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I joined a gym today eeek



  • Kickboards are generally used by resting the forearms on the board extended out in front of the body. A flutter kick (legs moving up and down - think Michael Phelps in the 100m freestyle) is the most common kick used with a kickboard. But you could also do a breastroke kick (frog kick) with it. Personally, I think if you're trying to keep your head above the water, your back is going to be hyperextended. I come from a swimming background, so for me...the best way to swim is to just...well, swim freestyle. If you're concerned about being able to wear contacts while swimming...just get a decent pair of goggles...problem solved. I swim with my contacts in..I wouldn't be able to see if I didn't. I wear a pair of Aquasphere Kaimen goggles...I can swim for an hour straight and have never had them leak on me. I suppose aqua-jogging or walking would be fine too...but personally, I would get bored with that real quick. If you know how to swim (as in actual strokes like freestyle, breastroke, backstroke, sidestroke), I would just do that. the goggles and use them with the kickboard but put your head in the water and do the breathing like you would normally do in swimming. It will build up your lung capacity, plus get your heartrate up more than just kicking with your head above the water.
  • OK thanks I think I'll get some goggles. I just got my kickboard delivered today. I'll check into the Aquasphere Kaimen goggles. Leaking goggles is definately an issue. Those sound nice. Until I get some I'll just lay on my back and use the kickboard.

    Adding info: I just checked the site where I just got my kickboard from and they have those goggles so I ordered some.
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  • So I tried out the kickboard at the gym. That works really well. I just lay on my back and hold onto it about chest level and paddle across the pool. I still find I try to hold my head up a little bit not on purpose though. I have to keep telling myself to relax my neck and lay my head back. Sort of boring but not too much.

    My routine has quite a bit in it with starting out on the treadmill at home for 10 minutes then the recumbant bike at the gym for 6 minutes to warm up then 6 different weight machines then the exercise ball and then swimming. I was there for about 1 1/2 hours. Still feel really good. I still have my calf issues but most of the time I don't notice it.
  • I sure wish our gym had a pool. You are lucky!!

    Way to GO!!!!
  • Thanks, also the gym is pretty empty when I go during the day so that's nice. Most of the time in the pool I was the only one in there. In the evenings it gets crazy busy. The first time I was there when I signed up for the gym initially it got pretty packed at 6:30 pm. I'm glad I'm able to go during the day or I don't think I'd go at all if I had to wait for machines to be open.
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  • :) the gym is going well!! HURRAY! <:P and you have a pool! you are going to be feeling better than ever. i was glad to hear you have been taking pt and using what you learned there in the gym. better to be on the safe side and do something you have been taught. i use the exercise ball at home to work my core. keep it up but don't overdo. Jenny :)
  • I just wanted to mention that I used my Aquasphere Kaimen goggles today in the pool at the gym. They worked really well. It was nice to be able to swim and not worry about water getting into my eyes. I used the kickboard not with my forearms though.

    I just hung on underneith and kept my face down in the water and kicked my way across the pool. It definately works the lungs more. I could only make it about half way across the pool holding my breath then had to come up for air and had to stop and catch my breath. Felt good though I could tell it was working my lungs also.

    The gym was more busy when I was there today. Seems that people are not into using the pool though. I did all of my routine with the weights and bike and then hit the pool where I was alone in the pool which is nice. Now I have realized I need a new swim suit also though. My suit is not designed for swimming. Major dragging and filling up with water with the suit I have now. I'm no Michael Phelps that's for sure..hehe. That's OK though I just like being pain free. I do love swimming even if it is not the regular type of swimming where you go all out racing across the pool like I used to.
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