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so depressed!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Depression and Coping
I have never been depressed like i am today!...I am on WC and have gotten nothing done with the jerks who are running my case.I fell in a manhole three months ago and suffered fx ribs,pelvis and two bulging disks not to mention masive hematomas etc....the person i was given to my case will not ok nothing.My dr's are waiting for the ok's to find out why i am bleeding?? i have had blood in my urine for three months,bulging disks that have me soooo sick from pain i cannot take it anymore.What if this guy or his family was going threw this same ordeal, do you think he pr his family would be waiting this long????....NO!!! you better believe they would of been taken care of as soon as it happened.I am sooo depressed it is not funny.I did not even get my first WC check till three months from the fall.I have lost one car and ready to loose the other.MY house is getting close to forcloser........i am going crazy and it is effecting my wife and two young boy's....God please help me!! Matti.


  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,741
    Hi matti, Sounds like your in desperate need of a work comp attorney, they work on commission.
    Good luck,Jim
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    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
  • I agree with Jim, if you do not have WC attorney get one,YOU do not pay! Any payment comes out of awards. This is way to long, new laws in NY and I don't know if they are federal say WC must answer in 30 days. My best wishes go out to you for your health and finances. Call an attorney who specializes in WC cases immediately!

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  • Hiya Matti >:D<
    I cant really advise you about the WC, as i dont know how it works in america :/ . What i can say though someone is liable for this and you need it sorting as soon as possible :T .
    Sounnds like you are in alot of pain there ~X( . Do you take anything for the pain? Can your doctor help in some way, i mean if you go back to him and tell him what you have told us, perhaps he could give them a nudge :? . I really do feel for you! Anytime you need to vent i am here for you, >:D< just PM me. Keep us posted about how you get on.

    Angie x
  • I sho feel for you, my ex husband went through the whole thinng it was awful, we had 3 small kids and I had a low paying job at that point. we almost lost our house but our friends did a fund raiser for us.... Its so hard being sick but to have to worry about the other stuff is even harder..
    I am on Family Med leave right now and not going back for about 16 weeks,.and Im only get partioal disabilty, we are struggling on this one too, Phones rignt off the hook, I hate it... but concentrate on getting better, Uou do need to get a lawyer, it makes them listen better,,,, Good luck, and my prayers are with you....
  • You need a disability lawyer ASAP.
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