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Still waiting to be discharged (venting)



  • Thank you! I am definitely feeling much better since I got home!

    You are right, there definitely is no place like home.

    Hope you're hangin in there >:D<
  • Thank you for the laughs. I could definitely use some!!! You're right, the hunger part... Totally over. Lol. Mom brought me Subway... Could only eat half a 6" but that's okay. And then I had a few spoonfuls of cookie dough. Mmmmmmm. Haha. I'm pretty good now! Not even hungry yet this morning.

    Colonoscopy? Yeah, I think I'll pass. Lol That must be freakin horrible.

    Hope you are doing well! I'm about to go to Walgreens and look around for a grabber!!!! :D Thanks again. Hehe.
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  • Are one of THE sweetest things EVER. I adore you :)

    I got to go home last night! Thankfully! When I got home I ate and then I tried to sign online to post but I couldn't even see what I was typing, my vision was soooo blurry. So soon as I got up this morning, I took a picture for my spineys, and then started right in on replying to each and every comment. Hehe.

    They were giving me injections of Dilaudid for a while, and injections of Valium until my vein blew. I actually still have a bruise where the fluid all leaked into. After that they were gonna put another one in, but I requested that they switch me to Dilaudid pills. So they were alternating Dilaudid pills, then Percocet, and Valium morning and night. They sent me home with a script for Dilaudid. They said since it's really strong, after that they're going to try to wean me back to Percocet. I guess they (my surgeon and her practice) rarely ever prescribe Dilaudid. But it works well because I only woke up once last night to take some and then slept til nearly 7am.

    SO, you come visit me and we can share my Dilaudid pills! We'll relax in my gigantic bed and watch Lifetime movies. Sound good?
  • Hahahaha. Sounds like you got yourself some loony little roommates! Lol. They would of course be more entertaining if we weren't in pain while having to deal with them. Otherwise, they may be slightly amusing. Lol. I'm sorry you had the relatives of my roommates!

    And thank youuu :) >:D<
  • Aw. That is sweet of you. Thank you for thinking of me :)

    Single room... Sweet. You know what, if you get lonely, just page the nurse and when she comes in, just talk to her about random things for a little bit. Lol.

    You are in for quite the ordeal. Major surgery ahead of you. I wish you the best and I will be praying for you, for sure! Update us as soon as you can... And if the care is any less than great, DEMAND what you deserve....Lots and lots of gooood stuff. HEhe.

    I am SO jealous. My legs are so hairy right now... I got to shower last night but I couldn't shave and my bf wouldn't let me do it sitting on the edge lol... I had to try so hard to think about other things cause I could feel my hairy legs sliding along my soft blankets in bed. Haha. I think maybe if I wear my brace maybe I can sit on the tub and my boyfriend can shave them for me. Lol. Or I could look for a home waxing kit. Either way... SO FREAKIN JEALOUS!!!! Hehe :)
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  • You have a wonderful point. Great way to look at it.

    Thanks for that :)
  • My legs got so bad after surgery I told my husband he had to shave them, he was like ok but my way. I didn't care so long as he did it. He took a bucket of warm water, his shaving cream and my razor and had me sit in a chair outside. He actually did a great job, but I wish I could have had a picture.
  • Glad you are home and no more yell-snore crazy people!
  • That made me laugh out loud.

    Can he come do mine? I'll pay him like.... 5 dollars an hour. No one has to know...
  • THank youuuu :)


    YES no more yell snorers! My boyfriend is more of a whisper snorer. THankfully. Lol.
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