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Microdiscectomy REDO???

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Has anyone reherniated right after a microdiscectomy and had a redo? I reherniated 4 days after surgery at L4-5, confirmed today by an MRI. The surgeon says I have the same 85-90% possibility of success with a second surgery. Of course since I was in the 10% who reherniated the first time, that isn't making me feel any better.

I am worried I am heading down a slippery slope and yet I don't feel I have any option. I can't function with the level of pain/discomfort in standing, sitting and walking that I have now.

serious LBP since 1/08 (many bouts before)
MRI shows L4-5 herniation 7/08
ESI 7/08 no relief
Microdiscectomy 9/3/08
MRI 9/16/08 shows L4-5 herniation


  • 4 days is quick, you must be an over-achiever!

    I am really sorry to hear that you have to do it all over again, but you will get through just fine and I believe what your surgeon told you about the success rate.

    Take it easy this time... you can only have do-overs so many times then you get shiny new hardware!

    Best of Wishes,

  • How did you know that you had reherniated? Was there an acute pain? How did you feel after the surgery? Was the pain gone?

    I ask b/c I am having pain after my MicroD (6/08). I wonder if I've reherniated.
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  • What else have you done for the issue? What kinds of physical therapy? Have you tried Chiropractic a few days a week? Or cortisone injection?

    I wouldn't worry too much. MicroD is an easy surgery. Well, for me it was. Was like a cat scratch on my back and forget about it the next day. Lol. With minimally invasive surgery there is a lot less scar tissue resulting from surgery.... So even if you have another one there is nothing to lose, really. It's much better to attempt it again if your surgeon thinks you have enough disc left to do so, than to skip to something major right away.
  • so far so good - leg pain initially gone. Thanks, Lo, for your posts.The surgeon said there was still 80% of disc left after my 2nd micro today. He showed me the fragment he took out and said it was big. Now I am very nervous about ANY movement I make, so I need reassurance I will not reherniate again just because I am walking around and getting in and out of bed.

    51 years old, empty nester
    microdiscectomy L4-5 on 9/3/08
    redo of discectomy for reherniation of L4-5 on 9/17/08
  • I reherniated 5 days after surgery micro at 4/5. I p/u my son when he fell. Good O mothers instinct. Messed myself bad. I think it hurt worse the 2nd time around but that is just my opinion. I had surgery again 3 weeks after the first date. We wanted to see if the inflammation would go down by medrol dose pack, ibuprofen, and epidural. It didn't. Now after the 2nd surgery I have scar tissue and a new bulge that depending on what I do sends me the same sensations down my legs. Not as bad as before surgery and it is on activity related where the first one just did it all of the time. So I don't know your case but mine will never be better. Now I have severe degeneration in that disc from all of the herniations and the one above is the same. Surgery in 04 3/4 reherniations I don't know how long it really didn't bother me that bad but I didn't have that one fixed
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  • I have my discectomy procedure on L4/L5.. Now is 3 and half month post surgery and pain is getting back  and  bad.... 

    Doctor suggest to perform again the surgery...

    Is it risky or anyone experience this can share?

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