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My NS visit today-wants to schedule surgery

grandmesamomggrandmesamom Posts: 181
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Good evening to all. i saw the NS today for results of the cervical mylo i had last week. He tells me that it doesnt look bad and it's a mystery to him why i have the radiculapathy.The Radiologist reads the Ct scan as a C5 C6 ventral disc herniation with osteophytes causing epidural compression.My MRI was read that I had moderate cervical stenosis. The EMG shows severe C7 denervation. I don't understand how this severe weakness in my arm continues to mystify this NS. He did tell me though that he thought my best bet would be a foraminotomy.How can you justify surgery when he continues to insist that the films are normal?. He even told me that results of EMGs are not often reliable. I asked him if the surgery will help and he replies"I hope so"
So as you can see I have lost confidence in this NS who is suppose to be the best. I will pay for a second opinion out of my own pocket. The big problem now is that I have HMO and they will only allow me to see this MD. My other option the NS gave me was to live with the pain and weakness.I don't think I want to do this as my symptoms are not improving and i feel my legs are becoming involved. I am a hostage trapped in a HMO nightmare! Thoughts from anyone??
Thanks, bethy


  • Good catch on the interpretations from different sources. I would have zero faith in the NS as well based upon what you just said; "I hope so" does NOT relay a sense of competency to me either

    If any post I have read in a while screams second opinion AND new NS/OS, this one does.

    Hope you come to a decision and let us know what you do decide.

    We're here for ya,
  • saying that this NS is the only one that your HMO will cover? I would call the HMO and tell them the scoop and let them know that you are not comfortable with this doc. Surely there is someone else that they will let you see.
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  • All I can say is QUACK. Lets see if you take your car in for new brakes and the mechanic say I hope your car would stop afterwards would you get your brakes done there? Nope Good luck Beth I am here for you. >:D<
  • srtayl said:
    If any post I have read in a while screams second opinion AND new NS/OS, this one does.

    I cannot agree with you more!


    To play devil's advocate here. If a doc was still unconvinced that the results of the diagnostic tests were accurate, might he not say "I hope so" when asked if this will take care of the problem.

    In other words "I hope so" spoken in the manner you would say when wondering if an investment is the right one to put your life savings into.


    "I hope so" spoken as when you are wondering if you have enough gas left in the tank to make it to the next gas station.

    If this doc is as reputable as bethy says he is, I just can't figure out why he would chose to not fill up the gas tank before leaving on a trip.

    But I agree, a c-spine operation is not something you want to gamble on, as to which meaning of "I hope so" is being used.


  • Hello there, I say to get the second opinion with a Spine SPecialist if there is one around and it is possible. If your paying for it maybe you have a teaching facility around you or a Spine specailist group of docs, that you can choose from.

    It is important to feel comfortable with the surgeon who will be perfoming your operation if this is what is to come later down the road for you.

    I also like the suggestion of call your insurance and letting them know how you felt.

    Please fell free to PM me anytime for support.

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  • Yes, they say he is the only one contracted with this HMO provider group. When I called the HMO, they stated that they will not get involved in disputes between DR and patient. I kind of got the impression to take it or leave it regarding this Dr. I have an appointment scheduled on 9/25 to see a top orthopedic specialist in Chicago who does only necks. I will pay for his opinion and take it from there. My internist thinks i should stick with a NS and not go to a Ortho.
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