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Its all in my head the doctor said...?



  • I've had quite a few like that. When I was injured at work last year, the dr. said that I had underlying OA and a "possible" mensical tear. How did he treat me? By telling me for 3 visits in a row that I had to lose weight and get fit. Um, ok, I KNOW I need to lose the weight, that has NOTHING to do with the injury I have now. He somehow did NOT understand why I was in as much pain as I said I was when my knee was bent or if I tried to straighten it out...they were classic signs of a meniscal tear. I had 2 different PT's tell him I needed further medical care to determine WHAT was really wrong. No, he was so sure that my being fat was what was causing the pain in my knee that he REFUSED to listen to me. So, the last time I saw him, knowing full well that had he said that again, I was calling WC people and telling them I was getting a new dr., and sure enough he did say that. I told him, that this was no way to live and that my weight had nothing to do with the injury. My exact words: Look past my fat body and LISTEN to what I have to say. He was so arrogant, hence I can't even refer to him as Dr. whatever. I call him now Dr. Arrogant ***.

    I wrote a letter to his office and complained that I was not being heard. I told him how horrendous he made me feel. I cried for days after that. He called me back and still insisted on not listening to me so I hung up eventually after telling him that I was seeing another dr.

    Turns out I did have a tear and I DO NOT have OA!

    Anyway, what I learned from those (and I had the PM dr. act similar to your case too just before I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia) types is to move on and go somewhere else. If they aren't hearing me, I MAKE them. I did that with my Spinal dr. and that's how I got the diagnosis of Fibro. He looked so dumbfounded when I told him I wasn't leaving the office till he heard me out. So he listened fully and he said, I think you are right. What you have been saying does make me think you have Fibro. So he referred me to a rheumy who DOES take it seriously and I was right and so was the back dr.!
  • Hiya >:D<
    I feel for you , i really do :O . My orthopedic surgeon had the same attitude as that ~X( . They make me so mad X( , the thing is you would not think about the pain, if you did not have pain :? . I wish some of these doctors would experience what we are going through X( . PM me if you need to rant. >:D<

    Angie x :H
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  • I am truly sorry. Find another PM doc if possible. He needs to be trying to find answers, sometimes there aren't- it's called idiopathic (of no know origin). But it IS real. Will he keep treating you, or is he going to dismiss you?
    I had a rotten GYN doc that said my abdominal pain was in my head and asked the state of my marriage. I asked that bitch "How's yours?" and left. My husband took me to the ER where they found a 10mm ovarian cyst. One week later it ruptured and I had emergency surgery.
    Moral of the story- don't give up on yourself. If you know deep down in your heart something's not right, keep searching. If you keep having the same problems, like lying on the floor in pain, that does not sound psychosomatic to me.
    Do you have DDD? That can cause severe pain and is found in x rays and MRI's. There has got to be an explanation somewhere, in my opinion.
    Don't give up. I know you will find justification one day.
  • I am philosophical about this coz it really makes me angry when a) the obvious is stated-eg, yes i am morbidly obese acording to standards,305/310-@6 ft tall. i dont look 300 but i feel it.
    b)I know whats coming when i go to the doctors office, so why get ,mad, I just try to make them see past the facade I put up and hope they see the person inside.
    c) I am strong, I learned that a million years ago, I dont need object lessons on how to put up with pain, inside and out, Ive been depressed most of my life, I know what the dark looks like and have lived there many times. I know what inner strength is. nuf said
    I dont like having my inteligence insulted by a doctor telling me something out of rote memory.
    I dont and wont ride the system, I am not like others who take advantage of the system shamelessly, I have some pride left.
    I am not a drug seeking fool, I like the way the mind works and all the wonders therein! Pushing the limits of my endurance to pain is the only way to see where i actually am, and no one seems to understand that outside of atheletes and spineys. I know good from bad pain, Ive was a strength athelete up until recently, I know how and when to push, and have the good sence when not to. so when a person outside my life come along and reads me before listening, whos the fool?
    I know anatomy and some physiology (what ive not forgotten) from years of training myself and others.

    I was pushing myself to be the best person i could be to myself, my family, my community, and God.
    therefor when I finaly decided to slow down a bit ...there came the critisism from the same group who told me to back off.? go figure..
    I dont know any more, I am my own person, but am treated with 0 respect, I DONT CARE!
    I live up to my own very high standards and am not willing to compromise them, I will not crawl,and beg for the same treatment drug abusing friends of mine get.
    I dont know anymore..
    I hope all you guys get better treatment from life, demand respect when not given it, dont let the look people give you, or the attitude that they put out stop you from getting the utmost dignity and respect from others!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Can't prove it of course, nor would I waste time on it but after being offered a knee operation, which I refused because my back was my problem not my knee.. ~X( ..He gave in to a MRI which showed numerous problems...and then took 6 weeks to communicate it back to me! =))
    in the meantime I was told it was purely muscular "work through the pain" - which I duely did and 2 weeks later could barely walk.
    So with 2 torn, bulging discs, bilateral pars fractures and an unstable spondy I was not too good after his advice.
    Turns out that my symptoms are prtety classic, text book.
    How they were missed / ignored is anyones guess.

    Still, I wonder if I would have been better had I gone for that knee op...they still don't hurt! =)) =))
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  • Ranch,
    As with many pain patients weight gain associated by your condition is as integral as the link to depression and other additional elements. You could ask how they have arrived at this view and how could they help you and in Britain through PM which has historically been initiated when all else has failed. You could ask them to assess your pain evaluation and use this in attempting to improve your overall well being through cognitive behaviour therapy.

    It is understandable that our condition can consume our identity, until we are supported and guided towards improved strategies and an alternative approach. We should not feel guilty in having used these at that time as they were the tools at out disposal prior to developing new and more effective ones. We may have not learned or repeated these bad habits with intent or even understanding of how they develop and support us in an ever decreasing circle, with good support and a collective partnership improvement can be made. It is sometime too easy to make quick judgments and then extrapolate negativity from that misplaced evaluation.

    The duality of coping may well not be the true us as we use ever nuance of capability, many here continue to function in excess of requirements as our inner strength continues, we need support to change and have that competence in enduring every day.

    Ranch, use this as an opportunity some of the things said you already knew, take care and work towards new goals.

  • I'm guessing you've had an MRI. Have you seen a surgeon? I guessing he would no more than a pain doc.
  • Ranch,
    I am not saying that some patients exist in a place that is not conducive to a better quality of life for them and for me that revelation that I could be helped to see more things in a positive light; however miniscule was an opportunity I would grab with both hands and proved beneficial in the longer term, this was almost one to one coaching, from a PM doctor his team a consultant pharmacist and clinical psychologist..

    Even though we may hear things as pain patient we do not like or agree does not make them inherently untrue. We have normally developed a coping strategy on our own in isolation and with no help or support, we do what we think is right at the time until we know or are taught better and more improved ways.

    An acquaintance talked about his pain continually and expressed in dire consequences the implication for the future and had told three complete strangers within 20 meters walk his accumulative history and every nuance of his restriction and had no identity other than the pain we all share. Was he depressed, I am not a doctor and do not know it was not a nice place to be, he was being encouraged and supported to be that person and all his aura was just about him. He should feel no guilt, the sadness is in that he was allowed to develop this, with no support just left to survive in his own restricted existence, when help was possible.

    Keeping up that game face pretence takes some doing and in view of the constant pain a considerable effort, Ranch use this as an opportunity, he clearly saw something in you that he though he could improve, ask them to test you and provided evidence to support his diagnosis, ask him for your pain score and inquire how you could work collectively to get to improve your overall mean score better. I understand that sometimes this is a clash of personalities and those initial meeting as we spar, never go as planned.

    If the notion of surgery is not an option you could have this condition for the rest of your life, no magic solution is possible however our determination to find that illusive remedy and PM may be the best you can hope for.

    Take care your supportive and kind words have helped many here and we all need help sometime.

  • Hi John, I agree with you completely! Ive been asked to go see a person who has extensive knowlege here in town to be evaluated. he said a couple of times that there is no need of any counceling sessions. said coping strategys are rusty but working up to snuff. when asked about group sessions,he said just dont focus on the pain so much.
    ive sought help here and there, Ive no fear of a proffesionals judgement! i was given many coping tools via my chiropracter and assosciated doctors.

    I really do appreciate your concern and kind words!
    I am in a particular situation in that w/c will not pay or authorise anything. The county health care services have taken me on because of the indigent nature of my financial situation,but, it is also in the balance because it is a "open" w/c case? go figure.
    i am limited on who and what kind of care i can ask for. Being blown off and not getting any help is nothing new to me. I finally just decided to let the stress go and not be detrimental to my mental health.
    the legal system cannot/ will not give me a break. not enough eveidence for a case against Zurich" north american.
    here i am left to cope with the dregs and pattance that life has left me as a legacy of service to my fellow man. ok got to go , class is starting, thank you for the concern!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • I wish I were talented enough to compose something eloquent the way you do. The way you ALWAYS do.

    I will say this, though. I WISH my pain were all in my head. I would gladly take a "chill pill" and make it all go away.

    Everyone has given you great advice and words of wisdom. I wish I could take all your pain away.

    What was it you said once? "Chin down, fists up"?

    Take care, hon.

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