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Sept-3rd 2 level ACDF C 4-6. feeling NOT rejuvinated and fatigued. Need suggestion and support???

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Hey everyone.

Well I had my first post op on Tuesday, and the doc says all is great and I look great, but I did mention to him I was feeling really tired and not resting enough. i asked if it would be ok if I took a day off from the walking? He really balked at the idea and said no laying around oyu need to keep moving.
Here is the thing I went from doing nothing to moving around and walking which it has been a lon long time since I have done this amount of activity.

If I was a healthy perso who just stared to go to the gym I would work out a few days and then skip a day so my body could rejuvinate, but that is ot the case here and every day I am feeling more and more fatigued.

On top of that there is all this meication prescribing mishap that has seemed to been miscomunicated and it is jut to much to explain, but I am now out of my valium and have been for ....well I took the last one yesterday morning.
I am having huge amounts of stress over this issue and hope they get it worked out because I started to take valium 2 months before surgery about 1 5mg tablet a day every day even still that was barely enough to help. After surgery they prescribed me valium every 4 hours as needed and I was averaging about 2-4 5 mg tabs a day and now they are gone and everything is a mess. i am well aware that this is not a medication to abruptly stop and seziures among other consequences are weighing on my mong. Not to mention I am haveing now even more pain and spasms that are not controled. I am in the provess of weighting for the surgeons office to call me and if I do not hear from them 1/2 hour after their call center is open I am going to get right on the phone.

I also woke this morning feeling very very muscle achey and fatigued and I have a sore throat that might be from a cold or from sleeping with my mouth open becasue since suregy I use my wedge pillow to sleep...which I love, but I am a normal side sleeper.

Do you all think that I should slow down? I feel I am on my feet for to many hours a day and unable to get myself to STOP dinking around and rest religously at least
1/2-- to -- 1hour about 3 times daily.

I can not drive so I am not out and about. but I do have one college course I take 1 day a week for aabout 2 hours with a break in ther, but I have home work...mostly reading which seems that I can only read when I am sitting and that caouses me just as much pain as doing it while sitting with the text book on an easle.

Over-doing it is not something I want to do! I feel like my body could benefit from a day of now walking is this a NONO :S :/ . I want my fusion process to come out as good as it possibly can. Does the walking help to promote fusion? I know it is good for the strengthening of the muscles.

I live alone so I am the one who has to water my tiny yard which does not require me to drag a hose I han turn the water on sit and spry everythin from one place and that is sufecient. I have to cook my own meals which are somewhat easy. Salads and steamed vegi's whole weat noodle and bread and occassional chiken which is cooked so I have a leftover.

OK I have rambledenough and need to call the docs office to see when they start taking calls.



  • I am here for you. I felt like crap the 2nd week after surgery. Yes walking is good, I would tell someone if I went for a walk so if I did not come back come look for me. I live in a development so there is usually a neighbor out. My first walks where to the mail box which was only about 100 yards away. Take it slow and do not rush anything it will get better. I have driven twice now and it makes my left shoulder hurt so I will ask the doctor on friday. Remember I am wishing you a speedy recovery
  • I am so terribly sorry you are having so much fatigue!!! Believe me I know the feeling all to well. I am 8 weeks post op now and I swear the past few weeks have been horrible for me. I feel more fatigued now than I did maybe 4-5 weeks ago. As for your doctor balking at the idea of you maybe skipping a day of walking only ou know your body so listen to it. I mean yes walking is good for you now, but you also have to learn when to listen to your body. From the sound of it I say your body is screaming at you right now saying, "LAY DOWN FOR AWHILE CHRISSY!!!!". Hun you have to rest too in order to help the recovery process!!!! >:D<
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  • Hi Chrissy! Sorry to hear about your stress,fatigue you are dealing with. I am not a doctor but I would say listen to your body as well. If you feel like you need to rest a bit it might not be a bad idea!

    I hope you feel better over all soon! I have no idea what I will feel like post op or what the doctor will say to do. I'll know soon enough tho!

    We're here for ya!

    Ken GreyEagle
  • Hey thanks for the replies.

    I got the medication thing figured out! The pharmacist...bless her heart...
    I had called her to ask if she thought that the dosages I was on could cause me to have some type of withdrawl smptoms and I explained I felt nausiate and that I actually retched up one dosage of my regualr pain meds. I know sorry obout the graphics. Anyway I explained about the agreement I was told the docs had and that my PM would do nothing untill he had some pain discharge papaer form the surgeon. So later the PM called back and tolf me they had every thing and they were faxing the script over. I sent a friend to get it and it was all I had ever asked for to gegin with ...just enough to make it to the PM's appt. on Monday. I am so irriateed at the surgeons office for letting the abrupt stoppage of that medication take place and I feel it was totally wrong...but that is a whole other post.

    I woke in the middle of the night feeling terrible---soar throat and achey. I took my temp and it was surpizingly low..96.6..I went back to sleep and woke the dame way. I just gneerally feel totally worn out and now achey on tip of eeyting else. I hope I am not catching a bug of some kind.

  • I too think your body is screaming at you to slow down. You have just gone through a major surgery and your body needs rest to heal. however, you do need to putter around and go for a daily walk, especially if your doctor has recommended this. Even if you just get up and walk around your house for a couple of minutes at a time, moving around will help you with your recovery. Also, you are only 2 weeks out from surgery, so you could still be having muscle spasming going on. That is why you need the valium, not for anxiety, but for muscle spasms.

    Pop in a good movie and just take it easy today. Be sure to have some soothing drinks for your throat, and hopefully you will feel better tomorrow.


    Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!
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  • My family doc put me on trazadone to help me sleep at night it does wonders.The NS said that was ok because a lot of people have anxieties after surgery. Maybe you could ask your family doctor about that. I think trazadone is better then sleeping pills.
  • I did take it easier yesterday. I also took a big long nap in the middle of the day!

    Something else I did was shorten the distance of my walks. I did 1/2 mile early in the day before 9 am, and then one in the afternoon after my nap.
    Other than that I had the valium for my spasms and was no longer feeling nausiated stc.

    I truly believe the soar throst is a combo of the new snoring thing I have been doing and this bush called Rabbit Brush that blooms this time of year. I started to use my nose spray again when needed.

    The fatigue I guess is something that just comes with the territory and will stick around for some time is this correct???

    Right after surgery the pain between my shoulder blades went away and now I am feeling it again mostly when I get up in the morning. Next time I see the doc (the surgeon)I will discuss this with him. Also I am so happy to go back to my PM because he understands my Pain management needs, and he knows me and my body.

    Something else I have been feeling is some right sided neck pain right bout the levels that were fused. Now they did take an X-ray and everything looked great. Do you think this is just how my body is recovering? All the nerves and muscles they need to cut threw to get to the discs?

    My swallowing issues are almost gone, but on an occasion I will still choke on a seeminly soft inchokeable item...usually I get it taken care of without any big fuss.

    Today I will venture out of my home for 1 hour and that is going to take the place of my morning walk. I am an addict and alcoholic and I just celebrated 4 years of continuous sobriety on the 9th of September and I have only been to one meeting since my I feel I need to plug in and get connected today...

    Right now I do not want to do anything to jepordise anything my surgeon has done!!

  • Chrissy,
    The feeling tired will go away with time. It was a major surgery wheather we like to look at it that way or not. Your body will let you know if you are overdoing things. I am 6 months out from my last surgery and PT still kicks my butt. Being 3 weeks out from surgery I would think that yur nerves and muscles are still trying to get back to normal, that could explain the right side neck issues, but you can always the doctor about it. Congrats on the 4 years of being sober, that is something to be proud of, I have been sober for just about 15(nov). Take it easy and keep up the good work.
  • Thanks Mark!!! :)

    I had the worst time trying to sleep last night! I just could not get comfortable and I kept having to go to the potty. Nothing bad just drank alot of fluids yesterday.

    When I have been sleeping on my back, which is ever since surgery, I have been catching myself snorring....did this happen to anyone else? I do not usually snore and I am a traditional right sided sleeper.
    I think this is partly why I have the scratchy throat in the morning or after a nap lately.

    Thank God I am now officially transferred back to PM. I will see him on Monday. This is a huge stress relief off of my back as I know I am in good hands with my PM. I am also considering trying to switch to something a bit less stronger than the valium. Now that I am sown to 2 a day since the prescription mishap.

    If I do not get much response to this question here I may need to post it as a new thread.

    If I can get by right now while in my hard aspen collar with less meds what is going to happen when I start to have the soft collar and begin PT???

    How long do docs usually send you to PT after a 2 level ACDF???

    What kinds of stuff do they make you do???

    I am just concerned that if I were to go down on the meds now that when the PT starts I will not be covered enough.

    Has anyone gone down on the pain meds and then had to go back up after the PT began??

    If I had one wish it would be to not have to take any pain meds or muscle relaxers...I am sure we all feel that

    My Mom and Dad are coming up today. My Mom will stay a few days to take me to my appointments and take me grocery shopping etc, but my Dad will only stay long enough to Drop off some Better furniture for my Moms bedroom here. He will return home to the ranch to take care of the many horses and other pets while mom stays to help me.

    I do know the more active with the walking the better, and maybe the reason I did not sleep that well last night is my body is feeling better even though I still think it is needing more rest. Still trying to find the balance without overdoing it.


  • Chrissy,
    In my case.

    How long do docs usually send you to PT after a 2 level ACDF???
    I found out that this is usually insurance driven, mine for example gives me 20 visits a year reguardless of the number of surgeries. Thankfully my OS, they also have a PT section has let me go for the last 2 months, twice a week without charging me, if he wasn't doing that I would not be able to go since I am not bringing in any income. The WC battle is just about over, not going into that on the board...

    What kinds of stuff do they make you do???
    Most of the first few visits were stretching, turning your head left and right, up and down and side to side. They also have you lift your arms up to shoulder level and back down. Slowly they may add a pound or two to that one. I also did work with bands, they had me doing pull downs and rowing like motions. It is probably different, much like doctors treat us different.

    Good Luck
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