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Any musicians here? (revisited)



  • Hey there Jim. I can only begin to imagine how unsettling that feeling is to feel cold from the inside out. Glad to hear you're able to get back to music a little though. That's GREAT!!

    I finally decided to go see a voice specialist as my singing voice still sounds like nails on a chalkboard as opposed to what it used to be. Initially I went to an ENT who did a trans nasal endoscopy to see what was going on w/ the vocal cords. In addition to the REALLY bad reflux making things red and puffy in there he said that my cords (primarily my right) is very weak but not paralyzed :-D so that's good. He referred me to a voice pathologist who did a stroboscopy. Basically the strobe allowed her to actually SEE my cords moving and allowed her to better assess what course of action would be taken.
    I now have to do vocal function exercises 2 times a day. It's so freakin' frustrating. Singing *was* such a natural thing for me. I never had to work on it it was just something that was always there. And now I have to start at the absolute very beginning. I record my exercises so that I can listen back to them to see if i'm progressing at all. I don't really hear a difference. It all sounds flat and lifeless to me. Who knows, when I bring the recordings to her at my next appt maybe she'll be able to hear something I'm not hearing.

    Anywho... glad to hear that you're lumbar surgery went well. Sorry about the early weather forecasting your hardware is giving you though.

  • It's a weird kinda inside ache similar but different from the usual ache...;>)

    I'm glad your still singing, just go slowly so you don't blow out your chords!

    Danni, still waiting for a link...;>)

    Ranch, no ideas for the song but I did finally sit in front of the synth yesterday and came up with a cool beginning for a metal-ish tune of which I can't play keys proficiently enough to play...;>)

    All those leaves in the backyard are calling my name to come out and rake... sigh...
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  • Death comes on silent wings
    The leaves before the fall
    All must bow before the master
    Before he takes us all
    The trees shake their limbs in despair
    and blood from leaves withdrawal
    some dance
    some quake
    some shake
    but they will fall
    The master of death sings and the wings of raven call
    touched but not yet called
    the leaves
    within us all
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Ah Ranch, I've gotta yard full o' leaves yet to be raked and then ya gotta go and remind me... ~X(

    How about another verse about 'bewaring' (is that a word?) of the dog bombs hidden under all those leaves...?

    edited: (how's this?)
    Death comes on silent wings
    To the leaves before the fall
    All bow before the master of Winter
    Before he takes us all

    The trees shake their limbs in despair
    As blood from leaves withdraw
    Some dance as they weave and whither
    In the end they (all will fall) [heed the call] - not sure about this line...;>)

    The master of death begins to sing
    As wings of ravens call
    Touched but not yet drained of life
    The leaves within us all
  • There once was a man from Kazoo
    who found some poo on his shoe
    he hemmed
    and he hawwed
    it stank so much he was awed
    withthe rake he did try
    and with a great cry
    used the neighbors front step..
    so theres the object lesson...
    control your poochie
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

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  • Hey Jim,
    I don't know when I can come up to NH to play for you. It'll probably be awhile.. I am planning on going to college to be a school psychologist. I want to go to Texas to do college thouhg so I can become one out there. It would be my dream. At anyrate I don't know. You tell me.
    Love Always,
  • School psycho?
    Girl, you need therapy if you wanna deal with that!!!
    I was a volunteer teacher substitute at my kids high school 3 times and quickly took my name off the list because I just didn't have the patience to put up with the few 'jokers' in the class.

    I really wanted to slap the kids around then go to their homes and slap their parents...;>)

    Sadly it's not a perfect world...;>)
  • well i came in from doing some raking and popped some more pils and then did some recording (well after a shower too). hopefully there's some angst, pain and other 'down' feelings here. it's just a basic quick recording that doesn't yet make sense.

    i was just noodling around on the keyboard trying to put melodies together, but it's a start. i'm not very happy with the basic chord changes (all 2 of them) as i think there's a million versions of it out there. it's a pretty short piece as i've not yet figured out where to go with it or what it's for, but i'm thinking it may be a good tavern sequel tune depending on what the lyrics are going to be.

    boy i wish i could play piano...;>(

    anybody have any thoughts on it, title or lyrics?
  • Hahah, [( I don't need therapy. I love kids.
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