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When should you see fusion starting?



  • I was just hoping to see a tiny speck of new white bone growth at my 6 week appointment in 2 weeks. Just to make sure the body accepted it. We will see. I just wanted to know what is "typicall". I understand fusion starting is a huge difference between being fused.

    Thanks all,
  • I had an x-ray at 6 weeks and it showed nothing but as I was told to expect 6 months I didn't worry.
    Then at 12 weeks I was not so hot and Dr ordered a CT scan where we could see the astart of the fusion. He did say he would n't have seen it on an X-ray.
    So that was a good sign even though I was having problems.

    Next CT is in 4 weeks so I will be 24 weeks by them and looking forward to seeing the difference.
    I also had the BMP which stimulates bone growth so that could be why it was showing.

    Stay patient (dont you just hate that) :))(

    Sara O:)
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  • hi sweetie,
    in my personal opinion and from reading so much, there is NO "typical" time.
    you were right in saying everyone is different.
    i spoke with alot of nurses in the ortho unit in my 3 day stay. not one person fuses the same. some may start seeing a tiny bit at a week, some do not start to really see anything up to 6 months like mentioned in a above post.
    just keep doing what your doing.
    only exercise (walk) as much as your body allows. hey if its only 10 minutes then thats what it will be.

    this is my second time around and well we won't know anything for awhile since i just got home. i do know the bone graft is much more painful this time then the last. WHY I HAVE NO CLUE :? they took it from the left side of the iliac crest instead of my right side which iv had twice , 1 for my cervical and 1 for the last spinal fusion in 07. right now i want to pull my leg off. i try so hard to get up and walk around the house. today will be my first official walk outside. i have to use the walker this time as i have no choice. dr hates them but heyyyy. my body not his.

    so just give it time. it can take forever for alot of people. fusing fully is rare like Ellen has mentioned before in some of her postings. so just goes to show how we are all different.
    my neck fusion was 6 months totally fused. i guess there was some fusing in my right side of my 07 fusion. i could of waited it out even longer he said, but im not a patient person. SO I WENT FOR IT AGAIN ;)
    sorry for the rambling. but i am only a couple days out, in tons of pain and well trying to keep my mind off of it by TALKING :D which hubby is sick of already he is kinda mentally blocking out my conversations =)) =)) BRAT :P

    if course you already know if new pain arises that you never had before that is out of the "norm" for healing call, call, call!!! as we cannot see inside our bodies without those lovely xray machines.

    i forgot all about asking for the bone stim. i think i will call monday. even though my doc is out hunting elk somewhere !! how dare he =; mabye one of the NP's or other docs will RX one. im just curious (seriously how much they really work in advancing the growth).

    hang in there!!!!!
    hugs from the rambling poster :D
  • Thanks TerriJV. I have only had one xray and of course didnt expect anything to show at that point.
    I am really trying to keep my cool but getting so antsy,lol.

  • I saw fusion starting at my 8-week checkup. The surgeon's PA pointed out what he called "the cloud" around the spine at the fusion site. He said that was the bone starting to fuse. At every visit since, it has been more dense. I go back for my 6-month checkup on Oct 2, and expect to see solid bone. During the last 3-4 weeks, I have felt much more stable, like fusing is happening quickly.

    Keep walking lots and doing what your PT tells you to do. I think it helps!
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