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I have been in pain for 4 months...I am heathy and 39 yrs old .My Dr was useless. I went to the Chiropractor, Physio, and massage. The pain in my right buttock and down my leg it getting unbearable. Yesterday I went to a clinic...with hopes someone would take pity on me and help...well it did..a wonderful Dr examined me and said...Oh need a neurologist .. I live in Canada so I know this would take several months...3 hours after returning home from the clinic...I had an appointment the next mourning...with the neurologist. The Dr said the pain in my buttock and down the leg is common with a pinched nerve...but both my feet tingle...??..and I am constipated...on no med's unless I can't take it any more... no codeine so it can't be that...I really need some one who understands to talk to Please...I am so scared because the Dr's are moving so fast. Thanks Dee


  • This kind of thing is scary, no matter how fast or slow the dr's work. Did he tell you anything else? Other than a pinched nerve? As for the constipation, yes believe it or not your back can have an affect on such things. Did you mention this to your dr? It could be part of the reason they are moving so fast.

    You have come to the right place for support and help. I have found everyone on this site to be so understanding of what I go through on a day to day basis. The support and information I have gained from this site is invaluable!!

    I don't know if I can explain anything to you, but if you just simply need someone to talk to, feel free to sent me a PM. >:D<
  • Welcome to spine-health,have you had a mri or any test to see what is the cause of your back pain?
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  • Can really make our mind run wild. As hard as it may be to do you need to try not to worry until you know that you have something to worry about. Look at the bright side, maybe you are on the fast track to being pain free! I really do understand how scary it can be but stress will actually make the pain worse and you really will not know if there is much to worry about until you see the doc. We will be here to encourage and to support you through the whole thing. You are not alone. Please keep us posted.
  • I don't think the constipation could be a reason to make the doc's moving fast.Loss of bladder/bowel control would be that reason.It is considered emergency.Try to calm down,try some ice,eat a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water.You need
    to get rid of the constipation,because it could increase the pressure on the spine which in turn would increase the pain.
    Hope you feel better and welcome!

  • Dee and welcome to SH. Have the docs scheduled any tests yet or will they do that at next appt? I'm with painintheback...maybe you are on a fast-track to some relief. Good luck.
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  • dee- welcome to forum. It sounds like the drs are trying to find the source of the problem and find ways to help treat the back/leg pain quickly. Have you had any tests yet or does that happen later? But I hope you get some answers soon...take care..jade
  • Welcome to Spine Health. That's excellent that you were able to walk in and have someone help you and get the ball rolling. Very very cool!

    As far as the constipation, well it could be any number of things. One of the more common things is inactivity, dehydration and diet. When we hurt like crazy, we tend to move around a lot less, eat less or eat premade meals and drink far less water because we hate having to get up and go to the bathroom. All of those add up quickly to constipation. It also hurts to strain when using the bathroom so then we tend to back off.

    Evaluate your situation and see if you can find the common denominator.

    Let us know how it goes with the neurologist!

  • Im glad you found this site, im sure just being here with all us people having similar problems, and pain will help in many diff ways. nerves all by itself will cause belly problems, I use CALM its a type of magnesium, it taste good and works fast. even just a magnesium vit. will help, you cant take to much well to much will just give you diarrhea then just back off a little with it. well i just want to welcome you and wish you luck!

    hey c I love your new avatar!! do you scuba? or used to?
    blowing good wishhes across the world to all of you. patsy
  • Patsy,

    Yes I still do scuba dive although my SCS limits my depth and my shoulders limit the gear. :-(

    However, dangit, I am still diving and filming!

    Not trying to hijack your thread Dee.

  • I used to scuba dive, i wish i still could.. It always made me feel like i was in a different world. It was a sad day when i sold all my gear.. but i have my pictures and memories.

    thanx dee in advance for are hijack we can finish in private..
    lots of smile ...patsy
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