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  • I just saw this and couldn't help but reply..I think it was VERY nice of you to type in the list of discharge instructions that you were given as a reminder.

    Someone-or even you may have already said this,but it's very important after an operation when you are laid up to keep your mind busy.If not it can cause sadness and depression to set in and this can happen fast-and you may not see it coming.

    I've never had surgery on my spine(knock on wood),but I've had many others and been laid up for 6 to 8 weeks each time.I was not allowed to get out of my bed or recliner except to use the I do understand that part of the ordeal.TV is ok,but should not be used as your only means of stimuli.Crossword puzzles,any type of word games are good,reading..anything with your hands they told me was good.Call friends and family,now would actually be a good time to get your Christmas cards ready if you do that sort of thing,if you are having your surgery this time of year,or still healing.

    Nice post Terri.. :)
  • TerriJV said:
    Yas girl I cannot believe you remembered that!!! ROFLMAO!!!!
    Oh girlfriend my plans are to go to a BAR and sit on a STOOL in a costume and DRINK 8} 8} =)) =)) =))
    I HAVE MISSED UUUUU How are u doing???

    Ok mabye I won't make it as my sitting is not as good as last year but I do have a couple more weeks.

    Since posting this I am doing better. BUT I am staying away from ALL HOUSEWORK. My legs still do not work. My GF wondered about neuropathy?? Hey possible then another guy I know mentioned from sitting around for as many months as I have there could be some calcification starting on my bones?? HMMMM interesting at that :O :? :? :? :?

    You guys all keep up the good work. Keep up with your drs orders. Take your meds on time. You will have odd and end pains here and there and your going to say HUH WHAT WAS THAT! :O
    If its serious yes call the Drs thats what they are there for.

    Love to all

    You are one of the sweetest and "bestest" persons I've ever met online or in real life. I was meaning to call you, but then they changed the format here and all my history and pms were lost.

    To everyone on this thread and others on which Terri the Angel offers her advice, listen to her, she knows what she's talking about. We went through surgery together last year at this time (my L3-5 fusion was 9/24/07) and I don't think I could have made it through w/o her positive support.

    Just to give you some encouragement, I jumped on my daughters' trampoline this summer (no flips or fancy tricks) and felt great. Do I feel great every day? No.

    Any kind of precipitation makes it feel horrible. Am I fused? Who knows? It looked like it was starting in my last xray last Dec. when I was discharged by my surgeon. I am still taking Effexor and Lyrica for nerve pain (minor compared to pre-op), Vicodin (500) and Flexeril. I do forsee a day in future when I will have to have further surgery, but I plan to put it off as long as possible.

    My best advice (and it's hard to remember when you're still in pain from surgery) is that YOU own YOUR pain, it DOESN'T own you! Easy to say, hard to do. After a while, I got tired of laying around (believe me, now there are days I wish I could!). I got out and started doing things. I went back to work - and limped home in pain many days. But you know what? I've been dancing and jumping in class just like I used to - and yes, been in pain afterward, but it was worth it to be the kind of teacher I used to be.

    Like I told my PCP (who prescribes my meds now), yes, it still hurts, but not like it used to, and I'll never be 20 years old again either.

    A caveat - yes, mistakes and problems do occur, like yours Terri. I do NOT mean in any way to minimize those. Considering everything you've been through, I think you should get the gold-star award on these boards.

    Good luck to everyone. I will try to be around more often to offer my encouragement, such as it is. You all are heroes to me for finally deciding to take the final step of surgery. It's a tough decision, not one to be taken lightly.

    Kudos to you all!

    PS. Terri,

    Even in my medication-soaked brain at the time, I remembered that because I couldn't even take my daughters out trick-or-treating. Luckily, they were old enough not to want mom hanging around anyway!
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  • If anyone is still "stopped up" from surgical meds, permit me to recommend any kind of nuts you prefer.

    In my case, sumflower seeds are my poison.

    And at this time of the year, pumpkin seeds are the best to get the plumbing unclogged! Just don't pick up the pumpkins yet!
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