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Still waiting to be discharged (venting)



  • Have a very good point. Most likely any roommate would have been the wrong one at that time. Lol. After my good roommate left, I got this old lady who was cute, but eventually I got really annoyed cause she kept asking me to get the nurse for her... But the nurses generally wouldn't come unless you get up to get them, and I was tired of getting up. Like, I understand she needed help, but I'm not staff... I'm a patient, too... And I'm hurting as well. If I'm not getting up for myself, then there is a good chance I'm not getting up for you. I might not have had Pneumonia like she did, but my body was NOT up to par. Lol.

    Hehe YES, DREAMING! We sure can dream. My boyfriend has been pretty good, all things considered. On top of taking care of me, he's had to take care of my son, too. It's his first time ever caring for a child, so he's actually doing awesome with him! I think I'm doing pretty well when it comes to things for myself right now.. I get up and put my brace on and sit down to pee myself. I pick things up with my toes and bring them to my hands, I can squat down with my brace on and pick something up IF need be... I try to avoid it. My legs are really strong, but they are kind of sore from having to do so much work at this point.

    Thanks for your support :) I think you thinking of me may be some of the positivity I felt toward the very end of my hospital stay :) It radiated all the way from there to here!!!
  • Wow. That is a tremendous amount of great suggestions! Thanks!!! The only thing they kept telling me was to walk. Eventually I did lots, but at first I couldn't because they wouldn't listen to me about Morphine not working in my body. They just kept upping it and upping it and upping it. Finally they gave me the Dilaudid injection with a big injection of Valium and I got up about 10 minutes later and started my walking. Only walked down the hall and back... But by the last day I was walking laps around the entire wing. Lol.

    You are a very wonderful valuable person here. Great medical support and great emotional support too! Lots of great stuff wrapped into one person. Amazing!!! :)

    Thanks a ton for the well wishes!
    >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<

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  • Thanks! Broccoli sounds good. I looooove broccoli. If it can help my stomach, then that's an added benefit! Hehe.

    Thank you :) I hope it fixes me toooo
  • Thank you ! I hope you decide which route you'd like to take, and it turns out to be the right one for you :)
  • That is a good idea about the Morphine. They always insist on giving it to me and it never helps... I kind of feel like, if it's not going to help my body, I'd rather keep as much medicine out of it as I can. Maybe I will start putting allergic, too!!! Never even thought of that.

    Yikes about the IVs. Do you have crappy veins, too? They were calling mine Rabbit veins... When you go near them, they move away. They're small, too. They always have to dig around for a while in my hand or arm to get it in. Boooo.

    I was very happy to see your reply :) Even your picture just makes me happy for some reason. I don't know why... It just honestly cheers me up.

    Thanks a ton :) And YES! Huggies! I love adding "ies" to everything I can. Ouchies. Huggies. Sleepies. Hurties. Lol.
    >:D< >:D< >:D<

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  • Thank you :) :)
  • I can't believe how terrible that must have been for you! I can lift my feet about knee high, so I'd really like to kick them in their shins and possibly behind their knees. Maybe if they bend down I could kick them in the butt? What jerks. That is so inconsiderate to leave you in such positions. Meanies!!!!

    And you are right about the spiney thing. I was feeling pretty sure you guys would find something familiar within my novel and shake your head and say yep... yep... yep! Sad that there has to be such things to serve as similarities between our stories. You'd hope it would be the positive aspects!!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your story there, and yes, at some point I would love to hear more from you,
    :D >:D<

  • Aww :) You're so sweet.

    Yes, they said everything went well... My foot is definitely much stronger. My surgeon tested right after surgery, and then the P.A. tested me before I got discharged and he said Yeah, it's definitely, definitely stronger. He told me to work on the range of motion, though, because that isn't entirely back yet. But they are pleased... And I am, too!!!

    Hehehe Yell-snore. Should I get a copyright? Haha :D Glad you liked it. That lady totally defines this term!

    Thanks :)
  • I will send you a private message in a little bit!
  • Thank you :D >:D<
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