest of the week!!
Thank you for all the kind words, PM's etc. They are appreciated.

Take care
Lots of love and hugs
Terri >:D< :X >:D< :* :X >:D< :* O:)


  • I have not spoken to you but have read many many of your post replies. Its good that your confidence is strong and your family is still behind you 100%; you will be fine when you get home.

    While in the hospital, we will all be thinking if you and praying for great outcomes.

    Best of Wishes,
  • Thank you so much Sean. Since last year when I joined this site it has been a heaven sent to get me through!!!
    Thats why I stayed so I can give others encouragment and personal experiences ;)

    I want you to have a wonderful week. I will be thinking about all my spiney friends!!! 8>
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  • I will be thinking of you!!
  • Dear, Dear Terri,
    Firstly I want to wish you all the best with your surgery and the first few tough weeks of your recovery, and hope you are granted the patience to rest up when you are supposed to.
    This is also the week where I was supposed to have my PLIF revision, before the surgeon I had, went home to Sweden and the Spine Clinic decided to refer me on to another hospital with better appropriate intensive back-up. The latest is, they will see me in January , which you more than anyone can understand is unacceptable.
    Tomorrow , the 17th is the day when I put my case before my GP and hope he can get things moving a little faster , so I shall have you in mind every minute of the way, and praying your surgeon does as good a job for you as I hope my new surgeon eventually will .
    I am glad you have a super supportive husband, and he will if necessary put the vacuum cleaner in the car when he leaves you for work like mine did !! Your own upbeat attitude is an inspiration to me and I look forward to a full report on how it all went when you are well enough to fire up your lap top !
    I shall have my fingers firmly crossed for LJ too, tomorrow.

    Best Wishes Viking :)))
  • Hi Terri

    Just wanted to add my good wishes to you.

    I know you'll keep positive - and a friend of mine hod one piece of advise - Don't refuse the Cath! Doesn't look like you will =D>

    See you soon - and don't do any more cleaning today!
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  • Terri it is going to be a breeze, nothing like the first one and you will just sail through it.
    I will be sending prayers for you but I feel like this is going to make all the difference to you.
    So prepare yourself for a new you. <:P <:P <:P <br />
    Dont push it to be back here. You need the time to recover and relax so make the most of it.

    >:D< and blessings Sara O:)
  • You guys are the bestest.
    Love reading the encourging words.
    YES I think it will be easier mentally anyway. Ya already know what is going to happen. What it is like in the hospy and what it is going to be like while home.

    OH YES I will be on the laptop!!! Gheeshh Louise =)) I will have many of days and nights on the couch.
    This will be the first place I go when I get set up.
    I also will not be smoking, TUFFF ONE so I need this site and the computer alone to keep me busy!!! 8}

    Viking my goodness where have you been? I have not seen you anywhere on here. Ya been hiding on me?? :D
    Sorry you are going through this all over again to. Plus have to wait so long. Here ya say I want surgery and boom its done.
    I wanted to get it out of the way before the holidays and while the kids were in school.

    Hey the vaccum thing hmmmmmm. OK WILL NOT TOUCH it today. Just relaxing, sitting on my daughters floor getting the 12 yr old bugger organized. Then napping. Then family is coming up w/ ooeeyyy goooeeeyyy brownies. and of course coffe so it should be a ok day.. ;) ;)
    Still sore but hey that was my fault [(
  • Terri

    Good luck sweetie.

    Now - what on earth are you doing cleaning carpets? *!!**

    I know you want your home in order and you need to distract your mind but don't make your pain any worse than needs be. >:D<

    I don't know what to say about the you know I am in a similar position and find myself being very strong and brave for them all, like you. Keep smiling. :)

    Keep up the good humour and spirit you have shared with so many on the site...And the catheter, who on earth would refuse a gift like that! LOL.
    They have always tried me on a bedpan before the catheter, tears to my eyes, a bursting bladder and not a drop! lol. @)

    Terri - pls post as soon as you can. xxx
  • Thank you!!!
    Hey I'm not a normal cleaner LOL
    But hey its like that burst of energy before labor =)) =)) =)) Hey all the stains did not come out but it smells and looks better =))
    Oh it hurts believe me . But I ok with my meds.
    Just chillin today.
    CATH CATH CATH man. Love it. It was so nice to lay in bed for 2 whole days plus the 3rd morning.. YEAHHHHHHH.
    I think because of such a high dose of meds. I could not eat either till the 3rd day in the afternoon. UGGHH.
    But my appitite was really nothing anyway.
    Like I said as soon as I come home to my home made bed on the "ugly" couch that is like 20yrs old. GHEESH. I will have the laptop right next to me!!!! <:P <br />I just lay the laptop on a pillow. Lay down and type away.
    Im pretty funny to on all the meds. So I imagine I will be cracking some jokes!! So be prepared!!! :D
    Plus I want to make sure to help others that are going in for a revision or for the first time.

    LOVE EVERYONE!!!!! :* >:D< >:D<
  • Hope your surgery goes well :) Feel better soon!
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