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was just prescribed Neurontin 300mg

Christina69CChristina69 Posts: 534
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I was just to the doctor for a recheck on my back and while I was there I told him about the pain Im having in my arm. He prescribed Neurontin 300mg, three times a day.
Has anyone else had this drug and if so what side effects if any did you get?

Thanks, Christina


  • Was on it for 2 weeks, never again. I was in lala land. Didn't feel right, my wife actually took the pills and dumped them because she said I was like a zombie.
  • And never felt any effects whatsoever from it. Didn't help the pain, but didn't have any side effects, either. It was like not taking anything at all.
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  • I was on it briefly, never had any side effects to speak of. My mom however, was like a zombie on it. Everyone re-acts so differently to meds. Good luck!
  • Christina, I was on neurontin for about a year and had real bad memory problems. I called it word search, like in the middle of a sentence you could not pull the word "year" from memory. It was really wierd. It helped my nerve pain so I did stay on it that long and then had a long talk with neurologist and decided to stop. On the other hand my father has taken larger doses for years. He has diabetic neuropothy and takes 1200mg 3x a day and he is sharp as a tack. Everyone is different good luck to you, like I said it did help the nerve pain I had.
  • it does something for the pain in my back at least. I had my PLIF on June 24th and have been having a little more pain lately than right after surgery. The surgeon says its from the muscles and nerves healing. He's thinking my arm is either totally unrelated or my neck starting to act up again. He also prescribed Motrin 600mg every 8 hours. Also Im taking percocet 10mg, 1 or 2 every four hours as needed and Flexeril 10mg every 8 hours as needed.
    I've never taken Neurotin before but have been on something similar and it made me extremely depressed to the point I weaned myself off it.
    I understand Motrin isnt suppose to betaken and my surgeon is well aware of this but says that if its taken in small bursts it wont hurt the fusion. Even so, I dont think I'll be taking too many of those.

    Christina :)
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  • for the reply :)

    Christina :)
  • Good luck with your upcoming surgery :)

    Christina >:D<
  • You know... I get that NOW... Today I couldn't think of simple words like... Contradict...And the others i can't even remember. I never noticed any other memory problems... but I totally get that word issue. It's weird cause I haven't taken Neurontin for a couple months now...
  • You are 2 weeks after me and I can relate. My PT chalked it up to more activity. Even today I went in and said how much my butt and leg ached. She did some deep massage and told me that because of the fusion, above and below work so much harder and the pain I was feeling today was swelling which was pressing on nerves that are still tender. I felt much better after, but I have taken a few percoset the last couple weeks and I had not taken any since 3 1/2 weeks post-op. I hope the neurontin helps you and take it easy.
  • I too, was almost off all pain meds before this flare up again. My surgeon said that the back pain was probably caused from me feeling better and pushing myself to do things that maybe I shouldnt be doing quite yet.
    I start PT next week and I am dreading it. Any time Ive had PT before they do everything except maybe give me a deep tissue massage which I think would work better than all the other things they try.
    Anyway, I hope your recovery is going along as well as you expected it to and you are now more pain free.

    Best Wishes,
    Christina :)
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