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*waving Hello* Hi all..

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
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I've been a lurker around here for a bit now but figured I'd bite the bullet and introduce myself..I'm scheduled to have cervical fusion on October 2nd. Just over 2 weeks away..Although I must say I'm very scared and wavering on backing out and just living with the pain for the rest of my life. I have a platelet disorder that makes surgery complicated so I have to have a transfusion of platelets before the surgery and possibly during and after, as well as taking amicar 12 pills every 6 hours to prevent bleeding. Not exactly my idea of fun. And it's also the reason that I'm debating this surgery. I have tried other more conservative treatments for my injury ( which happened 2 years ago, car accident) but it seems I'm at the point of surgery.
I have 4 wonderful active children and I am weary of having this procedure during peak sports time for them. Anyway, I'm rambling...See you on the boards!


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    i dont think anyone really wants to go in for surgery. there are always so many factors that make you waver back and forth. the final decision regarding surgery is always up to you. what has your doctors told you in terms of surgery vs non-surgery. if you are dealing with cervical discs pressing on nerve roots, you open yourself up to prolonged nerve problems.
    the cervical acdf surgery is one of the more successful surgeries and always seems to have a quicker recovery period. i can understand your concern about your children's sport time and the impact it could have. no question if you
    go ahead with the surgery you are looking at about 7 weeks
    before you can really start to do things.
    discuss all your options with your doctor
  • Hi Ron!

    Maybe I was being a little niave, but I was hoping to be up and around in 2-3 weeks. Maybe not jumping up and down cheering but at least being at the games..1 plays football, 1 plays soccer, and 1 is a flag girl (don't tell her I called her that ) for her high school..I think I have went through the options with my Dr...I had the cervical epidural about 4 months ago, that helped for about 2 weeks..(but man it was a great 2 weeks!) I guess what's hardest for me is that the surgey is so far out.. If they had scheduled it then done it right away it would have been so much better.. But this waiting and's enough to drive someone crazy you know?
    Thank you for the welcome to the forum.. I'm sure whatever my decision, you guys will know about it.
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  • My doctor has told me that I will be able to go back to work pretty quickly. Say I get the surgery done on a wednesday I can go back to work the following Monday. No neck collars or braces, he says that is no good because your neck muscles need to be lept stronge to hold up your head. Also no therapy just he exercises he will have me do. As he said I will wake up to him in recovery and he will ask me how do you feel and then is the pain gone. He said after that he will start having me move me neck side to side back and forth. He said you can either start then and gt great motion or you can never do it and be stiff as a board.
    Of course going to work for me is easy I love my job problem is I have to drive 40 miles there and 40 back. Which I will be able to drive as well in just a few days after.
    I am really looking forward to being pain free!
    I am sick of being in painand taking pain killers!

  • and welcome to the forum. :H I've got cervical issues as well and currently going down the conservative path. There's tons of info on here and and a forum titled "Neck Pain: Cervical" which hopefully, you've found already. You should be able to get a lot of great support and advice there. :)))
  • Thanks everyone, I do realize that this is a serious surgery and I am taking my decision to have it seriously as well. The only thing I am sure of at this moment is that I am tired of being in pain. I have my pre-op next week and I plan on discussing a few things with my Dr. and we'll see.. I am definitely re-thinking this surgery because I'm scared to death..
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  • I had surgery last Dec 07 and was told that I would only be out of work for 1 week. I am still out of work. I do not know why docs will not prepare you for the worst but they do not. When making the decision for surgery, please keep in mind that surgery does not always help our pain and sometimes makes it worse. Good luck to both of you on whatever you decide. Please keep us posted.
  • I am a believe in my doctor and I know everything will be fine when I wake up. If it isn't I will make the best of it! You have to you have one life. LIVE IT!!! ;)

    I used to be so negative about everything but I have learned you can't be that way.

    Negativity is not a way of life. Be positive, that is the best route to go. Be happy!

    As the saying goes Misery loves company! Won't be getting company from me! :D
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