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Scared to death but I can't wait

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
My surgery is scheduled next week on September 2, I am scared to death, and yet I can't wait. Every day for the last 2 months have been excruciating. I have been through Pain Management for the last 8 years. This has to be the right decision. I am having a fusion of L5/S1.


  • I know that this is the correct decision, I have discussed it over with my personal physician who I‘ve know for 15 years, The Pain Management Dr that I have been seeing for 8 years. And now have finally found a surgeon that would take my condition seriously. It has been a very long road. But nothing can be as bad as what I have put up with for the last 8 years and especially the last 3 months.
    thank-you for the encouragement!
  • That's a tall order, I know. But you will be just fine and telling us your stories (funny I hope) in no time at all.

    Welcome to Spine Health.... read, read, read.... then walk

    Best wishes to you,
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  • Hi bjv, so you are having a L4-S1 fusion. What are you having it for may I ask? That may sound like a silly question and I am not questioning if you need it or not because you obviously do but I am just curious as to what got you to this stage.
    You will find some very good info here about what to take to hospital, what to expect etc etc. Also a lot of suppoet. SO welcome aboard!
    Sara O:)
  • hi bjv and welcome!!! see we do have something in common already L/5 and S/1 plus the jv part in our name :D

    it is scary that is for sure. and most of us feel more crappy after surgery before we get better.
    matter of fact i just said that to my husband when the alarm went off. as i have to stay in bed , use the commode take my meds, drink my coffee before i can even attempt to go back downstairs. "im like why do you feel so crappy before surgery , and your supposed to feel better after"?
    its a long road for some that is for sure.
    i feel like iv been ran over by a mac truck or been punched several times. this does not go for everyone that has surgery. some people come home feeling WOW WOW WOW. and you just may because you have been suffering for so long.
    there will be up and down days.
    anything else you want to know there is a list at the top of this thread about things you may/may not need when you get home or in the hospital. i of course did not use even half those things. just the basics as in the commode, grabber. it helps having a other half to , to help out, or if alone a family member or neighbor to help out.
    it gets a bit tricky not bending or twisting.
    iv become excellent at picking things up with the grabber and my toes =))

    i am having a totally differnt issue with walking.
    but make sure you do that. walk as much as your body will allow. i even find in the house just getting up and moving from room to room subsides some of the pain and of course it makes the healing process go faster for some.

    you will read stories of people feeling great in a week, some a few weeks and well some in months. just remember we are all unique indivduals and recover at a different time.

    when you do come home and you have any new pains that you did not have before example: me having numb toes. CALL that dr and let them know. may be nothing and just part of the recvoery process, etc..

    sorry for being so long, but im sitting here waiting for meds to kick in and i am only 8 days post op as of this afternoon. so i ramble, write, yell do whatever to get my mind off off the pain.

    oh one more thing that you will not want to go with out.
    RE USUABLE GEL FILLED ICEPACKS. they are great to lay on, instead of the ones they give you in the hospy.
    i line them up on my spine and put them on my tush from the bone graft.

    we are here for you from beginning to the end.
    you will do just fine, nerves are a natural part of this process even for those that have had TONS of surgery..

    go in thinking positive!!! and always remember your not alone in your new journey..

    take care
    terri :* >:D< :* >:D<
  • I really can't wait, every day is the same, to come home from work crying because the pain in so bad. You asked how it started, a lady ran a red light and I hit her broadside & spun her around. It tore the front end from my car. After a year I had an IDET and it went absolutely great. I was three days after being released from PM Doctor. A young man was not paying attention and hit me from behind and tore the disc again. We did attempt another IDET but it didn’work as well as the first. So we have just been waiting for a time when everyone could agree that surgery was the right thing to do. The first Neurosurgeon I went to came into the room looked at m, didn’t examine me & said that he couldn’t do anything. Obviously I went for a second opinion.
    I know that the next few weeks are going to be hard, but I think that I have come through a lot. I don’t think that anything can ever be as bad as the last 3 months. One night I ended up in the hospital they asked me for my rating I replied that it was at least a 15.

    I will come back & post as soon as I get home, they said that I would be in the hospital for 3-4 days.
    Take Care!
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  • Good luck BJ I hope you get the relief you need. Let us know how you are when you can.

  • and at least it will be coming to an end soon.
    Hope all goes well with the surgery- I am sure it will. Give yourself time to heal and recover.
    Blessings Sara O:)
  • Good luck BJV...i am scheduled for Monday the 6th. ALIF/PLIF of L4/L5/S1.
    I share same feelings...
  • The surgery seemed to go ok. I was in the hospital for 6 hays. I was having weakness in my left leg I went home with a walker. After a few days I was rid of that, but while I was in the hospital I was having trouble with both of my hips and pain behind my left knee. Now they said it could be a root nerve that was damaged in surgery and take up to a year to heal, is that true. Is there anything that I can do to make the time go faster? I try to walk every day but it is difficult with my knee & hips the way that they are.

  • Hi bj and welcome back!

    Sorry to hear about your nerve pain. Nerves do take a long time to heal. Many doctors believe that Vitamin B complex helps nerves to heal faster and I have had several doctors prescribe Vitamin B to me for nerve damage - you could ask your doctor about this. Also has he prescribed you any medication for nerve pain? (e.g. neurontin, lyrica or topamax?) If not, again, you could ask him/her about that too.
    Keep positive!

    Bruce old timer here and ex-moderator

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