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I joined a gym today eeek

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Exercise and Rehab
So I went and checked out the gym by my house that just opened up a couple months ago. It's a LA Fitness. I went in and they have the weight lifting equipment that I was using in physical therapy so I joined. They also set me up for a personal assessment tomorrow with a personal trainer. I'm really nervous about that.

I told her to set up the appointment with someone who won't try to pressure me to do anything I am not willing to do. I'll be bringing in my list of exercises that my physical therapist said were safe.

On one hand I want to cancel the appointment because I only trust my physical therapist at this point since she's a spine specialist. On the other hand this person is going to show me how to use the equipment and I'll just say what I am willing to try and what I'm not. It'll be fine I just will be annoyed if they try to push me. It's just a one time thing for some reason they want people to work with a trainer the first time they go so they can show them the equipment which would be good.

The place is just a couple blocks from my house so I'm excited to go. It's been a few weeks since I was released from physical therapy and I have been putting off going to the gym out of fear.


  • I think it is awesome that you joined the gym. My last PT session was this afternoon and I plan on joining one as well. When I called the gym to get info such as hours, rates, services, etc., they told me they would set me up with someone the first session just to show me the equipment. She also said this person would be their most knowledgeable since I am recovering from back surgery. I did discuss this will my PT lady and she thought it was a great idea and just told me to do whatever i feel comfortable with.

    Best of luck to you!!!!

  • Thanks! Good for you too. I'm looking forward to getting back to doing the weights. It's been weeks and I can feel my legs getting weaker even though I've been doing an hour a day on an exercise ball and using bands. It's just not the same as doing the weights. I also really liked there pool and the hot tub with the jets looked like it would really feel good. I'm just going to walk in the pool and get one of those what do you call it pool board geez I can't think of what it's called. It's a floating board to hang on to in front of me and just kick across the pool.

    It's a kickboard that's what I was trying to think of. Now where to get one of those that would be good for someone with a lower back problem.
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  • :) Hi! no don't be afraid. don't let fear run your life. :T you are a strong and beautiful woman(you just conquered back surgery!!)what a treat to have a gym down the street and you can afford to go there. take advantage of the gym! your plan sounds like a good one. take it slow and easy and i know you will be smiling for being courageous! Jenny :)
  • Awww thankyou. I'm trying to be strong and couragous but I hardly slept last night being all nervous about this personal trainer business. It'll be fine I keep telling myself. I'll let you all know how it goes. Hopefully I can still walk tomorrow. Geez there I go again with the worry. :S :D
  • Don't be afraid,and don't let anybody push you.Explain to the trainer the situation.I joined a gym a month after PT.Swimming and the hot tub are godsend.I hurt a little after work out,but my body is ready again on the next day.It is so worth it.Slowly but surely it's getting better. Yesterday I run for 10min.Oh,boy!My leg muscles got confused and now they are sore,but in about a few weeks they will be back in order...I hope.take it slowly,be patient,it could only get better.Good luck!

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  • All went fine at the gym. Although he did try to sell the paying extra to use a personal trainer which was quite expensive at $40 for one session. I'm more of a bargain type person. I'm paying $34.99 a month to use the gym and I also get $20 back from my health insurance if I go 8 times a month so that brings the grand total to $14.99 a month. I like those numbers much better. :D

    They have all of the weight machines I need and have beening using in PT so he had me work out on those. Plus a couple that were similar. I just took a couple ibuprofen just to be on the safe side. I'm going to ice my back soon here too to make sure it doesn't get flared up.

    He didn't try to push me to do anything I wasn't willing to do so that was good. He said the personal trainers have training in physical therapy so they work with people with injuries so that made me feel a bit more comfortable.

    Now that I'm done with that part I look forward to going there and just doing the exercises on my own and using the pool. I need to get a padlock to use the lockers otherwise I would have used the pool today when I was done with the trainer. I'm going to head out now and get a kickboard if I can find one and a padlock. I think I'll go use the pool tomorrow if I'm not really sore from today.
  • That's totally awesome Mchell! Just remember to take it slowly. I was released from PT last week though I'm going to do their after care program 2x a week while I'm transistioning to my own workout regimen. I joined the YMCA last week and start swimming laps tonight! Swimming is a great no impact exercise so I'm glad to hear that your going to incorporate it. I can hardly wait to start lifting weights again, but I'm going slow and steady. Keep up the work and positive attitude. You're an encouragement to all of us!
  • OK now today I'm not really that sore like I thought I would be. I guess doing the exercise bands and ball at home helped. I actually feel less sore then the last time I did weights in physical therapy a few weeks ago. My left sciatic would still get a little irritated a few weeks ago. It must still be in the process of healing. So absolutely no nerve pain or irritation out of yesterdays work out. Just some slight muscle soreness but barely at all and most of that is in my chest. He had me do some chest exercises which I never did in physical therapy so that was new to my body.
  • Just reading with interest and it sounds like you're headed down the right path...being careful, consistent and patient. =D>

    Take care!
  • Definately patience is important in this process. I think I learned that from 3 years ago when my disc first herniated. It took about a year to feel like a normal person again. I'm improving faster this time must be from exercise. Last time they didn't have me do physical therapy at all.

    So I went in yesterday and worked out. I did weights, exercise ball and swimming. I am really confused about what to do with swimming though. I started out just kicking my way across the pool and keeping my head above water with my arms but I found my back arches and that didn't feel comfortable so then I walked back and forth for 15 minutes and then turned over and layed on my back and just floated and kicked my way across the pool.

    I wear contact lenses and if I went without them my vision is so bad I'd end up in the mens locker Maybe I could wear my glasses and then keep them on a chair by the pool in my case. I just really hate going without my glasses or contacts on I'm so blind. I can't even tell if someone is looking at me.

    I have a kick board coming. I'm not sure what stroke to do with that. Do I lay on the kickboard or do I keep it extended out way in front of me. I'm confused :?? Maybe I'll call my physical therapist. She did say to call if I have any questions.
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