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Update on leg shaving fiasco



  • Lo..hope this is nothing major. It was great they got you in so fast. But you know your body didn't think something was right and you let the doctor know. Good luck.

  • that's what scares me the most: how easy it is to screw-up your back. I've read on here of members just doing the simplest of things, things they have done a million times before, but this time there is a "pop" or something similar.
    Nothing dramatic, no weight lifting, just something simple.
    Good luck with MRI and prognosis.
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  • Thanks a ton! You guys are the BEST :)

    I will def update and let everyone know how it goes on Monday. I am hoping I just aggravated the nerve, and nothing has actually changed back there. Could be!

    Thanks again :)

    Kin, thanks for the suggestion! I will have to find a way... I am such a weirdo about hairy legs. Damn OCD. Lol. I have an issue with anything on my right side... Jewelry, shots, blood work, etc... Drives me nuts. My Sciatica is in my right leg. You'd think I'd have conquered that fear by now! Haha

  • THAT is a great idea!!!!

    I hope your surgery goes well :( It's a big one!!
  • guess I wont be shaving my legs either........ my wife will be upset

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  • Your post made me laugh out loud and it made my sore throat hurt even more.

    I blame you!!! ;)
  • I tried sitting on the side of the tub and shaving that way (with a cup to use to help get water where it needed to go), and it took forever. Lo, I can TOTALLY see how you could hurt your back. I was extra careful after reading your post, and even then I was having to stop myself. We become pretzels when we shave our legs!

    Our hearts go out to you, Lo. It could be any one of us in your shoes right now. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
  • Thank you :) That means a lot to me.

    I use a cup, too! Lol. I thought I was the only one who shaved like that. Lol. Ugh, I know. Shaving legs is not easy. Guys have no idea... Shaving your face is so much simpler! The way you have to like bend or try to reach under or over to get around is like... Ridiculous. Hah.
  • hi lo,
    i hope ur MRI comes back without anything wrong with it.
    i just let my legs go.
    plus using a electric razor is much easier.
    after surgery well ya just kinda deal till you feel well enough to sit on the edge of the bed like me and put my leg on the dresser (bed sits up high) it took a long time but got done..
    OR nair, nair , nair , nair =))

    another trick tape the razor to a long wooden spoon. i know sounds weird. forgot who came up with that last year??? amber mabye.. who knows but it worked :D
    anyways i know it bothers some people, but hey this chicka could care less what they look like now that its going toward the end of sept..

    good luck again on that MRI scan ;)
  • Hehe. Never even thought of Nair! Or taping a razor to a spoon, or using an electric razor. Wow. You are like a gold mine of good ideas! Thank you very, very much. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

    I genuinely hope I can have the same positive attitude after surgery as you do :)

    Thank you for the well wishes :)
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