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I'm having ALIF on Wed Oct 1st

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Well, the time has finally come :jawdrop: surgery is this wednesday. I'm having ALIF on L5-S1 disc. I'm still getting everything in order for the kids & such. My mom & sister & mother-in-law will be helping out. I guess I'm just more nervous than anything. I'm expecting a good outcome & knowing I'll have a long recovery.

I think I experienced the worst pain yesterday. Feels like a butcher knife in my back being twisted. So, I'm really ready to be out of my misery!!!

My daughers b-day party was yesterday. I had it early because I didn't know how I would be after surgery. THe actual day isn't until 10/22 & then she'll be 5. She had a great day.

Guess I'm looking for some encourgement from others. I know a lot of people on here as either been in my place and had already experienced it or is on there way.



  • you will be fine, and you will soon be relieved its over and on your way to healing.. You will be surprised at how much better you feel after awhile, I have a 4 month recovery period and I know it seems like it will never end,... You will have good days and bad days but soon the good will outnumber the bad,, (now if I would just listen to my own advice). My good thoughts and prayers are with you and your family..... Keep us posted on your progress
  • Kristie go in with positive thoughts and you should be fine.
    There will be pain yes. But not the kind of pain your used to now.
    Of course I never had that sharp pain in my back. Just achy, burning,sore. So of course I do not feel any different like some do when they wake up.
    Mine was the 17th and of course now its the 29th. I still feel the same as when I came home. But keep in mind I'v been through alot medically and my pain tolerance is 000000000.
    Just follow your drs orders. Take your meds when your supposed to.
    Walk when you can. If you can't or just feel blah for the day get your walk in , in the house or walking in place.
    ICE ICE ICE not sure if your doing a bone graft??? That is the most sore spot on my body now. They took it from the top of iliac crest not my hip like the other two surgeries.
    The incision is good, itchy but good.
    Eating is good. Last year it was not. I was hoping to loose another 20lbs :D NOt sure about that now =))
    They will keep you comfy in the hospy. If you have a cath WHICH I LOVE u don't have to get up for 2 days to go to the bathroom. The nurses laughed at me. I said I feel like a princess!! ;)
    Sleep when you can. You will be so tired. Some are not.
    And always remember not to compare your recovery with others as we are all different. Some are walking a block or more the day they come home. I still have not been able to.
    So just take hour by hour, day by day.
    We are all here for ya.
    Did you read all the recovery stories from Aug/Sept??? That should help ya.
    Remember you will be taking a long nap and before you know it you will be home hun.
    Terri >:D< :*
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  • Well you beat me by 8 days! =D> I will look forward to hearing how your recovery goes, am nervous about that. I have never had surgery before and ALIF is a big one, for me anyways. You read some of these posts and they kinda scare you, you know? But anything is better than what I and no doubt you have been dealing with. Hang in there and get better. :H
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