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Who has had leg pain after surgery and not before?



  • TerriJV said:
    Hi everyone!!! :D
    Im curious. Since alot of our old "timers" are not here on the new site anymore. How many of you that have had surgery have leg pain??? Like siatica almost. Shooting pain down the leg, with some numbness in the toes????

    Hi Terri -

    I'm kind of an "old timer" in that I had PLIF surgery, L5/S1, in December 2007 and was on the boards much of last year and a little bit after the surgery. I remember you, Amber, and Julie (especially you Julie because we spoke by phone several times...I'll have to elaborate on that topic some other time). But I had to reply to your post above Terri because I have had nothing but one NEW issue after another since my surgery. Everyone was right about nerve pain coming and did...a pain here for several weeks, then gone, then new pain somewhere else. But now, at about 9 months I developed severe pain in my hips and thighs. Unlike yours, it almost feels muscular and is in the front of my thighs from the groin to the muscles feel when you've really REALLY over exercised them. And I wake in the mornings with my legs just aching and aching so much I have to get out of bed and walk. And when I sit, my thighs are a dull ache, but after 5-10 minutes of sitting when I stand up , my thighs just HURT so bad (and going up stairs is excruciating!). I swear I can't figure out what is wrong NOW.

    The last time I saw my surgeon was in June after an MRI in May and he said everything was fine - even though the radiologist that read the MRI report said there appeared to be some impingement of the nerve at L5/S1 which corresponded to my complaints of right foot numbness at that time (which is now better but still comes and goes). So my surgeon has pronounced me "cured" (his word, not mine), but I sure as H**L don't FEEL cured!

    I guess I have to say that I am better off than pre-surgery because I don't have the terrible sciatica that ran down the back of my left leg and the constant pins and needles in my left foot and up my calf, but when you have any pain, how can you compare pain? Chronic pain just plain sucks no matter what type or where it is.

    Since you just recently had another surgery, I sure hope that what you're experiencing now is temporary. I admire you for sticking around here and helping others. After my surgery, I had a hard time with depression and had to stay away from here for my own sanity. There are so many wonderful, knowledgeable people here willing to help others and God Bless them all, but I couldn't handle their pain and mine at that time.

    BTW, our surgical histories are similar although you win on the number of surgeries! I have had three C-sections, right kidney removal, hysterectomy, and spinal fusion.

    Julie - if you're reading this, I wish you all the best with your upcoming appointment and hope that you find the answer you need soon.


    DDD, facet joint arthritis with bone spurs pressing on nerves to left leg, foraminal stenosis, Grade I Spondylolisthesis (and peripheral neuropathy since my kidney surgery in 1996). PLIF with laminectomy, December 11, 2007. Still have right thigh pain (hurts to touch but skin numb), right and left hip pain, and now, both right and left thigh muscular type pain, with aching legs. Have referal to see nuerologist and spine specialist at Unniversity of California San Francisco Medical Center in near future.
  • Terri - I hate to see you having this pain!!

    I had the new numbness that started post surgery - but that was totally fixed in the second surgery, well the spreading of it, the numbness itself is still there.

    But I did also suffer a lot of different pain post surgery. It's taken weeks to start to feel that things are getting better - I do hope yours is a case of inflamed nerves and that you just need some time. It's what has worked for me. I never did take a nerve med, just Roxicodone 5mg and Robaxin. I tried Valium, but haven't really thought it did much besides put me out like a light each night.

    Good Luck friend
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  • Another post on this site reminded me that one of the things that really helped with my leg/hip nerve pain has been a memory foam mattress topper! Even though we have one of those sleep number mattresses, I could not even begin to make it comfortable after surgery. So, I decided to try a memory foam topper on it - oh my, what a difference! I can sleep on my back and even on the painful hip! There is a thread here titled Memory Foam that has several suggestions about where to get one. If you are in the Midwest, I got mine at Shopko - it was relatively inexpensive and works just great!
  • I had a ALIF/PLIF fusion, this past October. Ive had nasty spasms in my right leg. It is driving me crazy, I dont know what to believe, the doc said its not nerve damage, but I waited almost 6 months before I had my surgery. I am also having severe right hip pain, and major back pain. Im having to see a pain clinic for a CT scan, and possibly a spinal cord stimulator for the hip pain, and weakness in my leg. I am at my wits end with the spasms, and back pain. It was work comp related, and the doc said Im at MMI, now I have to have a FCE done, and Ive also applied for disability. I will be glad when this mess with work comp is over. Ive been told the spinal cord stimulator doesnt help with the back pain, but hopefully the pain clinic can help me out. So frustrated.
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