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Just introducing myself

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in New Member Introductions
been a member here for a few weeks. And after reading post from other fellow backies,it's nice to know i am not alone, just as you are not alone.
My problem started back in my late twenties diving off a tree into a lake. you had to get it just right in order to avoid this big rock only inches under water. Well it only took once but i slipped off as i was using the tree to dive beyond it. I tried to use my arms to cushion the impact, but the 30 foot dive was to high, and my feet hit the back of my head. Doctors have told me i was lucky i did ot break my back. The only saving grace about this stupid move was it was a cold lake. My girlfriend at the time was wondering after 5 minutes why i wasn't getting in the canoe, i told her i was resting, but in reality i could not feel anything from my ass down. I couldn't move my legs. After 15 minutes she was about to have a panic attack, ut the cold water kept my spinal cord from swelling, and i knew it. Well i recovered from it over time, and went back to work. in 1995 i re-injured my back with a small 35 lbs box. That one gave me an L5-S1 central and left sided disc herniation compressing nerve roots and spinal cord, and sent me for L5-S1 disc removal and laminectomy 2 weeks after MRI findings. I recovered from that over time. And just 2 months ago re-injured the same levels, going for MRI in 6 weeks or so, will find out then exactly what is going on. I hate taking medication cause of the side effects and stigma that comes with it. Well I finally found a doctor who is listening, i actually got to tell him everything instead of being interupted all the time. My ex wife did not care for what was going on with me as well, after surgery i always felt more of a burden simpky by her reactions towards me. When i had my wrist fusion years later she was even worse and eventually had an affair while i was gone back to work, thank God for that because i finally woke up and took the blinders off my eyes to see what was really goin on. I worked 2 jobs when i injured my back the last time that sent me for surgery,so she did not have to work, I guess she forgot abut that part. But in the process of all this, i have met the most awesome woman in the world, she had back surgery also and deals with back and leg pain on a daily basis as I do. That's it in short, and all i want to say is don't give up, even though you think it can't get any worse, it always can, just look at the person who is worse off then you, and that is how i see things now. I have it so good compared to most of you and my heart goes out to those who feel desperate and have no where to turn. If my story has helped only 1 person, then it was worth the pain sitting here to type my story. Thanks for reading, and keep fighting, don't give in! Take care always


  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i am happy to hear you have fallen in love again. that is something we all need, love and support!! :X where are you right now with your pain? what meds or other treatments? good luck on your pain journey and keep us posted as you progress! Jenny :)
  • Thanks for the welcome, as for pain meds, i take only tylenol, but for sleeping i have to take sleeping pills, no matter what position, or how many pillows i use, lol. I saw a back speacialist yesterday, and i almost started crying, simply caused he listened. went for x-rays (flex.exten) for the first time. He wants me to do injections, but am not to sure on those, lol. Anyway thanks everyone for the warm welcome, and to be honest, i wish i would of found this site long ago!

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  • Hi Lucduke,

    Your story is sad with a warm twist. I wish you well and hope you find some friends and comfort on the boards as so many of us have.

    I know what you mean about a doctor that listened...I cried too - my doctor gave me the strangest of looks but it was the sheer relief that I need not suffer alone any longer. As for the solutions, well they are wide and varied and we are all trying to find the best ones for each of us. lol.
    Good Luck
  • I forgot about that until you both said something. I actually cried in front of the first doc that was compassionate enough to listen and offer some solutions for my pain. Don't know what he thought but I walked out of there with an enormous amount of hope. That hope probably carried me through all the surgeries, recovery times, etc. until I found this site.

    As I have said before, a compassionate doc is invaluable.
  • I also cried when the first doc that I found actually said that he knew what was wrong with me. BTW- He is my current PM. Welcome to SH licduke. Your story is awesome. We hear so many times about spouses not being able to handle the life with a chronic pain partner. this is the first time that I have heard that it had such a great outcome. Good luck to you and please post when you are able.
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  • A compassionate doctor very very very far and few between, when you find one, it is a great relief. Hang on to him/her and give them respect. They are like finding gold in todays society of doctors who think pateint roation instead of patient care, lol. But seriously that is what it's like in canada.
  • uh i mean she found me, hehe. She has brought me much support and love and care. It's been incredible, and everyday she proves to me how blessed i really am!
    PS She still put's me in my place when i need it, after all i am just a man with 13 brain cells! lol.
  • you have found your soulmate. If she is able to keep you in your place than she must be the right one for you! lol
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