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Still waiting to be discharged (venting)

LoLLo Posts: 687
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Sooo I had surgery Friday morning. Took about 5 hours. They did a radical discectomy and an anterior lumbar interbody fusion with posterior fixation. Sooo, surgery was on time and everything. I was stuck in recovery for like 4 hours though, waiting for a PCA pump, since they were all currently being used. They gave me BARELY any pain meds, and I actually woke up from anesthesia crying.. Kind of funny. Lol. My strength in my right foot has made a GREAT improvement, they tested it right after surgery, in the recovery room. So I've been on a clear liquid diet since Friday... And I hate it. I am sooooooo hungry. All I've been having is juice, because I don't like jello, and I don't like the disgusting toilet water crap they call broth. So basically I've been living off juice for 4 days. My pain meds... I told them a hundred times MORPHINE doesn't work for me. They hooked me up to the PCA with Morphine, and they had upped the dosage about 5 times... Increased both my constant flow, and my extra dose I could get every 8 minutes from pushing the button. Finally after over a day and a half they realized Morphine actually does not work for me, and started giving me injections of dilaudid and valium, which wore off in 30 minutes... And I had to wait 4 hours for more. They were also giving me intramuscular shots of something that begins with a V, I think, constantly. Now both of my shoulders and biceps KILL just to lift my arms up.... All feel sooo bruised. My incisions in the back are fine, as is my incision in the front. My biggest problem is that I can't get any of the gas out. My stomach is HUGE. Last night it was rock hard and looked like I had a beach ball in it. I have NEVER had my stomach stick out like that, aside from when I was carrying a 10 lb baby. Nothing works, because my muscles inside won't move or do anything, and gas doesn't just waltz out on it's own. I had the same issue when I had my son years ago, after my c-section. They had to stick a tube into my intestines with water and then make all the water go inside, then drop the tube down and all the air came out in bubbles. My body just will NOT work like that on it's own. All they are doing for me here is feeding me juice and telling me eventually it will come on it's own. No it won't. If I'm gonna be sitting around just drinking juice, let me do it at home, damnit. They aren't doing anything to intervene, so why should I have to stay here? My boyfriend keeps telling me they have their reasons, but honestly... I don't care. I am in such a terrible mood. My first roommate was this mentally challenged lady, which, God bless her, was the loudest woman in the world. Anytime someone came hear her she would SCREAM BLOOD CURDLING screams and moans like someone was raping and killing her. Like anyone really wants to listen to that RIGHT after surgery. Finally they moved me and my next roommate had the same surgery I did, same doctor. She was really nice and I like her a lot.... But she like... yell snores. Like, if you could snore and yell and scream at an insane volume at the same time, that's what she does. I couldn't believe it.... It was honestly mind blowing. Of course I didn't sleep then, either. Last night, my new roommate snored like crazy with all her machines (she is old), and it was my 4th night of tossing and turning. (Since I didn't sleep the night before surgery, either)

I guess that's enough venting for now. I'm pretty starving. I refused my soggy/chewy toast, and my "egg and cheese omelette" which was really, literally a square egg chunk with nasty cheese stuck to the bottom, and this mush that they labeled as oatmeal. I'm hoping my boyfriend will go get me something else, since they don't have a menu, or choices. You get what they give you. They FINALLY let me have normal food... And they don't even give me normal food! Lol.

Hoping they will let me out tonight. Really, really hoping. I want to go home. The Vascular surgeon just came to see me and said he thinks I should be able to go home today! He said it's up to my Dr, but he thinks I'm good. They have me on Dilaudid and percocet, alternating the pills. (The injections ended up blowing my veins and my hand had a huge bubble on it an still feels like a giant bruise. Lame!)

Back brace is awesome. It's only hard in the back, and it only covers my tummy and lower back. Black and velcro-y. Helps a LOT LOT LOT.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who actually read all my venting. I'm gonna go spend some time with my bf and hope my doctor comes in soon to discharge me.
>:D< >:D<



  • Lo. I am glad you finally had the surgery..I can relate to all your complaints about the hospital though. I was in recovery 8 hours because my bed wasn't ready! even though the bed in my room was never occupied! why couldn't I just go in that bed. the Recovery room nurse sucked..when I began crying and was sweating to the point of my glasses fogging up, she simply took my temperature, told me i didnt have a fever and sad why are you crying? talk about compassion.
    Hopefully you will be able to eat something. I know the food stinks as well. I was on liquid the entire time in the hospital.
    It would be great if you could go home today; you will definatley be more comfortable in your own home!
    I know it is hard waiting to get out of there!
  • Hi Lo,
    You know you are more then welcome to vent here. :) Sorry to hear about your hosp stay, and I hope you're sprung from there today. :))( I'm 2 wks post op today, with a trip to the e.r. lst night, which I posted about under my other post of "bad night scared me." Keep us posted, we will be here. >:D<
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  • So glad to hear from you!! I have been thinking about you all weekend. I know you are having a really hard time right now, and all of your feelings are justified. Honestly, I am sure with all of your pain and discomfort, the only roommate you would enjoy right now would be no roommate! Unfortunately that isn't usually an option.

    I hope that when you get to read this, you are home being waited on hand and foot by your boyfriend. HaHa, we can dream right? I know I felt the same way after delivering my son. I just wanted to go home. Then of course, we go home and wish the nurses were still around to take some of the baby feeding/changing duties lol!!

    Just keep relaxing, try not to let yourself get too stressed out. You've got quite a bit of recovery time left, and you want it to move by as fast as possible.

    P.S. I had gas in my upper right shoulder after I had my gallbladder removed. OMG That was the most painful torture I could imagine!!! I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. It will pass though...

    Gotta go handle the potty training... TTYS
  • Hi Lo, so glad to hear you made it through and your foot is better. Sorry about your yell-snoring and other roommates. Too bad hospitals don't have all private rooms. I had a private room, yet it was straight across from the noisey nurses station and a crazy guy literally lives 2 doors down and yells all the time and tries to walk into other patients rooms :T
    Are you walking a lot? Usually walking is about the only thing that will help move that gas, and sometimes it is hard to walk far enough to help when you are a Spiney patient. I know I was only walking about 20 yards at first in the hospital. Oh the other thing we give our c-sections moms at my work are dulcolax suppositories. Sometimes that gets things moving to expel the gas. That water thing you talked about is called a harris flush, and we occassionally do that too. Gas can be horribly miserable :( . I hope they set you free today, then you can go home and try your own gas rememdies. We also give our patients mylicon tablets and sometimes warm jello water (that is an old remedie), oh and avoid ice cold stuff. So anyway that is what this RN knows about gas ;) . Hope you are feeling better soon. Been thinking about you, take care, get well soon, missed you on the boards, >:D< >:D< >:D< Sue
  • You'll feel sooo much better when you get home.....and I hope you get the attention and help you need for the next few weeks. Take it from me... rest rest rest....if your body says nap....nap. Eat some broccoli.....maybe that will help your tummy trouble?
    Take care and congradulations on joining the fusion crowd, let's hope this fixes you up!
    Have a good day
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  • Good luck Lo, hope you ae on a speedy path to recovery and a pain free life!

  • yeah baby you made it through. sorry the hospy was not great on keeping on your meds. thats not right. iv never had a issue. morphine is UGGHH so i put allergic now . it gives me headaches and nothing for the pain.
    they kept me comfy the whole time in.
    my IV's blow to no matter what i had another one started to.
    i know ur hungry. i was on fluids to while in there.
    they brougt me mac and cheese the day i left. i was starving so i ate it.
    oh the gas is the worst part of belly surgery hurts more then the surgery itself.
    it will happen at home to. don't get mad cause nothing fits. uggh went through that so many times. gas x works well and so does OTC laxatives make sure to use them all the time. of course ok it w/ doc. don't want to get in trouble here :D
    i hope the home meds work. and ur comfy there.
    we r here for ya when u get home!!!!

    terri :) >:D< :* >:D<
  • Hey,

    Sorry you having a rough time in the hospital. Sounds like you're doing good, though. Hang in there. Hopefully you'll be home soon!!!! O:)


  • Hi Lo,

    You write really well. Make sure you save your post so you can read it again when you are feeling well. I know its not funny but only another spiney could sit here feeling sorry for you and also get a smile out of your describing everything.

    The hospital was not my favorite place either. I was very lucky that I got a wonderful nurse in recovery. I also got stuck in recovery for hours and hours because they did not have a room ready for me. After I got into a room it went downhill. They had me in one of those beds that is always moving to prevent bed sores and also had my feet in those presure stockings. I never ever ever sleep on my back but they had me on my back and I could not move without pain that first day. Every type of pain med they gave me caused an adverse reaction. Morphine gave me hot flashes and made me itch, deludine (not sure how to spell) made my stomach hurt, oxycodrone made my throat close and made me feel like I could not breath. They did not let me out of bed till the day after my surgery and which point i was in mega pain from being in that bed on my back and I hardly slept at all. The nurses aid who helped me up was worried about me falling since I was dizzy but she left me standing at the sink holding an IV pole and brushing my teeth and she left the room and NEVER came back at all. When she got me out of bed, she knocked my buzzer on the floor and there was no way I was going to be able to bend down and pick that up. I ended up having to wake my roommate and get her to call someone to help me sit down. For their next trick ha ha, the next nurses aid stripped my bed and then no one came and made it for 4 hours (I kid you not). I called and asked for someone to make it but no one did. This is just a few of the highlights of my hospital stay but I think you get the picture. I made sure to tell my doctor when I saw him that I was doing great and I made sure to order scrambled eggs because they count as solid food. My doctor let me go home on the 19th (surgery was on the 17th) and once I was home it was much easier to deal with stuff then at the hospital. I may share some more highlights later but right now I am hoping you are home and starting to recover.
    Lo said:
    Sooo I had surgery Friday morning.
  • Welcome back Lo, its not been the same without you posting!

    Sorry that the hosptial stay is so awful, hopefully you will feel much better when you get home and can eat some normal food.

    Is your surgeon pleased with the results of the op or is it too early to tell? It sounds promising that your foot feels much stronger now, I'll keep my fingers crossed for continued improvements.

    Take care


    ps - I like the term "yell-snore", I think you've invented a new saying!
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