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Sitting after 3 level fusion



  • Terri, that is wonderful, how do you feel when you get up?

    I have to say I can if I push it as it doens't hurt to sit but I pay the price after.

    Sara O:)
  • Hi

    Forgot to say, I saw the anaethetist on Friday, who works with the surgeon and is def part of the team, and I asked about sitting. I will check again, but he thought I should be ok to sit. The rods and screws hold the back in place abd the current pain is due to the discs that will be no more!

    I'll let you all know what it's like once I've had the op and tried sitting - such a simple wish.....

    Hope all ok today
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  • Hi Snoopy:

    After my TLIF I did minimal sitting the first 6 weeks. The doctor told me it puts pressure on the spine which causes pain and impedes fusion. I was uncomfortable sitting for some time after my surgery. Many get tailbone pain, it does go away in time.

  • You'll soon see how you feel.

    Post op they will have you perching on the side of the bed and you will be surprised how you fatigue and the surgery sore muscles pull.
    Slowly slowly you'll be able to tolerate more.
    I can't even now. I have a lot of coccyx pain. I am happy ish perching, walking and lying down. Sitting me in a normal chair brings tears to my eyes.

    You will find stategies around it (i have my perfect chair that I take about with me) but worry not, you soon see how your body feels.
    Good Luck.
    (Have you checked your Personal Messages recently??)
  • Sitting was the one thing I did well after surgery, I had no restrictions. I also only had a lifing resticiton of 5 lbs and no twisting with a brace. But I was concerned about lost flexibility with the hardware. My NS kept reassuring me that bending and sitting motion is ultimately done by the pelvis and once healed from initial surgery, at 4 mo, he told me I could do anything I wanted, as long as I did my daily PT at home without exception, never missing a day. Keeping those core muscles, which he explained ride right over my hardware, flexible and not tight, is the difference between pain and movement. And I learned the hard way by stopping my PT that he was right! For me walking was not an option because my major pain was accross my upper thigh/groin and I could not walk. It took many months after surgery for those nerves and muscles to come around and allow me to begin to walk again. I am still struggling with that. Some days I can only walk less than a block before the pain is unbearable and I have to stop for a minute or two and then I can go on again.
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  • Hi Snoopy, I had a 3-level fusion in June, and I STILL have periods where I have difficulty sitting. My advice is that this is a normal process of recovery. Don't push yourself - lie down, walk, or stand up - whatever your preference when you feel that you've exceeded your body's supply. :)

    Very best,

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