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Hospital Experiences?



  • I'm in Richmond, VA. Great hospitals!
  • I really appreciate your info! It's great to see things through a nurse's eyes. Do you have any advice or tips for those of us non-medical people who may be facing surgery? Any DOs and DON'Ts maybe?

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  • Haylie, I would say to make sure you always treat your nurse with patience and appreciation. Granted, there are times when care is lacking and patients are getting frustrated. But I know as a nurse, no one wants the complaining, dissatified patient. So even when it may be sucking, smile and say thankyou. You will get better care than offering up a lot of complaints. I read on here once a Spiney took bags of chocolate and offered them to all who entered her room, different approach, but I think it helps if your nurse feels appreciated. Nursing can be a thankless job at times, and nurses are getting pulled in all directions from their many patients. I took my nurses See's candy and a card after I was back to driving to show my appreciation. Anyway, just my thoughts, Sue
  • That is a great idea! I was sure to be nice to everyone who came into my room because I know from dating a male RN how much they have to endure. You all handle so much, and you not only put up with patients who are in pain and are venting all over you, but you also have to put up with doctors who aren't always kind or appreciative! Thanks again for a behind-the-scenes view of the hospital.

  • Overall rate my hospital experience 9 out of 10.
    BTW,I'm also a medical professional(MD)have been practicing a surgical subspecialty for 25 years...however I was unfamiliar with spine disease and surgery until I underwent it!
    My procedure occurred at 7 p.m.It was not at the hospital where I usually work although I worked there from 1992 to 2000.
    So it was very quiet in the pre op and recovery areas.
    Pre op nurses were superb and helped relieve my anxiety as i had a long wait for surgery.
    My IPOD was very helpful in relaxing and made the time passage easier.
    Luckily I knew the MDA(anesthesiologist).His very youg nurse anesthestist skillfully inserted my iv...
    immediate post op care was very good.monitoring was performed attentively.
    I went to the floor to a private room.Don't recall much of the initial few hours there due to the iv morphine.
    what I'll NEVER forget was the extremely painful urinary catheter insertion!!!
    the morning shift nurses were subpar and forgot my request for relieving a very intense migraine headache.
    Overall it was more than I expected in quality.The ward is spine specific and there were 45 other spine surgery patients that day!
    I think such a super specialized facility dedicated to just spine surgery is the reason the experience and quality is so good.This is true in almost all other disciplines in medicine .
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  • Thank you so much for your post! You provide a great perspective. Do you have suggestions or even pet-peeves you would share with us about patients and hospital staff? Also, what did you do/are you doing with your recovery time to keep your mind busy? The hardest part for me (lawyer) has been the down time where I can't sit for long and I tire so easily. As well as the anxiety involved before the surgery (and after).

  • Haylie:
    Well I've worked in hospitals for about 31 years and it would prob take a book to describe all but here are a few of my personal observations.
    most health care professionals I think are very caring and concerned about the patients well being.There's always the "bad apples"
    A lot of the problems arise when there is not enough staff available or when they are overtired from lack of sleep and support.
    It's hard to be polite when you are in pain but this will help the reaction you get.
    you should not hold back questions even if you think they are honest and cooperative to the staff.
    Sometimes having too many visitors at once can be real disruptive to staff.
    Just my 2 cents....
  • Well I would rate my stay as 5/10. I definately got more sleep on the maternity ward 12 years ago. Before the op I was advised 1 in 30000 people become blind due to the position they lie you in on your front during the procedure, this really scared me so when I came round in the recovery room as I was on a lot of morphine everything was blurry, I could see outlines of things and colours and actualloy freaked, but finally the nurses reassured me it was the morphine and promptly gave me some more!!! Thn on the ward they gave me a bedpan, 20 mins later I buzzed them and asked if I could be helped to the toilet as felt I needed gravity to go, (I had a very full bladder at the time and was desparate but my brain didnt seem to want to engage with down below!!) they said I woud have to wait for Physio to come round and show me how to get out of bed, it roll out, so then 40 mins later Physio appeared at my bed, rolled me off and sat me on a commode with my curtains drawn round my bed!!! Was positive people would hear me, anyway, sat there for another 20 mins in pain while my brain started engaging with the rest of my body. Would have been nice to have had this explained to me. Then there was a woman on my ward with unknown diagnosis and she had been there for 13 weeks, as much as I felt sorry for her being in there all that time the nurse that worked the morning shift obviously had befriended her and whatever this patient wanted, the nurse would drop everything and get her what she needed, I did feel like a second rate patient in there come the end. They were always over half an hour keeping you waiting for your meds when you asked for them (bearing in mind I had held on with regard topain until it really hurt!!!) ~I was just relived to go home to catch up on my sleep in the end. Other than that I would like to say I think the nurses did the best they could, and I did appreciate them especially when I projectile vomitted in the bathroom after my body disagreed with some meds. Felt they were understaffed and had so much to do between so few of them during each shift. We had 1 Matron to 2 wards (each ward had 12 beds in it) and 2 nurses per ward also.
  • Now that I am a bit more with it then when I answered last night when I got home. I should of waited.
    I still keep my number as high.
    My surgeon was behind. I had three nurses trying to start IV's and keep me smiling. Finally by 11 (orginal time) I got a major headache and back pain. They rushed me asap to the OR holding area, where I was given dilidud and versad.
    Next I knew I was in the OR. I had a nurse come over rub my arm telling me all would be ok.
    I got to recovery. My only symptom was burning pain and nausea.
    They pumped me with nausea meds until it went away.
    Then I went to my room. I had a nurse in there every 15 min or so for the first few hours.
    I had a cath in so I did not need the bathroom. Plus a pcp so I did not need meds given to me every 4 hrs.
    Anytime I did need something as in ice, pillows, water they were there in 3 minutes or less.
    Iv learned over many of years that it depends on how much staff is on for the day/night. You would not believe how many people call in and are pulled from other floors.
    Even after the cath was out on Fri morning, they were right there to bring me to the bathroom and right there when I put the light on.
    They all let me take my time getting into bed. NO ONE pulled or pushed on me to get in faster.
    I even had a nurse add me to her myspace!! :D She was a doll baby.
    Even thought the hospital I go to is old, and needs alot of updates I have always been happy with treatment.
    Your always once in awhile get that nurse who has put to many hours in and is totally tired, or they are being over worked. It does happen.

    So I hope if you ever go in again you have a better experience. Fingers crossed you do not.

    Take care
  • My hospital stay was pretty good. My surgeon recommended a private doctor owned hospital that opened a little over a year ago. Since I didnt have any other major health concerns this was his recommendation. The have an ICU, ER, MRI, etc. Just like the the big hospitals. I was about 3 miles from a region trauma center too.

    The day I arrived I was 1 of 2 patients on the floor, with 3 nurses and an aide. All rooms were private with walk in showers, fold out bed for a visitor, LCD TV and cabinetry for all medical supplies. In the surgery suite I was the only patient of the day and was called to come in early if I could. Only 1 day were there more than 3 patients on the floor with the same 3 nurses and an aide. They said the most patients they have had overnight is 10. Needless to say, when I rang the bell they came promptly.

    They were kind of clueless when it came to appropriate transfers and restrictions which made my doctor a little peeved. I am an OT and was constantly telling them what to do. The PT on call was great and quickly straightened them out. Food was made to order, lol. With me being the only patient most days I got what I wanted, not that I was hungry. I was very happy with the responses I got to questions and was constantly informed of changes.

    Ok, yes, I think I got really spoiled!!!! I guess I lucked out. It means so much to be comfortable and cared for after such a major procedure. Thumbs Up to my hospital.

    Any one considering surgery in the NE PA area feel free to PM me and I will tell you more.

    Take Care,
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