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TerriJV---where are you?

JoyJJoy Posts: 559
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Terri, are you feeling better now? Did you call your doc? Been thinking about you sweetie.


  • im right here joy silly =)) =))
    no i did not. i feel better this morning. not great but better.
    im not going to get much response from the drs anyway as doc does not get back from vaca till friday. my issues have been going on a year and over and has been mentioned so many times to the rheumy and the ortho and the PM dr. did anyone get it ????? NO NO AND NO.
    i do need the doppler on my legs. but right now cannot make the trip to a drs office yet.
    they might want a CT to. will see when he gets back his opinion.

    i do have to call and get a refill on my meds so i do not run out. they mail it to me.

    walking ehhh thats not good. im just sticking to resting. and walking in the house. mabye the pavement just does not like me :? :?

    but im like a baby and i should be turned upside down.
    i slept fine from 3am-10am today now if we could just do that at night when your supposed to!!!

    hope your better today :X >:D< :*
  • So glad you were able to get a few good zzzz's, even if at strange hours. You be good today, now ya hear? Rest, rest, rest. I'm feeling much better today, thanks for asking.
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  • Hey Terri,
    I suppose walking in and around the house is better then just laying around completely and to me that is a start considering whats up.

    I get the point to about sot bothering to call untill the doc is back from vaction, but if you did call now rather then wait maybe when he is back they can get you in and on that schedule quicker. Just a know better than I about how your docs office works!...

    Hang tough my friend! You are quite the trooper and are also an inspiration when things get tough for me!!

    Yesterday I did some walking. 1 mile and then a bit later 1/2 mile all in the morning so that I could lay down to take my Esam at achool at 1:00 pm. I laid down for two hours and studied/reviewed for the first hour then rested the second hour. I went to school and started the exam at 1:15 pm and did not finish until 4:20 pm. Of course I did get up and move around a lot during that time, but I was in agony when I was done.
    Then in the middle of the night about 3 am I woke in total agonizing pain. My face and right side of my neck felt like neddles or bees stinging me and there was a burning sensation all down my neck and the deep pain in that right side of my neck. I was really hurting and woke my Mom becasue I was moaning/wimpering from the pain. She brought me a pain pill and I laide there for about an hour and though of how courageous you have been to go through all you have, and I thought of how you responded to my PM the other day about the incident at the wal-mart and how gentle and nice you were with your words and I thought this must be how she works on handeling a calm manor as best she can untill the right ipportunity comes to deal with a particular thing.
    Not sure if that is how you do things but how you have talked and walked me through a few things really helped me to cope last night and not let the fear of the pain and the "what if's" make me stressed and increse the already high level of pain.

    So moral of my little story is...thank you for being you! Your a speacial person!

    I am also feeling better at this time so we will not worry about things unless they are in fact an emergency and we will carry-on till the next appt with the doc!!

    Love ya sister!!! I am praying that they will get to the bottom of this for you ... and Quickly!!
    Time For my Morning walk and then I will be back Later!

  • JOy your awesome girl. Keep messaging me to keep you going on setting up your page <:P <:P <:P <:P <br />
    Chrissy yes thats the way I am. I take things as they come to me darlin. I do not get to the point of worrying till need be.
    Calling and getting me in earlier then my 4 week is well not a easy task. He will just tell me to wait it out anyway.
    Hey I have not been active in so longgggggggggg. This could play a huge part in the role of painful legs. Odd your back does not hurt when you walk just the legs :? :? :? :? :? My muscles are like a bowl of jello that wiggle over the edge. Thank god for supporter of all all kinds for under clothes =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

    Im so glad I put your mind at ease. That means alot.
    Remember during recovery if its something does not cause you severe pain or anything out of the ordinary then most of the time its nothing. And you know as well as I do that if it is over the top you call.
    Mine is not over the top. My body has just been sliced and diced more then a pig at a pig roast!!! :O So it takes me longer to respond to recovery. I remember coming home with c sections and them just Rxing OTC extra strength tylenol!!!!!!!!! And I was fine.
    The right dr will figure out my issue.

    I AM WALKING TONIGHT WITH THE WALKER WITH HUBBY I DON'T CARE HOW LONG IT TAKES OR HOW PAINFUL ON THE LEGS. I want to look like a pin up girl by next year :D =)) <:P <br />
    Love you all lots and lots
    huggies :X >:D< >:D< O:) O:)
  • TerriJV said:
    My body has just been sliced and diced more then a pig at a pig roast!!!
    I had to laugh, my husband call me the human road map, but I like your comment better. I have all of the "optional organs" removed, tonsils, gallbladder, appendix. Along with several abdominal surgeries for female issues, the one large inscision hip to hip to get rid of scar tissue. Rotator cuff surgery, 2 knee surgeries, misc scars.

    After a really bad day thanks for the laugh!

    Take Care,
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