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Now neuropathy pain!!!

lmestonllmeston Posts: 46
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hello, my dear spine friends.
I knew I would need your good advice again, and I do! As I stated from my other post....I am doing above and beyond GREAT.....and feel so very blessed O:) If I could bend or twist I would feel like a new person.....but now the past few days I have had this neuropathy pain in my hips and in one leg that is killing me! They put me on a prednisone pack with two days worth left and my leg feels worse. :( Is this normal? Is there something better that I should ask for? I am already on Valium, Vicidon, and the Fentanyl patch. Am I over doing? This pain kept me up half the night last night and looks like tonight is not going to be any better.....I knew things were going just way to, I still feel very lucky....even with the pain :''(
I go see the PA tomorrow afternoon, so any advice would be of great help.
Hope you are doing guys and gals were in my prayers last night and will be tonight....hugs to you all >:D< , Libby



  • oh hunny.
    iv also had increased pain in the leg.
    it subsided today. i imagine it will return. and i have no clue why mine came on. i havn't done anything at all. not even walk.
    so possible not walking is the issue for me. i won't know till they call me back.
    just hang in there till your appt.
    what have you been doing besides walking????????????? nothing bold i hope!!!! image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> ;)
    im only on 5mg of percocet and even if i take 3 pills it does not kill that pain for nothing. heat helps to relax but otherwise nothing.
    I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK at your appt tomorrow hun.
    please please let us know how you make out when you get home.

    lots of love and hugs
    terri >:D< :* >:D< :* >:D< :*
  • Imeston, did you overdo somehow and that brought it on? I had pain in both my hips and down legs immediately post-op, was told it was normal. It gradually improved over a couple weeks. At 5 weeks post-op I had a right sided flare up with sciatic pain down right leg, was also told it was normal and would go away, come and go, etc. Nothing seems to get my doctor concerned :) It has done exactly that, flares up when I do more, settles when I rest. Go figure :/ I hope yours is temporary too. >:D< Sue
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  • Hi Libby >:D<
    I am sure it is only a temporary thing, maybe to remind you that you have had surgery :))( .
    It is not plesant to go through all these ups and downs but dont let it get to you, if you have pain meds then take them and maybe some heat will help as well.
    I found heat was the best thing for me if I was hurting.

    Let us know what the PA says.

    Blessings Sara O:)
  • Hi, friends....well as stated in my other post my neuropathy pain has gotten worse, and oh my last night was a cry night! I'm not a crier either! At my Appt. they said everything was well....I was NOT over doing....keep moving and doing as I am, of course with my brace on.
    I go pick up a new script for neurontin (spelling?)today. I know that it will take a few days to really kick in though...I guess this is just one of those take a few steps back spells. I hate drugs and the feeling they give me, but baby right now....thank you God that I have them!
    Has anyone else had luck with the neurotin working??? I feel like such a BIG OLD BABY! :''(
    Thanks again dear buddies.....I'm here for you too....bend my ear....maybe it will keep my mind off of me.
    My prayers are with you, Libby
  • hi! i have taken Neuronton off and on for the last year and i love it. i have had no side effects from it either. it works very fast for me and helps me to sleep during the night. i can't imagine not having it. i'm scheduled for L4/5 fusion next monday.
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  • I take 300mg neurontin in the evening and 100mg in the morning. When I first started taking it I would be very grogy in the am and nauseous. But it do go away after a week or so. I really think that it helps me sleep without pain at night so I am glad that I take it. I found out how much it did help when I had to go without one night because the Dr.'s office hadn't faxed in the refill request to the pharmacy. That night was very painful. But anyways, I think it helps!
  • I was prescribed 300 mg of Neurotin twice a day prior to surgery for the pain the my butt and down my leg. It was heaven-sent, and I did not have the grogginess some people have.
  • I have had these flare-ups of hip/leg pain on and off since surgery. They seem to be related to doing more or new kinds of movement (like right after I started water PT). A friend who also had this problem after fusion surgery said her doctor sent her to a PT for ultrasound treatments for her hip. I asked my doc and he said "try it" - which I did. It has helped a great deal. With ultrasound once a week and a little heat when it starts to hurt.the pain is very manageable now. Might be worth trying????
  • Hi all, and again thanks for the great advice....I did sleep like a babe last night,(neurotin) but was up early walking the floor in pain! My thing is. I get up in this pain.....take the pain meds.....and then by bed time I can't take anymore because I have used my limit for the day.(pills) What in the world do you do then?? I have been up since 5:30 am and have had nothing yet, so I will be able to take the meds at bed time.....thank goodness it is now time for me to have my pain meds.....ready for some relief :''(
    I kind of feel like I'm losing my mind image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> Ghee, I hope this goes away.....or I'm going to wish I'd never had this surgery!
    Well enough whinning for now....thanks for your patients in hearing me out......I'm just down I guess :''(
    Take care, Libby
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