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I've seen people on here looking for 'good' stories who might be having upcoming surgery and nervous. Well, I've got one. I had surgery (ACDF 3 levels C4-C7 plus hardware) on Tuesday Sept. 16 at 7:30 am. As you can see today is the 18th (morning 48 hours later) and I'm feeling great!

I woke up in recovery for about a minute, then found myself in my room. I was relaxed, not too much pain, got Morphine IV push, no pump. Didn't need as much as I thought I would since I've been on heavy pain meds for years. Was up and visiting that afternoon. Had a full, liquid and soft dinner. Woke up that night a few times (still had the drain in my neck) and needed to go potty and get some meds. Doctor came in Wednesday morning after I had pancakes and bacon, took out the drainage tube, and WOW, almost no pain left at all. Went home that morning (just over 24 hours in the hospital total) feeling pretty darn good. Slept a little that day off and on, ate a ton of soft foods, watched TV and read. It's less that 48 hours since my surgery was complete, and I have to your fears. It's not nearly as bad a we let ourselves 'think'. Not to mention the arm, neck, shoulder pain are gone! The only pain I have, and it's MINOR is my throat, which should clear up in a day or two. No biggie. Easiest surgery I've had. Lots easier than giving birth, lol! Not all surgeries are created equal, but I have to give thanks that mine was surprisingly easy. I was terrified, and made up my mine to go in with a positive attitude, and here I am... ready to rock and! My best advice...think the best, great attitude, and no'll have great care and before you know it, you'll be back to your old self MINUS the pain! WOOHOO!!!


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    it is always so good to hear the success stories about spinal surgeries. for people that have read many of the different topics, you know that i have maintained a position that cervical acdf surgeries are some of the more successful ones and the recovery period is shorter and better than other spinal surgeries.
    i also totally agree that going into the surgery with a positive attitude provides you with a big edge that can help you along the way.
    just one word of caution! and that is coming from someone who understands this.... adhere to your limitations and restrictions. even when you start to feel better, just remember that you did have this surgery and do not overdo anything. i've experienced way too many flare ups and unnecessary pain because i didnt pay attention to my limits and i push too hard.
    it is always goo to hear the good stories!!
  • I just wanted to follow up and say that I'm bandage and neck brace free. Had my surgery Tuesday, bandage and brace off Friday, staples out next Thursday. Got my Bone Growth Stimulator today and took it for a test spin. Very cool device.

    I agree that yes, know and adhere to your limitations. We can all be supermen/women later when the timing is right (and our doctors say so, lol). I was so terrified of this surgery and my fears were put to rest quite quickly. I hope there are a lot more 'happy' stories out there. I'm looking at a 4 level lumbar next .... gulp. Heard that one's not so easy. I have Reiters Disease and DDD, etc ad nausuem, but I still have hopes to get my golf swing back!

    Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions and been so kind!
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  • Dupe, sorry! 8>
  • Katie,
    Thanks for sharing your story, I have to go in on Saturday for the same surgery and to say the least I'm nervous. After reading your story I feel much better.
    Thank you!!!

    Keisha :D
  • Hello and welcome! I am so happy that things went so well for you! As said before, don't be "fooled" by feeling good and doing too much!
    I had one level cervical fusion on July 31st and am now wearing a soft collar. I go to the doctor's today; hopefully I can start getting rid of it! Glad things are going well for you!
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  • Katie, I just have to say it again...Thank you! On Oct. 21 I'm having the exact same surgery and am alternately nervous and excited. I, too, have a great attitude about my upcoming surgery and it's sooooo nice to hear such a fantastic outcome. I will get on this forum a few days after mine and repeat exactly what you said! WOOHOO! 8>

  • I had my surgery Saturday morning. Everything went as planned and all of the pain I had before surgery are all gone. I'm having a little problem with my throat and being tried, but other than that everything is great! Thanks for all of your support.
    Keisha =D>
  • I can see how things could go down hill if I do to much. I will really watch what I do and take it easy.

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