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sacroiliac joint getting the best of me

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Hi All! I am 22 years old and have recently (in the past year) been diagnosed with sacroiliac joint inflammation. So far I've gone through 3 spinal injections and have consistently tried Physical therapy twice a week for about 2 months straight after each injection. The injections provide some relief, but only for about 5-7 weeks. The pain radiates through my lower back, hips and down my legs frequently. Sitting/standing for periods of time is out of the question. I am a new teacher (kindergarten) and fear a career change due to constant bending, kneeling, standing, running, etc. I am at my witts end. My doctor is big on pain medication and Physical Therapy..which is not to my benefit since neither of them seem to help with the pain the majority of the time. (Nor does the pain medicine help while I'm at work since I cannot take it.) I also have Crohn's disease so the amount and types of steroids that I can take are limited. I've tried the Flector patches but they don't work either. So..I found this site and thought I might throw my story out there. Any feedback/tips/info would be really appreciated and helpful :-C .


  • Hiya Sarah,
    Welcome to Spine health >:D< , you will find people here friendly and with help you in anyway we can :) . I personally dont have the problem that you have, but there will be someone here that has :? .Sarah my daughter has IBS so i can understand what you are saying about the medication 8> . I am with Pain Management, i have found that they are very good :) . Your doctor could refer you if thats what you wanted! Have you tried any other patches? @) Can you take medication in a medicine or soluble form? :) Anytime you want to chat you can PM me. :H

    Angie x
  • Sarah, I've had SI joint pain issues for years, and am currently in a major setback.

    Have you ever been checked for sacroiliitis or ankylosing spondylitis? I was just diagnosed with a TYPE of spondyloarthritis, but the doc isn't sure of which one yet; we're experimenting with meds at the moment.

    I have had major issues with locking in both joints, and ended up having to see a specialist eight hours from here who, with his partner, took two hours to unlock it. It was much better for a couple of years, but the pain was still unforgiving. I ended up having three rhizotomies done (the sensory nerves are burned, which temporarily "stuns" them and gives some relief, if you're lucky) along with cortizone injections at the same time, and that gave me a few months of relief, but that's all. I'm currently taking Froban (also known as Flurbiprofen), an anti inflammatory drug that was used much more in the past than it is now. I did very well on Vioxx when it was on the market, which is what clued my doctor into the fact that this other NSAID might give me some relief. With your Crohn's, I imagine the NSAIDS are limited for you....I hadn't thought of that.

    I'm still struggling, but there is SOME pain that has definitely been reduced. I have tried dozens of treatments, but one of the hands-on treatments that worked best for me is Hellerwork (tissue-lengthening massage). It might be worth checking into whether there is someone near you who practices it.

    I hope I've been of some help, now that I've rambled on!!

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  • Sarah- I find your post very intresting, I too have sarcoiliac joint inflammation which comes and go, but what I find intresting is that I have recently been diagnosed with Crohns disease as well. I wonder if there is a link between the two. I also have hypothyroidism which apparently there is a small link between that and Crohns.
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