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had a bad nite was scared



  • Hi Glor, even if you are feeling better tomorrow I feel you should check it out and at the very least let your Dr know.

    The worst that can happen is he say no big deal and youa re embarrassed :))( that is a small price to pay for reassurance.

    As Cali-Sue said the Tylenol has kept your temp down but lets hope it is nothing and you kep on getting stronger.

    Blessings Sara O:)
  • Just checking in.
    Cali is RIGHT.
    I mean I have a bit of swelling but just were it is bumpy. Its not warm to the touch, no fever and no episodes like you talked about.
    Ya just never know with these open surgeries hunny.
    Fever no matter what the situation even without surgery for a adult means something is up.
    Even though you feel a bit better.

    Call and let us know what they say DEAL????
    Phone calls don't hurt anyone.
    Love ya lots
    Terri >:D< :* >:D< :*
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  • Well, that darn fever just keeps at it. Last night as I was laying in bed I realized I was quite warm, so took temp, and it was now 101.6. I immediately called the phone number on my post op instructions, and told them what was going on, and she told me she would have my ns nurse call me. So, as I'm waiting for the call, my hubby is only wanting to know if I had took any tylenol lately. X( The nurse called and I explained to her what was going on, and she told me to get to the hospital's e.r., mind you not the one closest to us, but the one I had surgery at which is approx 1.5 drive. But by this time I'm scared so I'm like ok, and telling my hubby we need to go. If it hadn't been for me needing him to drive me to the hospital I would have left him behind, as he didn't see the urgency of the situation. @) First off he's just like walking around looking for this and that, as I'm heading out the door, I turned on porch light so I could see my way to truck, but he comes along and turns it off, so I run into a pile of brush in the yard, which did NOT feel good, needless to say he got a real good cussing. So I'm in truck and he's still lolly gagging around looking for a couple things he forgot. Okay, so we finally get on road, and then he has to stop on the drive down to get a cup of coffee. :O So finally we arrive at the hosp e.r., and I get paperwork filled out and start the waiting. Fortunately the nurse practioner I had spoke to on phone happen to be in hosp, so she took me back to look at my incision to check for any obvious signs of infection, which there wasn't, she said that it looked real good, so that ruled out the immediate admission for infection, so then I had to have other tests run. The admitting nurse was so awesome, as she could tell I was in pain, and actually put me in front of other patients, so I could get in a room and lay down. So the usual tests, urynalysis, blood work, and chest xray. Well, all that checked out fine, so they confused as to why the fever, but said there could be a few possibilities. By the time I was told I could go home and follow up with dr, I had a massive migraine. :''( So we get back home about 4ish this morning. (|: After only a few hours sleep, I'm woke up by that killer migraine still pounding away :''( It's has subsided some for the moment, at least to the point that I don't feel like beating my head against a hard surface. @) Thanks, everyone for being so caring and wonderful, and I will keep you posted.
  • So glad you finally went to get it checked out. Yes in the middle of the night can get tricky when taking a road trip and the other half is still asleep. 8} I) I) I) doing this and that.
    I always use the ambulance service but of course ours in vol so there is no charge. That way your straight into a bed and don't have to do all the paperwork crap.

    I sure hope your headache is gone by now. I hate those.
    And they make me nervous to especially after spine surgery.
    My daughter is very sick with the flu and a temp and so is my nurse that took care of me in the hospy and a few friends around here. So hopefully its just a touch of something.

    Keep us updated hunny.
    Love you lots and lots
    Terri :X >:D< :*
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