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2 more questions - 16 days post-op

HaylieCatOwnerHHaylieCatOwner Posts: 117
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I hope I am not turning into the Question Lady, but I have some questions. First, what are you doing with your incision after the dressing comes off? My scar is right where everything hits it--shirts, pants, undies. I have been taping a piece of padding over it to keep things from rubbing on the incision scar. But the tape itches like crazy. What are you all doing?

The second question I have involves the anethesiologist. He asked me before the surgery if I had any dental plates. I am still curious as to why he asked that and what exactly was involved in the anethesia process. I woke up from the surgery with a sore on the inside of mouth and my voice was horse. What is the process exactly for anethesia?

Bonus question! I have my post-op (L5, S1 Microdiscectomy) appointment with my NS on Thursday... What all will that entail?




  • Your throat hurts from the tubes they sick down your throat during surgery. That is normal. My doc told me to leave my incision open (my brace covers it but no dressings)-I put antibiotic cream on it to help with the itching.
  • Like the previous post, they intubate you doing surgery and give you meds to keep you out.
    As far as the incision goes.. every surgeon's directions are different... Itching is a sign of healing! :) I wouldnt think keeping it moist for very long would be a good idea... but call Monday am to your NS and ask how they want you to care for it, K?
    Take care of you!
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  • I did nothing with my incision. I wear sweatpants (no undies) and try to keep the elastic waistline below the incision when laying down or sitting. When walking, it is not an issue and the waistband is in its usual location, over the incision.

    The anesthesiologist would have asked about dental plates because some people, when coming out of anesthesia, bite down hard. The force is enough that it can damage teeth or a dental plate. Everyone else covered the reasons for a sore throat.
  • After my microD I actually got different instructions from 2 nurses, one said to leave it uncovered after 48 hours and the other put a big dressing over it just as I was leaving the hospital, 2 days after the op....

    I left that on until after my shower the next day and once it was off I left it uncovered and to be honest it felt better having some air around it.

    I had staples rather than stitches and they were super itchy. It was hard to get the waistband of anything to feel comfy, soft jogging pants with a high waistband or yoga pants with the waist rolled down were my preferred option. A hard material like denim was the worst, so I left off the jeans for a while.

    My scar really itched a lot until the staples came out after a week and then it was a bit better. Some days the itch was worse than others, but I took it to be a good sign of healing.

    The scar gives me no trouble now and has healed really well.

    Good luck for your NS check, I didn't really ask much apart from whether the pain in my right leg would resolve (the op fixed the left), the Doc wanted to wait and see for 3 months before he did another surgery, but I am glad to say it has sorted itself out with pilates and time.

    Take care

  • The itching could possibly be from the tape from the dressing. Drove me up the walls until the dressing was removed for good. Also, my surgeon told me to put absolutely nothing on the incision. It healed up beautifully.
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  • As everyone else covered the questions of dental and throst -- For the itching, please DO NOT use any kind of itch relief (hydrocortisone, benadryl, etc0.... these topos will cause problems with the wound as it heals.

    Moistening occassionally should be just fine, but as others have pointed out, the itching is actually a good sign. As for undies etc, I wear undies and keep tem down below the incision point nd I wear sweats without tying them and let the ride along my back where they may -- the pressure is not of consequence.

    Best wishes to you,
  • Before my PLIF I picked up some mens 'wifebeater' long undershirts. I'm fairly tall myself (5'11) and the shirts went down past my butt. This was I didnt need to cover up the incision with anything. I would tuck the undershirt under my panties, my pants which kept the waistbands of each from rubing against them. Trust me it works perfectly.

    The anethesiologist asks you about dental plates because if you had them he would have had to remove them prior to surgery so they wouldnt be in the way.

    On your first doctors visit they'll probably take x-rays t make sure the instrumentaion is still in place and looking good. They ask you about what level of pain youre in and ask you if youve been having any problems.

    Good Luck WIth Your Doctors APpointment,
    CHristina :)
  • I went home with steri-strips only with instructions to leave incision open to air, okay to shower with incision uncovered, remove steri-strips on post-op day 10. It was very itchy, but now is well healed and doesn't itch anymore. Yoga pants wit soft waste are the best. My incision goes to low to put them below it. Every doctor is different so check with him, perhalps your discharge instructions from the hospital have something written regarding wound care.

    Regarding the anesthiologist, I think they ask about plates cause some people have partials, etc that could be dislodged and you could choke on them. Also sometimes while intubating you, they accidentally apply pressure to your teeth, so could knock a crown loose. They will be extra careful if they know you have them. I too had a sore throat and felt like I had a frog in my throat that I couldn't cough loose for like 2 weeks.

    Your appointment is to check on your progress, check you incision, update your activity restrictions, etc. Write down your questions and bring them with you. Good luck, Sue
  • I would use the like 4x6 bandages at first just so the tape wouldn't be anywhere near my incision but way out to the sides. I used cloth tape, the clear kind didn't stay down and some of it adheres too well and peeled my skin off. I used Hydrogen peroxide everytime I got out of the shower and then used a blow dryer on low heat on the incision to make sure it was dry before bandaging. As things got better, I used smaller and smaller pieces of surgical bandages, cutting them with scissors however I needed. I had a small hole at the top of my incision and then two small holes at the bottom that just drained about a quarter size spot everyday, just enuf to be aggravating and mess up my clothes. Bandaids peeled my skin off too.

    I could only tolerate cotton stretch band shorts or pants or drawstring. Seemed like my waist was swollen from surgery for about 6 to 8 weeks after. I have gotten back to my jeans now.

    Your first appointment, they usually check your incision, ask you how you are doing/feeling, write you new scripts for meds/refills, and make your next appointment. They may do xrays of your back to check fusion or hardware placement.
  • My doc said it WAS ok to put cordisone cream AROUND the incision-just not directly on it.
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